New Merch From SuperSmashBroz, Reefyeus On Sale Now

By: Seamus Fay

To follow up the release of their debut project Family Cookout, the SuperSmashBroz have had an incredible year so far. And now they’re here to keep that streak going with new hats in collaboration with ’47. You can retweet the tweet below to get the chance for a free hat or contact the SuperSmashBroz directly on Twitter to cop your own.

Another DJ having an amazing year is Reefyeus, a Boston native known for his tagline “Music Energy” that just dropped his first round of shirts featuring the motto in both gold and black. You can support Reef by buying them at the website below:

Below is the information given about the shirts on the site:

The Music Is Energy T-shirt symbolizes a lifestyle. A Feeling that we absorb everyday. Wear with care because this garment soaks up a lot of energy! 
-Weight: 5.3 oz 
– Pre-shrunk 100% cotton 
-True to Size



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