Zakwoods – ‘SunSunSun’ [Project]

By: Seamus Fay

As soon as I was introduced to Zakwoods, a Boston-based producer (among other titles such as DJ, engineer, etc.) otherwise known as Trey Nakhoda, I knew his newest project SunSunSun was something special. His knack for finding the eclectic styles of music that fit various artists is nothing less than pure talent, and with a wide range of textures and vibes jammed into one, warm-weathered project, I won’t be surprised watching his stock rise as time goes on. If there’s one aspect of his skill set that I want to emphasize most, it would be how versatile Zakwoods really is. SunSunSun has no shortage of variety, and there’s no doubt in my mind that anyone can find at least one song to get hooked on from the project (As of right now I can’t stop listening to “Movies”). Check it out below, and be sure to listen to more from Zakwoods on his SoundCloud:


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