4oTo Roles – “Too Clean” ft. Tony Bodega [Shot By Calvin Deal]

By: Seamus Fay

Both Tony Bodega and producer 4oTo Roles are frequent flyers here on the Graduation Music website, and quite honestly, it has been incredible to see their collective growth as artists since we first started covering their work. One song at a time, artistry has been refined, lyrics and flows tightened up in Bodega’s case, and as for 4oTo Roles, his beats are only getting better and better with each placement. That said, in a joining of forces that we all needed to hear, 4oTo and Bodega offer us a brand new song and visual offering entitled “Too Clean”.

Shot by Kevin Deal, this music video is the perfect companion for such a smooth song. It captures the feel and sound of “Too Clean” without losing any of its hard-hitting energy in translation, and as a result, viewers receive ample reason as to why they need to get hip to the talents of the two Boston artists as soon as possible. They’re both on their way towards big things, with this music video acting as yet another point of reference on the journey toward the top. So don’t sleep.

Get hip and click play on “Too Clean” at the link below:


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