Graduation Music T-Shirts Available Now!

In honor of it being 6/17, the Graduation Music team is proud to announce the official launch of our T-Shirts! Proceeds will be going directly to the Urban Farming Institute to assist in building a grow box for a community member in need.

The Urban Farming Institute, founded in Mattapan, is an organization that strives to not only provide local communities with fresh food, but teaches community members how to farm within urban environments. Being a music blog that specializes in shining a light on the talent prevalent within our local area, what Urban Farming Institute is accomplishing for Boston is truly admirable. Noting the health disparities that are prevalent within both Roxbury and Mattapan, UFI is striving to bridge the gap and provide fresh produce to communities in need. The Urban Farming Institute is currently on a mission to build 100 boxes for community members, and the Graduation Music staff is thrilled to be able to contribute to this cause.

If you’re interested at all in getting involved with the Urban Farming Institute, please visit their website to find out some more information. To buy a T-Shirt in support, please click here.


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