Millyz – “No Time 4 U” ft. Nino Man

By: Seamus Fay

After starting 2018 off on the right note with new visuals for his hard-hitting track, “Kung Fu”, Cambridge native Millyz was sure to go right back to the studio to plot on the rest of his year. Today, he emerges from the shadows, hitting our pages once again with a new single titled “No Time 4 U”. And trust me – alongside a dope guest spot from Nino Man and sleek production from Kin Rich, this track is already sounding like something special, destined to push Millyz to the next level.

In order to unwrap this one correctly, it’s most important to start off with the premise that it brings to the table. This rising talent saw abundant success in 2017, and now that we close the first month of the new year and continue on, he’s ready to look back at the changes he made last year in pursuit of the top. “No Time 4 U” details these adjustments with a sharp pen, explaining to listeners the winning attitude that Millyz must have in order to cut off the extra weight and focus on the people around him that want to see him succeed.

Now that you understand the subject matter, the unforgiving, confrontational sound of the beat fits perfectly. It’s a tunnel-visioned track, and as such, requires a tunnel-visioned instrumental to match. From there, the Cambridge native’s aggressive flows and rapidly-moving wordplay fit the bill with seamless chemistry, leaving room for Nino Man to come in and absolutely kill it with the same ambition. Add all these elements together and you get a potential hit song that will undoubtedly do numbers as time goes on. With that being said, listen to “No Time 4 U” below and be sure to use it as the anthem for getting to the bag in 2018.



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