Rothstein – “Open Water Freestyle” [Prod. Gabe Monro]

By: Seamus Fay

Rothstein’s latest “Open Water Freestyle” is exactly what it claims to be. Or better yet, it’s everything it needs to be. In just under 3 minutes, the budding talents takes on the dual art of reflection and introspection, picking apart where he is in life, why he is there, and how it makes him feel. No better imagery could represent this than a simple look out onto the open water, as the MA talent’s free-flowing rhymes follow a beautiful, stream-of-consciousness pattern.

Aside from all of this, however, I believe that the best part of the song is the perspective from which it’s told. Rather than speak to his listeners as he might on other songs, Rothstein chooses to look inside this one, making “Open Water Freestyle” seem as though fans are eavesdropping on the inner thoughts that he wouldn’t dare tell anyone else. With lush production from Gabe Monro as the backing to this, “Open Water Freestyle” is as genuine and honest as it gets, making for an incredibly refreshing release that only makes me even more of a fan of Rothstein than I already was.

Sit back and enjoy this freestyle for yourself at the link provided below:


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