Stefan – “SAD2SEE” (Prod. Twayne The Kidd”

By: Shamus Hill

Brockton’s Stefan returns to the Graduation Music site today with a passionate single titled “SAD2SEE”.

This release is based around the sad reality that comes paired with the pursuit of a significant other that’s plagued with self-doubt and a lack of love. This sentiment ultimately shifts this individual’s mentality towards one that is full of solitude, which hurts Stefan tremendously. While his heart may be full of true intentions, it’s worthless when the recipient isn’t aware of how to accept these emotions.

While the lyrical content of “SAD2SEE” may not be of the most positive nature, the sonic structure provided by Stefan with the assistance of Connecticut’s Twayne The Kidd is one that’s undeniably addictive. This track rests as my favorite component of Stefan’s discography to date, so with that being said I’m thrilled to see what he’ll have coming next.

Listen to “SAD2SEE” below:



A.Tibbz – “TIMBS” [Prod. Twayne The Kidd] & “124” [Prod. DeskBangahz]

By: Shamus Hill 

Stoughton’s A.Tibbz returns to the Graduation Music site today on a mission to display how hard he’s been working this year. Within the span of 4 days he’s released two tracks, “TIMBS” which was produced by Twayne The Kidd, and “124” which made use of DeskBangahz production. Prior to these two songs, he released a project last month, as well as a long string of songs over the course of 2018. A.Tibbz has been grinding to say the least, and the growth he’s shown in his music serves as the perfect sign that he’s been moving in the right direction.

“TIMBS” was the first of the two tracks released in recent days, and it’s here where A.Tibbz takes a moment to reflect on his recent successes and shift in mindset. We touched upon his growth in music earlier, and it’s apparent that he’s beginning to truly come to terms with his potential. He’s past the point of letting anything get in his way, and understands that his moment to shine is right around the corner. Twayne The Kidd concocted a fire beat for “TIMBS”, which assisted A.Tibbz in flexing both his rapping and singing capabilities. An overall wonderful collaboration, this is a track that deserves placement in your heavy rotation.

“124” was dropped by A.Tibbz yesterday, and, as mentioned before, utilizes production at the hands of DeskBangahz. This track is more reminiscent of songs like “Special Treatment” and “My Way” in a sense that he really lets his vocal abilities shine. He’s more than capable of hitting a wide array of notes, while at the same time chiseling out addictive flows. Props to both A.Tibbz and DeskBangahz for coming up with a beautiful output on “124”.

Listen to “TIMBS” and “124” down below:

Seuss – ‘Yung Bradlee’

By: Seamus Fay

When the name Seuss is mentioned, a few words come to mind: energetic, promising, talented, and most of all, authentic. He is unapologetically himself in every sense of the phrase, and for that, it comes as no surprise that Seuss has grown into an unbelievably talented artist seemingly right before our eyes. One single after another, it has been both an honor and a privilege to write about the rising talent’s music, and today, he brings these proud moments full circle with a spirited debut project, Yung Bradlee.

Described as a “fractal perspective on reality manifested by Young Seuss“, this 5-track offering takes us through a deep exploration of the mind behind so many wonderful moments and songs. Suess, despite his young age, has already established a reputation as a Boston legend in many ways, and he makes sure to bring this, as well as his animated personality, to fruition throughout each song featured on the tape. With only one production credit from Twayne The Kidd and the rest self-produced, all 5 cuts at hand are bangers in their own regards, so much so to the point where Seuss’ undiluted honesty clashes against the hard-nosed production in ways that spark the creation of numerous potential hits.

The momentum is clearly moving in favor of Boston’s own, so be sure to show some love and check out Yung Bradlee at the link provided below:

Leano – “Dark” [Music Video]

By: Seamus Fay

Just this past Friday, Leano unleashed a brand new offering entitled “Dark”. Not only does the song act as the mark of a name change for the artist formerly known as Big Leano, but it would also be the first piece of new music that we had received from him in a few months. And quite frankly, Leano made it count. The whole city has kept this track in heavy rotation since its release, and today, capitalizing on the widespread praise of “Dark” from fans, the rising star is here to bless us with his music video debut courtesy of the ELEVATOR YouTube channel.

Detailing a profound love for the trap as well as his newly-upgraded Glock with this one, “Dark” finds Leano deep in his bag. Every line is delivered with a sense of galvanizing charisma, and the monstrous presence of Leano on the mic translates perfectly into flex-worthy scenes of the Boston native hopping in and out of sports cars. Additionally, we see a cameo from none other than Cousin Stizz, as ominous scenes of Leano, visible only by the flashlight of his Glock, grace the screen in perfect companionship with the music.

The “Dark” music video denotes the start of a new chapter in the inevitable takeover of Leano, so be sure not to sleep. Click play on this one at the link provided below!

Shot by Denzel Deranamie
Edited by Curwyn Henry
Produced by Twayne The Kidd

Leano – “Dark” [Prod. Twayne The Kidd]

By: Seamus Fay

Simply put, receiving new music from Leano is always a blessing considering the seemingly endless supply of hits that the Boston native holds. Not once has he ever let up the full court pressure and given us a song that was sub-par in any sense, and today, he maintains this flawless streak of music with an ominous single, “Dark”. Produced by Twayne the Kidd, who also garnered credits on “Talk Show” and “Two” off of Packula, we see the power duo join forces yet again in a remarkably hard-hitting song that I’ll be keeping on repeat for months to come.

That’s being said, Leano’s confident, haunting presence when on the mic makes for a scary sight. He gets to the point without dancing around what he’s trying to say, and in “Dark”, we find Leano money-minded as ever as he details his hustle. Each line is delivered with a calculated allure, shedding light on the lifestyle around trapping and Leano’s ability to kill someone in the dark, if need be, thanks to his newly-acquired flashlight. His deeply-engrained dedication to the trap is something that listeners find to be one of Leano’s signature characteristics, which we see on full display through quotable lines such as the ever-important “When I trap, know I’m trapping from the heart”.

“Dark” is quite possibly one of this Boston star’s finest offerings to date, so be sure not to sleep. Stream the song on Spotify at the link below!

Cousin Stizz – “Records” [Prod. Twayne The Kidd]

By: Seamus Fay

In recent years, movie soundtracks have started to become increasingly popular in the rap world as chances for us all to hear new music and superstar collaborations between some of our favorite artists. Today, blessing the world with a new song from none other than Cousin Stizz, the power of the soundtrack is felt with the triumphant cut, “Records”. Acting as part of the highly-anticipated movie Uncle Drew (starring Boston’s own Kyrie Irving), this track isn’t just a perfect audio companion for any glo-ups going on this summer, but it’s also a huge moment for CT native Twayne The Kidd.

Twayne has become known locally as an incredibly hard-working individual, constantly working in a way that has garnered great respect from artists and fans around the Boston area and beyond. To see him appear on the production credits for a Stizz track is a huge moment in putting local talent on the map, and needless to say, “Records” definitely shows us just how capable he is of crafting an absolute banger whenever needed. The rapidly-moving, confident stature of the instrumental strengthens the memorable lines of, “Imma break the record like Guinness/ Paper keep spinning/ This is big boy business, watch out”, and all in all, this song will stay on repeat for the rest of the summer in my playlist.

Give “Records” a listen at the link below and be sure to watch Uncle Drew when it premieres in theaters!

An Interview With Twayne The Kidd

By: Seamus Fay

You may know him from one of his famed KIDD.FM exclusives, you may know him from one of his two placements on Big Leano’s latest project, Packula, or you may just know him from his widely-respected stature within Boston’s budding community of talent. Regardless of how you heard the name Twayne The Kidd, however, there’s no denying that he’s getting ready to take things to the next level in 2018. Between a relentless balance of work ethic and natural talent, the opportunities are sure to present themselves in a short matter of time, and deservedly so.

We here at Graduation Music have been keeping track of Twayne The Kidd for almost a year now, and considering the abundance of potential that he holds, it only made sense for us to get him on the site for an interview. That being said, we spoke to him recently about topics ranging from his upbringing to making a movie soundtrack, and everything in between.

You can read the interview below.

Where did grow up? What was your childhood like?

I grew up in New London, a small town in Southeastern Connecticut. I lived there until 7th grade then I transferred schools to live with my dad in Groton.

When did you first connect with music and what artists inspired you early on?

I have always been a creative since I was 8 years old. I had an IBM Thinkpad from my grandma and I used to record my raps through Windows Sound Recorder. I was heavily influenced by The Low End Theory album from ATCQ, it was all that I would listen to on my PSP. I started making more raps in 8th grade and started releasing music under the name “Amusers.” I found Fruity Loops Studio 9 on YouTube one day and I downloaded a demo and tried it out. I learned how to sample and it was a wrap after that! I’ve been using FL Studio ever since.

Top 3 producers of all time?

Kanye West, Pharrell, CardoGotWings.

Where do you look to for inspiration when making beats?

I try to play video games from my childhood like SSX 3 or Sonic Heroes to feel nostalgia. I do this to capture that feeling people are familiar with, but I try to add a modern touch to it. Primarily the reason why I use the Capcom jingle in most of my beats.

If you could go back and create your own soundtrack for one movie, what movie would it be and why?

Above The Rim! I feel like a Twayne The Kidd soundtrack would sound crazy on it because I would make a killer theme song for Bishop.

What is your DAW of choice and why?

FL Studio 12. The step sequencer is easy and quick to get my ideas down.

When/how did you meet Big Leano and how did your two placements on Packula come together?

3A.M. I tagged Tee-WaTT on one of my beats I posted on Twitter. He followed me and then hit me up about working with Big Leano. He gave me his email and then I just sent some beats back and forth. Leano replied back to me each time and then eventually gave me his number. I sent him the beat for “Two” and “Talk Show” over the summer and he hit me back with the records right away.

What is your proudest accomplishment in music so far and why?

Getting linked up with my manager Maine. I’m happy to finally have representation and others who believe in me. I’ve been laughed at and doubted for making music since I started, so I’m happy everyone can see my vision.

Lastly, what can fans expect from Twayne The Kidd in 2018?

Collab project with Big Leano, more KIDD.FM exclusives, and major placements soon!

Connect with Twayne The Kidd on:





Ashauni – “More Bands” [ft. Chris Morris]

By: Seamus Fay

Throughout 2017, the name Ashauni has rung out time and time again on our pages as one of Brockton’s most promising rising talents. Aside from that, making noteworthy noise within Massachusetts’ budding scene and undoubtedly impressing us upon listening are Twayne The Kidd, who just made his Graduation Music debut a few weeks ago, and Chris Morris, another young talent who has consistently delivered hard-hitting guest spots on some of our favorite tracks from the year. Last but not least comes Florida producer and frequent Cousin Stizz-collaborator DumDrumz, an incredible talent who, poised with an endless array of sounds to electrify any track, has simply become known to have the golden touch of sorts when it comes to crafting together hits.

Here enters the newest collaborative effort between these four rising talents, “More Bands”. Focused on the money yet addicted to the process, this track separates itself from the pack with rapidly-delivered lyricism and a certain charismatic touch to add the cherry on top in terms of personality. It’s unforgiving and ambitious, destined to do numbers and ready to keep the stocks rising for this all-around dream team. With that being said, I highly recommend giving “More Bands” a listen below if you want to hear some of Massachusetts’ most promising artists out right now. The potential is most certainly there, and with singles such as this one to lead the way, the execution is clearly following along.


Pe$o Boii – “Trappin’ Hard” [Prod. Twayne The Kidd]

By: Seamus Fay

As a fan of the budding music scene in Boston right now, you’re more than likely to come across the names Pe$o Boii, AKA Bugatti Boy Pe$o, and Twayne The Kidd at one point or another. Each of the two promising talents have formed considerable waves around their names, and with their latest colaborative single, “Trappin’ Hard”,  to light the way, the stocks will definitely continue to rise for both Twayne and Pe$o.

This single initially caught my ear when I saw it on my Twitter feed, and ever since the first listen, I’ve found myself running it back again and again, locked into the intoxicating style that the track brings about. Twayne The Kidd’s relentless trap drums and ambitious melodies find a perfect stride in Pe$o Boii’s looming vocals, emphasizing the knack for crafting infectious flows that the Dorchester rapper has proven time and time again and seamlessly forming together to make a standout release.

By meshing some of the best elements of their respective talents, these two rising talents definitely came together for one to remember, and I will undoubtedly be keeping “Trappin’ Hard” on replay all day. Check it out for yourself below and be sure to get ready for any forthcoming releases from each of the Boston representatives.

Big Leano – ‘Packula’ [Mixtape]

By: Seamus Fay

Big Leano is back, and he’s back with a vengeance. Currently touring all around the country and beyond with Cousin Stizz, the Boston representative is here with the follow-up to his highly regarded debut Tales From The Mud. This time around, Leano is blessing the streets with Packula, an 8-track collection of money-minded anthems and unforgiving accounts of the life that he’s lived. One phrase comes to mind when I think of a motto for this project: real life. Just like Stizz, Big Leano prides himself on brutal honesty in his raps and it’s clear that with the pinpoint detail he raps with, the rising artist is about the life he tells listeners of.

An equal amount of street wisdom and vivid storytelling make this one an automatic must-listen for me, and I find myself especially entertained when hearing the never-ending humor of Leano in his self-comparisons and descriptions. Marry these aspects to a production clinic from Qreamy Beats, LoLoTheGod, Twayne The Kidd, Tee-WaTT, and LDG Beats and you have something special.

I began my first listen of Packula at 6:30 this morning during my drive to school, and with booming production to complement aggressive verses/hooks, it definitely set the tone for the day well. I’m ready to keep this one on repeat for quite some time, and you should be, too. Give Packula a listen below.

***Also, check out Packula on Spotify and Apple Music