By: Seamus Fay

Playing a crucial role behind the boards and bringing so many artists’ sounds to life, JGONTHEKEYS is, and has been for some time now, an essential figure in the development of Boston’s music scene. His work boasts collaborations between a number of the city’s finest talents, and always known to snap on any project he embarks on, JG is here to bring this prowess full circle today with a compilation tape, PLANET JG!. As noted by the title, this project brings names including Connis, Giuseppe Love, Donald Grunge, Pistola, SK85!, Trismuh, DK, BROKECH1C, and Pe$o Boii into an entirely new world of sound and sonic direction, all of which is orchestrated at the skillful hands of JGONTHEKEYS.

8 tracks long and allowing for introductions to so many of Massachusetts’ best-kept secrets, JG’s latest marks a defining moment of community for Boston’s music scene, and it surely presents the city’s talent in the best light possible. By taking matters into his own hands, this hitmaking producer is working toward the progression and embracement of local talent one heater at a time, tightening up the loose ends and maximizing the potential of every artist he works with. Needless to say, PLANET JG! is something special; beyond himself, he really did his thing in bringing up those around him with this one, and for that, we have to appreciate his success.

Stream the new project at the link below!

Additional Production by @prodchristophr @KorHefBeatz @lilzooooom

Froze.40 – “No Wait” [Prod. JGONTHEKEYS]

By: Shamus Hill 

Returning to the Graduation Music pages today is the up-tempo trio Froze.40, a group that is consistently responsible for injecting energy straight into the lives of their listeners. This statement proves to be more accurate than ever following their latest release of “No Wait”, which features both SK85! and Giuseppe Love seamlessly flowing over some icy production at the hands of JGONTHEKEYS. Labeled as a member of the Alternative Rock genre, “No Wait” proves to be a stand-out example of how the group is only going to continue to develop their sound as time progresses.

What stood out to me the most upon the first listen to this track is how much SK85! seemed to alter his sound with this release. While he continues to evoke the same feeling of liveliness that he’s always achieved through his vocals, SK85! amps things up to 10 here as he explores a more melodic, tuneful sound on “No Wait”. Coming in to polish off this record is Giuseppe Love, whose artistry has grown on me tremendously. He’s routinely successful in concocting vocals that contain high levels of feeling and energy — a defining characteristic which has made a vast majority of Froze.40’s releases straight-up addicting to listen to.

The trio has promised to release even more high-caliber music in the coming future, so listeners will have to throw “No Wait” into their rotation until that moment arises. If this is the first time you’re hearing about the group, I highly recommend listening to their track “Ride” which, much like “No Wait”, is an uplifting banger that you’ll find stuck in your head for days to come. Major props to SK85!, Giuseppe Love, and JGONTHEKEYS for their willingness to both hustle and experiment with their sound. Their work ethic is most certainly not going unnoticed.

Stream Froze.40’s latest offering “No Wait” below:

XNDRSOUND – “Still Working” [Prod. JGONTHEKEYS]

By: Seamus Fay

Just a few weeks ago, Randolph native XNDRSOUND reminded us of the immense potential that he holds with a stellar offering entitled “Phantom/More Wins”. While we’re still only a few weeks removed from the song’s release, this budding talent is already back once again to showcase the fruits of his endless hours in the studio. Taking over headlines today, here enters XNDRSOUND’s latest, “Still Working”. With JGONTHEKEYS behind the boards, it goes without saying that this track is something special, so let’s delve a bit deeper.

At its core, “Still Working” describes the struggles that the rising talent goes through as well as how he’s able to overcome everything. The lyrics are to-the-point and honest, providing candid, storytelling flashes that show incredible upside for XNDR as a songwriter. His skills are only sharpening with each successive release, and noted in the ability of this track to illustrate themes both lyrically and sonically, I’d say that it’s a definite standout for the Randolph representative.

Be sure to click play on “Still Working” at the link provided below:

Jovian Martian – ‘Sailor’s Pick’ [EP]

By: Seamus Fay

The name Jovian Martian, also known as Jovian Marshon, has been floating around near me for quite some time, but admittedly, I’ve never really taken the chance to listen to his music until now. There was never any specific reason as to why I wasn’t hip, but now that I finally have given Martian a chance, I must say, he holds some serious promise for the future. Today, the rising talent makes his Graduation Music debut and hits our pages with a brand new EP entitled Sailor’s Pick.

4 tracks long, this highly energetic and deeply entertaining project lets listeners know precisely why Jovian Martian needs to be known. His deliveries are confident, and backed by a melodic sonic direction and solid lyricism to keep things interesting, each song on this project hits with a similar ability to keep fans locked in for every second of its duration. At the moment, “Her World” and “Too Late” are my two favorites on the EP, but the more I listen, the more I realize that every track is in a close competition to be the best.

That said, Jovian Martian outdid himself with this one, so be sure to show some love and click play on Sailor’s Pick at the link provided below!

Production by JGONTHEKEYS, Smackdown Beats, Fly Melodies

Giuseppe Love – “No Love Song” [Prod. JGONTHEKEYS]

By: Seamus Fay

As a group, FROZE.40 has been making some serious waves in Boston this year. Between numerous standout releases and a reputation for energetic live performances, they’re quickly growing into a force to be reckoned with, and on an individual scale, each artist in the crew is one of serious prowess. Today, we see this through the scope of Giuseppe Love and his brand new, passion-led new offering, “No Love Song”. Produced by fellow member JGONTHEKEYS, this is the kind of track that you won’t want to miss out on.

The reason that Love’s latest stuck with me as a listener was mainly due to the impulsive, heart-led nature of the vocals. His bellowing cadences ride on top of the beat with a noteworthy melodic tone, and once paired with love-concerned lyrics, “No Love Song” makes sense as a release that a wide variety of fans can connect with. Giussepe Love has been putting together quite the catalog as of late, and we can’t wait to see what he’s about to do in the near future. Keep an eye out for his future releases and listen to “No Love Song” at the link provided below!

Blackheart – “Heart Black” [Dir. Gregisonfire]

By: Seamus Fay

After making his debut on Graduation Music just a few weeks ago with the stellar project, WOE, Blackheart is already back in the spotlight today with a much-needed visual companion for “Heart Black”. To make things even better, he calls on our good friend, @gregisonfire, to bring this hard-nosed offering to the screen, and the result is nothing short of a magical set of visuals for our eyes to feast on. Despite this being only Blackheart’s second appearance on our pages, you can trust me when I say he’s doing more than just making his presence known with his newest tape and video.

The nature of “Heart Black” itself is a clear look into the internal struggle that the Brockton native endures from day to day. His undiluted emotions are communicated through powerful vocals, which only receive extra strength using the bellowing production courtesy of JGONTHEKEYS. Add all of this to darkened forest scenery and hypnotic effects, and you have a video that seamlessly brings the emotional journey of “Heart Black” to life.

Click play at the link below and if you haven’t already, listen to Blackheart’s mixtape, WOE, here!

Shot & Edited by Gregisonfire
Mixed & Mastered by Humbeats

Blackheart – “WOE” [Mixtape]

By: Seamus Fay

Brockton is currently home to a hotbed of promising talents, and it seems as if every successive week I end up getting hip to yet another new artist from the area. Today, this new artist arrives by the name of Blackheart, with his brand new, 10-track project, WOE, produced by Humbeats & JGONTHEKEYS. And although this may be his Graduation Music debut, I hold no hesitation in saying that Blackheart’s clear creative vision and spotless execution of this vision mark him not so much as a newcomer, but more so as an experienced talent, ready to work towards the top.

That being said, the latest full-length release from the Brockton native acts as a clear testament toward the unwavering ambition that he feels as an artist. Each song on this one possesses an inspiring amount of pure desire to get better and achieve his dreams, and the sound of the music matches right along. Dramatic, crashing drums clash against motivated melodies to mark all 10 tracks as bangers in their own respects, and Blackheart’s looming vocals seemingly boil with passion for the lyrics he’s saying. Top this all off with the burgeoning force of all these elements added together, and you have a hell of a mixtape that everyone needs to give a listen to.

Check out WOE at the link below!

FROZE.40 – “Ride” [Prod. JGONTHEKEYS]

By: Seamus Fay

Garnering energy that others can latch onto is what makes music most impactful, whether it be in someone’s headphones or on a stage in front of 10,000 people. FROZE.40 is a Boston-based group that has been manifesting their own energy while churning out a number of hits in recent months, and today, they’re here to make their well-deserved Graduation Music debut with a brand new, sun-soaked banger entitled “Ride”. But before we jump further into this one, it should be known that Boston has already seen a number of songs that could be candidates for song of the summer, and even so, “Ride” nears the top of the list.

Produced by none other than JGONTHEKEYS, this track seems to work so well due to its unwavering supply of positive, warm-weathered energy. The melodic deliveries make perfect sense alongside a barrage of quotable bars, and in this way, each artist kills it in their respective role. FROZE.40 knows its strengths and clearly understands where they’re best applicable, making for one of the best summer songs to come out of Boston this year, from the first second to the last.

That being said, don’t sleep – listen to “Ride” at the link below: