Pe$o Boii – “Trappin’ Hard” [Prod. Twayne The Kidd]

By: Seamus Fay

As a fan of the budding music scene in Boston right now, you’re more than likely to come across the names Pe$o Boii, AKA Bugatti Boy Pe$o, and Twayne The Kidd at one point or another. Each of the two promising talents have formed considerable waves around their names, and with their latest colaborative single, “Trappin’ Hard”,  to light the way, the stocks will definitely continue to rise for both Twayne and Pe$o.

This single initially caught my ear when I saw it on my Twitter feed, and ever since the first listen, I’ve found myself running it back again and again, locked into the intoxicating style that the track brings about. Twayne The Kidd’s relentless trap drums and ambitious melodies find a perfect stride in Pe$o Boii’s looming vocals, emphasizing the knack for crafting infectious flows that the Dorchester rapper has proven time and time again and seamlessly forming together to make a standout release.

By meshing some of the best elements of their respective talents, these two rising talents definitely came together for one to remember, and I will undoubtedly be keeping “Trappin’ Hard” on replay all day. Check it out for yourself below and be sure to get ready for any forthcoming releases from each of the Boston representatives.


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