“NECK & THAT” – Pistola + Froze.40 (Prod. JORD4NEVERDIED + BROKECH1C)

By: Shamus Hill

Both Pistola and Froze.40 are names that have been circulated around the Graduation Music site a large number of times over the course of the last few years. With that being said, we’re thrilled to present the first collaboration between Pistola and Froze.40, a rollercoaster-ride of a song titled “NECK & THAT”.

Building off of the rollercoaster reference, it’s quite literally what listening to this song feels like. Pistola grabs ahold of the hard-hitting JORD4NEVERDIED + BROKECH1C production first, making his presence felt through an addictive, bouncy chorus that’s quickly followed up by SK85!. He helps build the energy until Giuseppe Luv’s explosive verse begins. Froze.40’s tenacious energy has always been an important component of their discography, but the feel provided by this release is unlike any other. No exaggeration, Giuseppe Luv went Super Saiyan on “NECK & THAT”, helping to cement this track as one of the most potent releases out of Boston thus far in 2019.

HUGE props to both JORD4NEVERDIED and BROKECH1C who joined forces to chop up this thunderous instrumental. Their work truly allowed for Pistola, SK85!, and Giuseppe Luv to put their artistry on full display, making “NECK & THAT” the incredible track that it is.

Listen to “Neck & That” below:

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