An Interview With Plad Fine$$e

By: Seamus Fay


Plad Fine$$e is a rapper from Roxbury determined to put on for his city. He’s one of the younger artists in the Boston scene right now, and his energy and overall vibe will surely bring him to the top. He acts older than he is, displaying much better skills and authenticity than most younger rappers today. One characteristic of his that makes his music so good is simply his honesty. He’s unapologetic in his verses and his music tends to have straightforward themes. It’s catchy, too. His song “The Wave” featuring fellow Roxbury artist Jefe Replay is a complete hit, just waiting to blow up with its catchy chorus and intoxicating beat, and that’s only one of the potential hits he has. The duo goes together perfectly, and it is just one of several different songs that show Fine$$e’s potential in music. Make sure you pay attention now because soon enough he will be one of the biggest names in the city. Check out his music on Soundcloud below, and you can read the interview covering topics such as his influences, his goals, and much more under that.


When did you start rapping and who influenced you to rap?

I started rapping when I was 13 but I didn’t start taking it serious until a year and a half ago and my older cousin influenced me to start rapping. I used to see him rapping and wanted to be just like him.

How has living in Roxbury influenced your music?

I am a product of my environment so my music is heavily influenced by Roxbury.

What is your process when writing?

I write my best music when I’m alone.

How did you meet Jefe Replay?

I knew Replay forever that’s the homie.

How were you introduced to the rest of the Boston rap scene like Cousin Stizz, Michael Christmas, Big Leano, etc?

Christmas is from Roxbury so my friends already knew him on a personal level and Replay and Stizz pretty much started this shit together so I’m hip to everything.

What are your goals in the future in terms of rapping and just in terms of life?

I wanna make money doing what I love with my friends.

In your verse in “G Code” by Tony Bodega, you have a line saying “I don’t got no idols.” Can you talk about this line a bit more?

I don’t really look up to anyone and if I do I’m tryna be better than them.

What are your dream collaborations?

J Cole , Kanye , and Joey Badass.

Do you ever see yourself leaving the Boston area? Or do you want to stay with the Boston scene throughout your whole career?

Leaving Boston does not mean you’re leaving the Boston scene so I don’t know what you’re saying, but if you’re asking if I’m going to be taking my music out of Boston then yes.

I saw you perform at the Michael Christmas show in Cambridge during the Bring Your Friends tour. How do you make sure that you bring the energy when you do shows and what are your favorite parts about performing?

I just surround myself with good energy the rest is natural.

The Boston scene has a lot of people interested in fashion (like Jefe). Are you interested in fashion and what are your favorite brands?

Yes, but I’m more into vintage clothes and thrifting.

How do you feel about Boston being up next and bring one of the most prominent young rappers on the scene?

It feels crazy and I just live in the moment and try not to think too hard about shit.

How does it feel seeing the success of rappers like Cousin Stizz and Michael Christmas?

I see it as inspiration and the world is pretty much looking at Boston right now. It’s just our job to deliver.

Favorite place to go when you’re in the city?

Dfresh’s Studio where I recorded all my music.

Do you have any shows or projects coming soon?

Not speaking on any projects, and my next show is at the Wonder Bar on 11/16.

After interviewing him, I think it became clear to me that Plad Fine$$e is something different. He’s new and he’s hungry, determined to spread his music and take over the game as soon as possible. Be sure to watch the music videos below, and get ready for new music soon enough. You can see him perform at his next show on November 16th, and based on my personal experience with seeing him live, I can tell you that it will be one hell of a performance. Thank you for the interview, Plad, and best of luck to you in the future.

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