Pistola – “Sellin’ Dreams” (Prod. Henrich)

By: Shamus Hill

When it comes to crafting one’s own sound, there aren’t many artists within the state of Massachusetts — or elsewhere for that matter — that can compete with Pistola. The Boston rapper’s latest single “Sellin’ Dreams” certainly helps to reinforce this statement, as Pistola delivers yet another undeniable track for his listeners.

Known mostly for his past singles “Swang” and “P.I.S.T.O.L.A.”, Pistola is no stranger when it comes to the Massachusetts music community. He’s never been one to shy away from experimenting within his catalog of music, something that’s ultimately been a key factor in his overall development as an artist. Utilizing a sound like feels almost intergalactic, time and time again Pistola manages to float on each instrumental that crosses his path with ease. In my eyes, he’s been making his best music as of late, with both “Sellin’ Dreams” and “Disstracktoeverybodyidontlike” being living proof that Pistola is more determined than ever to make exceptional music.

Listen to “Sellin’ Dreams” below:

“NECK & THAT” – Pistola + Froze.40 (Prod. JORD4NEVERDIED + BROKECH1C)

By: Shamus Hill

Both Pistola and Froze.40 are names that have been circulated around the Graduation Music site a large number of times over the course of the last few years. With that being said, we’re thrilled to present the first collaboration between Pistola and Froze.40, a rollercoaster-ride of a song titled “NECK & THAT”.

Building off of the rollercoaster reference, it’s quite literally what listening to this song feels like. Pistola grabs ahold of the hard-hitting JORD4NEVERDIED + BROKECH1C production first, making his presence felt through an addictive, bouncy chorus that’s quickly followed up by SK85!. He helps build the energy until Giuseppe Luv’s explosive verse begins. Froze.40’s tenacious energy has always been an important component of their discography, but the feel provided by this release is unlike any other. No exaggeration, Giuseppe Luv went Super Saiyan on “NECK & THAT”, helping to cement this track as one of the most potent releases out of Boston thus far in 2019.

HUGE props to both JORD4NEVERDIED and BROKECH1C who joined forces to chop up this thunderous instrumental. Their work truly allowed for Pistola, SK85!, and Giuseppe Luv to put their artistry on full display, making “NECK & THAT” the incredible track that it is.

Listen to “Neck & That” below:

Pistola + Mike Hector – “Gang Shit”

By: Shamus Hill

Pistola and Mike Hector just dropped “Gang Shit”, and subsequently the duo have already set the bar high for Massachusetts artists in 2019. The last time they linked up the pair blessed listeners with “Fiji”, one of the best tracks to come out of Boston in 2018, and it’s safe to say that they’re 2 for 2 after listening to their latest release.

Both Pistola and Mike Hector haven’t wasted a moment with regard to building up their resumes over the course of these last few years, with each doing a tremendous job at shining a light onto the levels of talent that are coming out of the Bay State at the moment. Hector cooks up a flawless beat on “Gang Shit”, and is quickly followed-up with some addictive Pistola flows. Anyone that’s listened to the Dorchester-native’s music will find themselves playing this track over-and-over again. We can only be hopeful that Mike Hector and Pistola will continue to work together in the future, as it’s become overwhelmingly apparent that these two have a unique chemistry between each other.

Listen to “Gang Shit” below:

Artist: Pistola

Production: Mike Hector


By: Seamus Fay

Playing a crucial role behind the boards and bringing so many artists’ sounds to life, JGONTHEKEYS is, and has been for some time now, an essential figure in the development of Boston’s music scene. His work boasts collaborations between a number of the city’s finest talents, and always known to snap on any project he embarks on, JG is here to bring this prowess full circle today with a compilation tape, PLANET JG!. As noted by the title, this project brings names including Connis, Giuseppe Love, Donald Grunge, Pistola, SK85!, Trismuh, DK, BROKECH1C, and Pe$o Boii into an entirely new world of sound and sonic direction, all of which is orchestrated at the skillful hands of JGONTHEKEYS.

8 tracks long and allowing for introductions to so many of Massachusetts’ best-kept secrets, JG’s latest marks a defining moment of community for Boston’s music scene, and it surely presents the city’s talent in the best light possible. By taking matters into his own hands, this hitmaking producer is working toward the progression and embracement of local talent one heater at a time, tightening up the loose ends and maximizing the potential of every artist he works with. Needless to say, PLANET JG! is something special; beyond himself, he really did his thing in bringing up those around him with this one, and for that, we have to appreciate his success.

Stream the new project at the link below!

Additional Production by @prodchristophr @KorHefBeatz @lilzooooom

Pistola – “Coupes N’ Boof” [Prod. Donald Grunge]

By: Seamus Fay

Over the past few years in Boston, we’ve seen a number of rising talents take the spotlight and put on for the city, but few have done it in a way as unique and special as Pistola. Crafting numerous cult classics in the city as well as turning heads all over the world with songs like “P.I.S.T.O.L.A.” and “Swang” (which eventually received the remix treatment alongside DRAM), Stola has managed to make some serious waves in his career, and today, he is sure to keep this going. While we haven’t heard from the rising star in a minute, he’s back and better than ever with a brand new song, “Coupes N’ Boof”.

Produced by Donald Grunge (who has been killing it on the boards as of late, by the way), this offering makes its presence known as an absolute banger right off the bat, featuring one of the hardest beats that I’ve heard all year long. The bass clashes with Stola’s galvanizing deliveries in a way that yields nothing but energy, and the lyrics are kept simple so that this song can easily live up to its full potential and shut down venues, one after another. “Coupes N’ Boof” is as hard as it gets, letting us all know that Pistola is picking up right where he left off.

Don’t sleep, listen at the link below and follow Pistola’s new SoundCloud here!

Pistola – “Degassi” ft. AGOFF [Prod. Shmack]

By: Seamus Fay

Pistola is, without a doubt, one of the waviest artists in Boston. His effortless style embodies a remarkably laid-back, compelling personality, and one song after another, Stola has shown us why he might just be the next artist to blow up out of the city. Today, we see star-potential in the form of a smooth new single entitled “Degassi” alongside none other than AGOFF – a collaboration that although I didn’t see coming, I’m very grateful that we’ve received. And trust me, these two have a hit on their hands.

Backed by ethereal production courtesy of Shmack, “Degassi” never gets ahead of itself. As Stola has been known to do, each line is delivered slow and steady, maximizing the quotable power of the bars at hand in order to make for an undeniable anthem. AGOFF feeds off of this energy with his own stellar verse, as both artists describe their lifestyles in a way that any listener can latch onto with ease. This track deserves to be the soundtrack to the summer, so be sure not to sleep.

Stream “Degassi” in all of its wavy glory at the link below!

Pistola – “5th N’ Heaven”

By: Seamus Fay

Pistola has had fans on the edges of their seats awaiting new music in the past few months, and in order to hold us all over until the release of his forthcoming mixtape, the Boston talent is here to bless us with a new track, “5th N’ Heaven”. Taking into account the unstoppable momentum that Stola has garnered recently, this song arrives at just the right time, giving fans yet another undeniable banger to rage to. Also featuring production from David Walker, “5th N’ Heaven” acts as a testament to the producer-artist chemistry that the two have grown in all of their collaborations – an inimitable relationship grown through pure authenticity.

That being said, what struck me hardest when first listening to this song was the way the melodies come in with such burgeoning force. Each kick of the drum is a chilling, powerful display of the full court press that Stola is running, and one line after another, this song marks itself as the audio version of the most intense mosh pit you’ve ever experienced. Crafting bangers seems like an effortless task for this rising star – especially when paired with David Walker – and “5th N’ Heaven” only adds to this legendary run of heat that Pistola is on right now. Oh, and remember, this song isn’t even on the tape. I think that tells you something about how incredible this project is about to be.

Show some love and click play on the new hit at the link below:

Mix / Master: @bradfeeney-prod
Artwork: @hixci

Pistola – “Fiji” [Music Video]

By: Seamus Fay

Don’t underestimate the power of Pistola, Mike Hector, and Xandros. With Stola on the mic, Hector on the boards, and Xandros behind the visuals, there is no way to lose in this joining of forces, with the latest music video for “Fiji” to back the claim. Premiered by No Jumper, this video is a physical testament to the unstoppable growth of Pistola and his inimitable wave, and I don’t recommend passing up on this one for any reason. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the greatness of the man who may very well be the next star out of Boston.

At its core, these visuals uncover the hypnotic powers of coloring when it comes to illustrating the feeling that a song yields. We see cinematic scenes of Stola and his crew in a number of different backgrounds, all of which use vibrant colors and effects to emphasize their superpower capabilities as a whole. This may take precedence when writing about the release of the music video and not the song itself, but beyond the visual offering, we need to take a moment of appreciation for the song itself. “Fiji” is one of many anthems in Pistola’s deep catalog, and personally, one of my favorites.

That being said, Pistola’s latest visuals at the link below:

Pistola Hits One Million Views On “P.I.S.T.O.L.A.”

By: Seamus Fay

From the moment I first heard Pistola’s music, I knew he was destined for greatness. The Boston native’s effortless charisma and signature, laid-back vocals never fail to make for an anthemic offering, and it comes as no surprise that Stola and his eclectic artistry are ready for a full takeover in 2018. That being said, the fire has officially caught on as his ELEVATOR-premiered single, “P.I.S.T.O.L.A.”, just reached a well-deserved one million views on YouTube.

This is certainly no small feat, and as for the future of Boston, it looks like Pistola will continue to represent his city as he launches into inevitable stardom with his forthcoming releases and debut mixtape. The stocks are rising, the game is catching on, and this inimitable talent is becoming the burgeoning force that his city has seen him to be since the beginning – and deservedly so. Big ups to Stoop Kid and Xandros for bringing this one full circle, as well!

Run up the numbers a little more and watch “P.I.S.T.O.L.A.” at the link below. You know, for good measure.

Graduation Music Presents: ‘Recent Picks’ Playlist

By: Seamus Fay

As you may recall, we recently started a segment by the name of GRADUATION MUSIC RADIO, set to release a new episode every other Monday. This week, due to some technical difficulties, we are postponing the newest episode for a few days. To make up for it, we present to our readers a 15-track playlist of some of our favorite local songs at the moment!

Some tracks are older, some newer, but regardless, these are a few standout releases that you need to get hip to if you weren’t already. Check the playlist out below:

Pistola – “Fiji” [Prod. Mike Hector]

By: Seamus Fay

Throughout the past few weeks, Pistola has been making his city proud (as always) with the widespread success of his single, “P.I.S.T.O.L.A.”, premiered via ELEVATOR. Now with over 500k views and an incredible amount of love being shown to the young artist’s nonchalant yet hard-hitting style, Stola is back yet again with another hit to prepare us for his forthcoming debut project. Today, he hits Graduation Music with the Mike Hector produced banger, “Fiji”, and it may just be one of my personal favorite tracks of his to date.

For starters, we should make it clear that Mike Hector was the perfect producer to hop on the boards for this one. Previously residing in Boston but now based in LA, Hector has rapidly built up his beat portfolio with credits on a number of well-known songs, the most notable being Kendrick Lamar’s “GOD” off of DAMN. Taking this unmatched style and creating an airy, melodic atmosphere for Stola to float through, “Fiji” watches the acclaimed producer declare his versatility in an incredibly impressive way.

This track is a perfect example of the potential that Pistola has, and with the hot streak that he has been on throughout the past few months, I feel confident in saying that the Boston native’s debut project is about to be something truly special. His seamless style fits with perfect precision over the sound of this single, making for an anthem to keep on repeat as we watch Pistola continue to rise to the top. “Fiji” is yet another hint of the heat on the way, so be sure to give it a listen below and show some love to what could be the next star out of Boston. All in all, Pistola’s got one.

The Top 50 New England Songs of 2017

By: Seamus Fay

Looking back, 2017 was a year of immense growth for New England and specifically Massachusetts’ budding music scene. We were fortunate enough to see the rise of many new talents as well as watch some of the more established artists prosper in their own ways, and frankly, it was inspiring to us to see the work that the artists, the producers, the photographers, the graphic designers, the mixers, the managers, etc. have been putting in. Without all of these people playing their respective roles, our scene wouldn’t be where it is today.

Having said that, we here at Graduation Music collaborated with Fresh Out The Mint to compile a list of the “Top 50 New England Songs of 2017” (in our humble opinion). Below is the playlist of all the tracks – enjoy!

Thank you sincerely to everyone for supporting us throughout 2017 and making our first full year as a blog a successful one. We greatly appreciate all the love and can’t wait to show you what we have in store for 2018.  

  • Young Seuss – “123”
  • Big Leano – “Broke” [Prod. Tee-WaTT]
  • Vintage Lee – “Bless You” [Prod. Jew Paidro]
  • Millyz – “Lessons” [Prod. Achillies]
  • VALLEY – “Atari” [Prod. Stoop Kid]
  • Caliph & Jefe Replay – “The Mood” [Prod. Obeatz]
  • MyCompiledThoughts – “Romeo and Juliet”
  • Cousin Stizz – “Lambo”
  • DJ Lucas – “Doubt”
  • Lonny X – “Believe It” [Prod. Gravez]
  • Juxi – “Leave Me Alone” [Prod. Banbwoi]
  • Jiggz – “Excuses” [Prod. digitLIX]
  • KREW$ – “Dog Days” [Prod. DMND]
  • RAMS – “Disease!” [Prod. Maka]
  • Rothstein – “Jaded” ft. Supa Bwe [Prod. Shepard]
  • Patrick Michel – “Perfect” [Prod. GrandCruu]
  • Alejandro Blanco – “Give It To Her” [Prod. TFresh & SSB]
  • Jefe Replay – “Stay Ugly” [Prod. Humbeats]
  • Mizzie Cash – “Maneuvering” [Prod. Rob $urreal]
  • Lord Felix – “Power” ft. Marvelous Stefan [Prod. LoLoTheGod]
  • Plad Fine$$e – “Cheese” [Prod. 4oTo Roles]
  • Maye Star – “Adjacent” ft. CH!LD [Prod. Sevnth]
  • WHYTRI – “XURWIFI (Remix) ft. Lily Rayne [Prod. Cecil]
  • Stripes iii – “Henny Down” [Prod. K.C.B.]
  • Khary – “1-800-IDGAF” [Prod. Cloud Atrium]
  • SuperSmashBroz – “Replay Interlude” ft. Jefe Replay [Prod. LDG]
  • Michael Christmas – “Not The Only One” ft. Tobi Lou [Prod. Durkin]
  • $ean Wire – “Moonlight” [Prod. Tropicana Bwoy]
  • Pistola – “Jokes On You” [Prod. Stoop Kid]
  • CAVE – “Who’s Next” [Prod. Maka]
  • Maka & Durkin – “Waterworld”
  • Gio Dee – “Buzz Lightyear” [Prod. MLVN]
  • Humbeats – “Monday” ft. Austin Fair & TeaMarrr
  • StupidGenius – “Palm Trees” ft. Capito [Prod. Lil Rich & Gruca]
  • Garrett Merk – “Simple” [Prod. Frace]
  • Danny Diamonds – “Can’t Talk”
  • Gogo – “Cocaina”
  • Polo $ummers – “$ad Boi” [Prod. WaVe GoD]
  • SuperSmashBroz – “Still” ft. Big Leano & Vintage Lee [Prod. Tee-WaTT]
  • Haasan Barclay – “Live For You”
  • CHE – “Thii”
  • Avenue – “Ain’t Shit Funny” (Remix) ft. Prano, Millyz, Le$, Al-Doe & Chase N Cashe
  • Donald Grunge – “Shade” [Prod. Maka]
  • Boogie Da God – “Get Well Soon” ft. Jefe Replay
  • Marvelous Stefan – “Double Tap!” ft. Saint Lyor [Prod. Trevor Powers]
  • Black EL – “Another Dose” [Prod. Durkin]
  • $wooli – “Rainy Days” ft. Rachel Aiello
  • Rosewood Bape – “Miss Me” [Prod. Kin Rich]
  • TeaMarrr – “The One” [Prod. Ky Thompson & Keith Bell]
  • Michael Christmas – “Top Turnbuckle” ft. OG Swaggerdick