Jerome B – “Gudgud” [Prod. sesåme]

By: Shamus Hill 

Fresh off of a trip to Cuba, Somerville’s Jerome B returns to the Graduation Music pages with a song that’s perfect for your Summer playlist. His latest offering, “Gudgud”, circulates around feeling good and the struggle to achieve that feeling. Detailing something we’ve all dealt with at one point or another, Jerome B is here to help remind you that happiness doesn’t always have to be so challenging to obtain.

Produced by sesåme, “Gudgud” possesses an energetic, warm sound that truly helps put you in a better mood. We all experience periods of time where we set our expectations too high, especially in regards to our emotional state. This record nonchalantly addresses these expectations, and how they can be lowered. Towards the end of the track, Jerome B states “H20 and the sunshine, all that I need to unwind” reminding us of how simplistic our happiness can really be. It’s the little things that really count at the end of the day, and Jerome B wants us to continue to be aware of that. A beautiful message to a world that could really use it, “Gudgud” is a wonderful addition to Jerome B’s catalog.

Listen to “Gudgud” below:


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