Dpg Davo – “Playing Games”

By: Seamus Fay

Let it be known that at the very heart of Graduation Music is music discovery. It’s always a pleasure when we have the opportunity to put our readers onto brand new, fairly undiscovered music from Massachusetts, and today, we present our newest find — an artist named Dpg Davo and his stellar new single, “Playing Games”. Shown to me by none other than the music discovery Michael Jordan, @Gregisonfire, this song shows immense potential from the Medford native, so lock in as we delve further into it.

The purpose of “Playing Games”, as outlined by Davo, is to create an anthem for those who deal with shorties playing games. Lyrically, we watch the young artist weave throughout addictive melodies with a never-ending supply of bars and relentless flows, all of which present ample evidence as to just how skilled Davo really is. He provides fans with a wildly-entertaining listen that is fit to be played on repeat for hours on end, and all in all, this could definitely be taken into consideration as a song of the summer coming out of Massachusetts.

That being said, get hip to the sky-high potential of Dpg Davo and let loose “Playing Games” at the link below!


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