K Dos – “Trap Spot” [Music Video]

By: Seamus Fay

Although Graduation Music tends to focus on new releases from Massachusetts-based artists, we’ve come to find that one of our neighbors, Connecticut, is also home to a number of incredible rising talents. There exists no shortage of impressive artistry in CT’s budding rap scene, and today, we’re here to unveil our latest discovery from the area — an artist by the name of K Dos and his new, ELEVATOR-premiered video for “Trap Spot”. Simply put, Dos is supercharged with energy, and no matter what gets in his way, he’s going to hustle until he reaches the top.

That being said, the reason that I was taken back by this release upon first listen was greatly due to the rapid-fire nature of the deliveries. K Dos doesn’t stop for anyone, and by letting out a rolling supply of tightly-wound flows, he is sure to make the right first impression for new fans and listeners. In addition, the money-minded nature of “Trap Spot” makes it an easily-quotable anthem for an incredibly wide audience, so much so to the point where this song demands to be kept on repeat for the months to come.

K Dos is CT’s latest rising star, so I recommend getting hip by clicking play at the link provided below!

Shot by @Akeyloproduction


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