David-James ‘Loverboy EP’

By: Shamus Hill 

I stumbled across David-James’ SoundCloud the other day, and noticed how he not only was from Boston, but that he had just released an EP by the name of ‘Loverboy’. Upon first listen, I knew I was in for something great. The low-fi beat selection, when combined with his smooth singing and on-point raps, creates an extremely pleasant sound that I haven’t been able to keep off of repeat since.

Scrolling a bit further through his SoundCloud, however, I realized that David-James has been releasing music for about four years now. This is extremely evident in his latest EP, being that he has truly honed in onhis skillset since embarking on releasing music of his own. Even listening to songs such as “The New” off of his first project, David-James’ talents have always been prevalent.

The ‘Loverboy EP’ circulates around the young artist’s love life, and how he’s adapting to the new types of women he encounters in life, his aspirations to treat his girl right, and why she should be choosing him over the rest of the dudes out there. Perfectly encapsulating the several emotions and scenarios prevalent in almost everyone’s love life, David-James has truly delivered a well-thought-out project that I will be bumping from this point on.

Show some love to David-James and stream the ‘Loverboy EP’ below:


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