TheWorldBirdie – ‘ArtX’ [Mixtape]

By: Seamus Fay

TheWorldBirdie is one of the newer artists to make his debut on Graduation Music, but nevertheless, back by a strong work ethic and consistent levels of both quality and output, you will certainly be seeing his name in headlines in the future. Today, we take a step back a few weeks and touch on TheWorldBirdie’s latest offering — a mixtape entitled ARTx. After we first wrote about his music with the music video for the tape’s intro, listeners rapidly became anticipated for the full entree, and finally, it has arrived.

11 tracks long, this collection of sounds brings us to see the full scope of what TheWorldBirdie is capable of doing. He remains ambitious in his stylistic ventures while staying grounded in the talent that brought him to where he is today, and by maintaining a balance of both, he gracefully exhibits artistic growth to an emphatic degree. Additionally, just to top things off, we here some standout features from names including Lil Hannah, Just Dons, Pope, Ali G, John Murphy, Lil Dennis, Marc G, Greg G, and last but not least, Dad. That said, ARTx is the kind of project that speaks for itself. It’s honest, introspective, vivid, and everything else that one might look for.

Get hip to TheWorldBirdie and click play on his latest at the link below:

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