TEGA – ‘Body’ [LP]

By: Seamus Fay

Courtesy of a much-appreciated assist from the music discovery champ, @gregisonfire, we’re here to introduce yet another new artist to our pages today: Boston’s own, TEGA, and his 11-track EP, Body. Upon first listen of this rising talent’s music, the element of his artistry that struck me as most impressive was just how much soul he’s able to pack into his deliveries. The songs on the project feel less like songs and more like heart-led diary entries of some sort, and this state of authenticity is only complemented by a clear knack for finding just the right production.

Delving a bit further into the greatness of Body, the variety of sounds and styles on this one show yet another incredible dimension of TEGA’s talents. He shifts throughout a number of illustrative sonic atmospheres in a textbook showcase of versatility, but what’s most impressive is the way that he does so while still maintaining a train of cohesive thought. That said, I just became hip to TEGA earlier today, so granted, I still need to run through his project a few more times to feel its full effect. However, upon first impression, I can honestly say that the Boston native is someone that all of our readers need to get hip to. He’s creating the kind of music that sticks, and especially nowadays, this can be fairly rare to find.

Click play and check out Body in all of its soulful glory at the link provided below:


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