Blackheart – “Heart Black” [Dir. Gregisonfire]

By: Seamus Fay

After making his debut on Graduation Music just a few weeks ago with the stellar project, WOE, Blackheart is already back in the spotlight today with a much-needed visual companion for “Heart Black”. To make things even better, he calls on our good friend, @gregisonfire, to bring this hard-nosed offering to the screen, and the result is nothing short of a magical set of visuals for our eyes to feast on. Despite this being only Blackheart’s second appearance on our pages, you can trust me when I say he’s doing more than just making his presence known with his newest tape and video.

The nature of “Heart Black” itself is a clear look into the internal struggle that the Brockton native endures from day to day. His undiluted emotions are communicated through powerful vocals, which only receive extra strength using the bellowing production courtesy of JGONTHEKEYS. Add all of this to darkened forest scenery and hypnotic effects, and you have a video that seamlessly brings the emotional journey of “Heart Black” to life.

Click play at the link below and if you haven’t already, listen to Blackheart’s mixtape, WOE, here!

Shot & Edited by Gregisonfire
Mixed & Mastered by Humbeats

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