Count Shocks Fans With New Snippet

By: Chris Durkin

Becoming somewhat of a frequent flyer here at Graduation Music, Count is back yet again on our pages today with another snippet from his seemingly endless vault of hits. The Boston native is evolving as an artist more and more every day without any signs of slowing down, and by way of a high quality, consistent output of releases, he’s looking at a bright future ahead of him.

Considering one of our latest posts for Count consisted of three completely different song snippets, I personally needed to reach out to Count to find out how he does it for this one. He then made it clear that he has a lot of depth in his vault but that depth is only because he strongly believes in putting out the best project possible. If he isn’t seeing the vision, he won’t release a song, but will instead keep it in the vault, put his head down, and keep working.

This snippet was released to the FOV Records Instagram account and potentially went under the radar for some of Count’s fans, but trust me when I say that won’t be the case for long. I personally sense a smash hit even with such a small hint of its full-blown potential and I’m sure his fans can back me up on that. Make sure to keep an eye out for this upcoming release from Count and check out the snippet below:

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