POLO $UMMERS – “$ad Boi”

By: Seamus Fay

Angelic background vocals, infectious drum sequences, memorable hooks. All of these elements and more make Polo $ummers’ latest offering “$ad Boi” one of his best tracks to date. The Boston native has been building his own wave for some time now with strong foundations in vocal talent and lyricism, and it has become clear that he doesn’t intend on stopping anytime soon. With skills so approachable and well-packaged, $ummers simply knows how to make music that his fans can relate to and keep on repeat.

“$ad Boi” finds itself ready for the top, contemplating the tough times in life but further realizing the potential that the rising artist and his crew have. It looks at the doubters in the rear view mirror, and I found it refreshing to hear $ummers speak to how much he has achieved. I’m excited for what such a develooped talent may have in store, and I wouldn’t recommend sleeping on him, especially with releases as high quality and consistent as this one. Bless your ears and listen to “$ad Boi” below:


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