YOUNGFACE – “Mueve Mueve”

By: Shamus Hill

While it may be February — YOUNGFACE has listeners ready to hit the beach with a hookah in hand. “Mueve Mueve” is the latest addition to his rich discography, however, the first in which he speaks entirely in Spanish. Channeling his Guatemalan heritage whilst showcasing yet another example of just how versatile he is — “Mueve Mueve” is a lively release that’ll insert some gleeful energy into your day.

Anyone who frequents the Graduation Music site will recognize YOUNGFACE by name, as he spent his 2018 unleashing a plethora of layered songs that leave a lasting impression on the listener. Typically centered around aspects of love (or lack thereof), YOUNGFACE sticks to the script here — offering an array of emotions over hypnotic, dancehall-infused production. It’s gotten to the point where he unveils a different angle of his artistry with each new release, so there’s no telling what the next additions to his catalog of music will unearth. Whatever the case may be, one thing is set in stone — YOUNGFACE is one of the most skillful artists that the state of Massachusetts has to offer.

Listen to “Mueve Mueve” below:



An Interview With YOUNGFACE

By: Seamus Fay

YOUNGFACE is an artist best defined by his wide palette of sonic abilities. Whether orchestrating energy by way of hard-nosed deliveries and trunk-rattling production or looking toward a more cathartic direction with a heart-led, acoustic offering, the Massachusetts representative can do it all.

But these talents range far beyond just the diversity showcased in his musical catalog. Whether it be through visuals or in live performance, YOUNGFACE is paving his own lane, one fan at a time, all without compromising the quality or authenticity of his output. He’s charismatic and light-hearted in demeanor yet obsessive when working on his craft, and as a result, this budding act is on his way toward notoriety far beyond his home state of Massachusetts.

He exemplifies versatility in a way that few artists are able to achieve, and by working tirelessly toward his goals and constantly challenging his creative ambitions, it should come as no surprise that 2018 has a been quite the prosperous year for YOUNGFACE.

In order to better understand such a captivating talent, we here at Graduation Music spoke to YOUNGFACE about his upbringing, creative process, ideal first date, and much, much more. Read the full conversation below.

To start off, where are you originally from? What was your childhood like and how did music play a part in your life growing up?

I’m from Woburn, MA. It’s a small city outside Boston. I had a solid childhood. When I was younger, I lived pretty comfortably. My mom and dad were together for a good part of my childhood and had jobs, so we could go out to restaurants, go to the movies, and things like that. It wasn’t until later on when I was 12 or so that things got iffy and I was feeling the effects of being a lil broke boi.

My mom had a car accident when I was 9 and got a TBI (traumatic brain injury), and the next 4 years were just one thing after another. She got diagnosed with breast cancer, lost her mom, got separated for my dad, and some other shit. She handled it so well though — I’ve learned a ton from her. She managed her money well so we never went homeless or anything, but we definitely started budgeting hard and got on food stamps and all that.

When that shit was going down, I had to find hobbies that didn’t require much cause my mom had a ton on her plate. So, I skated a lot and learned to play the guitar. I used to write a bunch of songs that were just rearranged chords from Green Day songs because that was all I knew how to play. When I got older, I started riding BMX and I’d always be listening to music through earbuds. Dubstep was the wave around that time and the BMX kids were always posting new songs on FaceBook, so I started to fuck with it heavy. It was super high energy, and as someone who initially liked older punk stuff, I got drawn in. Soon, I started messing around on FL studio and that was when I started producing. I got chubby as hell because every day I’d get Dunks, come home, and sit on Fruity Loops for like, 5 hours making super ass EDM stuff. It paid off, though, because now I’m nice with the mixing.

You also used to be in a band, right? What’s the story there?

Yeah, I had always wanted to be in a band since I was a kid. In 3rd grade, I’d always try and get my friends to learn instruments so we could get that shit going but it’s hard to get people on your wave. Once I got to college, I tried to start something up with some musicians around here, and I got a lil band going.

We did a few shows, but in doing so, I realized that I don’t really work well with others. I like my art to be a certain way and I don’t really budge on it too often, lol. I take shit way seriously, too. I mean, I’m always having fun when I’m making music, but when someone starts to impede on my shit, I definitely get annoyed. That’s why I barely collaborate with anyone. Not cause I don’t like their music or whatever, I just need everything to be legit.

One aspect of your music that has especially stuck out to me has been its ability to evoke very strong emotion. What is your creative process like when writing songs?

My creative process is all over the place. I don’t really have a set way of working on stuff. Sometimes a dope record will come together in 20 minutes, and sometimes I hold songs for a year before I can get it right; it depends on how I’m feeling.

This year I was in a super low point in my life and I became very detached from everything, so I started to hate myself for a while — definitely the wrong move. I ended up losing a ton of weight and I didn’t really sleep at all. But, I was able to write, especially at like 3AM when the world is completely silent — going on walks at that time can put you into a weird state of mind where you observe everything more and think more. I don’t know if it’s the sleep deprivation or the silence, but it gets you thinking differently. When you go back to write, you have a bunch to work off of.

Do you make a conscious effort to expand your versatility and make songs out of your comfort zone? Or does the heavy variance in your catalog come naturally based on whatever you’re feeling?

It’s definitely based on what I’m feeling. Everyone who tries to help guide me in the music world is like, “ok try to focus in on your sound,” which is definitely good advice, but I can’t. I’ve never been able to. I’m just not a focused person. If something is dope and I want to put it out, it’s probably going out. I love making turn up music, but if I have bars to throw around, I’m going to do it. There are definitely records that made me tap into darker parts that mean a lot to me, though.

Where do you want to be in five years?

In my bag.

As an artist, do you think about the future ahead often? Or are you more of a “one day at a time” kind of person?

Definitely a future person, but I’m trying to change that. It causes way too much anxiety and depression for me. My head is almost always elsewhere, dwelling on the past or thinking too much about the future. Nowadays, I’ve been better. But from a creative standpoint, I want to put out so many projects and I’m always scheming and plotting. I have a ton of records that I don’t know when will see the light of day or what the best way to release them will be, but Imma figure it out. It’s good to have a plan, but sometimes, like with “Jump In The Beam”, I just decide to put it out.

What has been your proudest moment as an artist so far? 

My proudest moments are probably anytime someone shares what I’m doing. I’ve been making music in some way or another for my whole life practically, and this is the first time anything is kind of coming from it. I’ve never had labels reach out to me before, I’ve never had articles written about me, or anything even similar to that. To see people I’ve never met, as well as all my friends, sharing my stuff is the fucking craziest feeling. It’s so rewarding. I’m grateful, for real. It’s nuts to think I even have one fan.

What is one thing about YOUNGFACE that all fans, both new and old, need to know?

I could live off of burritos my whole life and I don’t think I’d ever get sick of them.

What does your dream first date look like?

Not sure, really. The last first date I went on, I took a girl to get burritos then went to the beach. It was pretty late, and maybe an hour in, this older couple was aggressively making out with their feet in the water in the distance. This really set the mood for me to kiss the girl. Then, when I looked back, the older man was getting some ignorant slop. I didn’t have the same luck. Sometimes old people have all the fun.

Lastly, what can fans expect from YOUNGFACE in the near future?

They can expect me to be rich and cute forever.

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YOUNGFACE – “dontwasteyourtime.” [Music Video]

By: Seamus Fay

While versatility has always been a commanding theme of write-ups involving YOUNGFACE, I’ve come to realize that storytelling and honesty are just as important in recognizing the skill of his creative process. Rather than talk about the world he wants, he talks about the world he knows, and in keeping it so real with his fans, he achieves the connection of relatability that gives artists longevity. Today, showcasing this, we get to watch the MA native take over headlines with his new music video for “dontwasteyourtime”, as premiered by ELEVATOR. 

While this video is fairly plain, save for some well-executed visual effects, it’s the absence of anything outrageous that places a focus on YOUNGFACE’s talent. He thoroughly explores his emotions with music, and the fact that he doesn’t need to be anything other than himself in order to gain fans just shows why he’s on a rapid ascent to the top. It’s wonderful to see ELEVATOR giving this young talent a premiere opportunity, so show some love and give them a reason to premiere YOUNGFACE’s future releases.

Watch “dontwasteyourtime” at the link below!

mikefellow – “En Route” ft. YOUNGFACE [Music Video]

By: Seamus Fay

Known to do some serious damage whenever they join forces, the duo of mikefellow and YOUNGFACE is one that can never be underrated. The chemistry between the two artists is second to none in terms of how they’re able to feed off of one another’s energy, and today, this is apparent as ever in the new music video for one of their recent collaborations, “En Route“. Considering the fast-paced nature of the song, this rapidly-changing, diverse set of scenery is the perfect visual complement, so let’s delve into a bit further.

Directed by @TheChadMow, the “En Route” music video is a moment for mikefellow and YOUNGFACE to show off the energy they’re able to garner outside of the studio. It’s an enticing sight to see fans both new and old alike, and further so, it provides visual context into the process of how a song like “En Route” comes together. That said, we’ve heard these two rising talents alongside one another numerous times in the past, but with their latest, they prove to be on a promising path of growth.

Watch “En Route” at the link below and keep an eye out for mikefellow and YOUNGFACE in the future!


By: Seamus Fay

In the past, we here on Graduation Music have referred to YOUNGFACE as a soon-to-be star on several different occasions. The promise that his music holds is refreshing in the best kind of way, and I feel as though the reason that I’m so excited for his future is mostly due to the intersection between creative ambition and pure talent that he so seamlessly embodies. Today, this is shown through the scope of YOUNGFACE’s latest offering, “★”.

On the surface, I felt obligated to love this song because the cover art is from one of my favorite childhood books, The Little Prince. However, once I clicked play I realized that the MA native has done it once again, offering up heartbreakingly beautiful vocals over a smooth acoustic backdrop. This song is the perfect soundtrack to the transition from summer into fall, as it calms things down and really digs deep into the emotional state of YOUNGFACE. Lyrically, “★” is impulsive and vulnerable, but wonderfully so.

That said, the music speaks for itself, in this case — YOUNGFACE’s talent is limitless, and his newest song only furthers this. Show some love and click play at the link provided below:

YOUNGFACE – “Jump In The Beam” [Prod. Pilgrim]

By: Seamus Fay

YOUNGFACE is an artist that truly needs no introduction. He’s a frequent flyer here at Graduation Music, and along with possessing one of the most complex, versatile catalogs of any artist that we’ve covered, he’s also a multitalented songwriter, singer, rapper, etc. The point is, YOUNGFACE can do it all, and he never fails to surprise us whenever he releases new music. Proving his prowess yet again, the rising talent is here today to show you why he’s about to be a star with an unbelievable new single entitled “Jump In The Beam”.

Produced by Pilgrim, this song wraps together a supply of quick flows and thunderous production that you simply can’t look away from for even a second. And sure, there’s a limitless amount of artists who can rap fast and say a lot of words, but the difference is that every single line from YOUNGFACE holds legitimate meaning in one way or another. He doesn’t let up this barrage of lyricism for any moment of the song’s nearly 3-minute duration, and upon my second, third, and even fourth listens of this track, I still find myself pleasantly surprised by random bars that I didn’t pick up the first few times through.

I could go on about this offering all day long, but I’ll just let the talent speak for itself, in this case. Noted in the description of SoundCloud, “Jump In The Beam” wasn’t originally meant to release, “but this slaps, too, so I decided to put it out” — and thankfully so. Make sure you show some love to YOUNGFACE and check out his new song at the link provided below:

YOUNGFACE – “dontwasteyourtime.”

By: Seamus Fay

Without a doubt in my mind, I can confidently say that YOUNGFACE is going to be a star. His portfolio of music jumps across several genres, a number of vocal styles, a constantly rotating selection of flows, and even a few instruments. To say that he’s versatile is an understatement. Today, YOUNGFACE is here on Graduation Music to keep his stocks on the insuppressible rise with a brand new single entitled “dontwasteyourtime”. Entirely produced, written, mixed, and mastered by himself, this offering reminds us exactly why all eyes are on the Massachusetts native right now.

That being said, the solemn nature and gentle presence of “dontwasteyourtime” are what it makes it such a unique offering, especially in the context of an artist who has released everything from hard-nosed raps to acoustic guitar offerings. YOUNGFACE’s artistry is seemingly limitless under this scope, and “dontwasteyourtime.” fits right in. The instrumental burns slow while the rising talent’s vocals tiptoe in and out of the spotlight, only to make room for passionate melodies to hold up the back end of things. “dontwasteyourtime” is about to do some serious numbers, so get hip early and give it a listen at the link below:

Cover art by @gregisonfire

Mike Fellow – “En Route” ft. YOUNGFACE [Prod. Sean Waters]

By: Seamus Fay

It’s a known fact by now that Mike Fellow and YOUNGFACE can do some serious damage whenever they join forces. The last time we heard them alongside one another was with the stellar track, “Wakeup”, and without any debate, I think we can all agree that there was some serious potential shown in this unforgettable past release. However, bringing in the new and showing us how far they’ve come, the two rising talents are back on our pages today to deliver a flex-worthy new offering entitled “En Route”.

Produced by Sean Waters, this song shows us why Fellow and YOUNGFACE are on their way towards some serious in music. The songwriting is on point, the sound is addictive, and there doesn’t exist a boring point in the song in which they let up the full-court pressure. Rather, we hear one of the finest displays of their conjoined arsenals of talent to date, allowing for a dope song that marks yet another milestone on the never-ending journey of these two must-listen artists.

Check out “En Route” in all of its luxurious glory at the link below:

YOUNGFACE – “Forgive Me”

By: Seamus Fay

It seems as though you can’t mention the name YOUNGFACE without bringing up the young talent’s remarkable versatility, and rightfully so. Few artists have shown such a wide range of high-quality stylistic ventures throughout their catalog, and in such a way,  YOUNGFACE has continued to impress with every successive song he puts out. Today, fans are blessed with one of the finest efforts to date from this soon-to-be star – a demo entitled “Forgive Me”.

First things first, yes, this is a demo. But no, it doesn’t feel that way. The soft, yet comforting presence of soul-filled guitar riffs lays out just the right backdrop for YOUNGFACE’s incredibly impressive vocals, allowing him to bless us with yet another unique yet highly-addictive piece of music. “Forgive Me” also holds no shortage of authenticity and raw emotion, so it only makes sense that the lyrics follow right alongside in their beautifully candid presence.

That being said, YOUNGFACE’s newest offering provides clear reason as to why he’s making waves as one of Massachusetts’ most talented artists right now. Be sure to click play at the link below and keep an eye out for new music sometime soon!

YOUNGFACE – “Ghosting”

By: Seamus Fay

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. YOUNGFACE’s versatility is not only one of the most impressive aspects of artistry that we’re seeing out of Massachusetts right now, but it’s also only at the beginning of its star-bound journey. Every successive release has shown improvement or an addition to the range of styles that the rising talent is able to cover, and with his latest offering, “Ghosting”, as proof, this will surely continue to be the case in the future. And of course – while we seem to focus on versatility, let’s not forget the unreal consistency at hand right now. YOUNGFACE simply hasn’t missed yet.

That being said, the reason that “Ghosting” is such an impactful addition to his catalog is greatly owed to the way it offers such a switch-up from the norm. The beat follows an ominous path of sound, only to be laced with an unapologetic degree of lyricism that reminds of how talented a songwriter this artist is, and all things considered, “Ghosting” is a showcase of just how skilled YOUNGFACE really is. The stocks are rising and he’s only getting better, so be sure to hop on the wave now and show some love to this gem of an artist.

Click play on “Ghosting” at the link below:

YOUNGFACE – “Wakeup” ft. Mike Fellow [Music Video]

By: Seamus Fay

At this point, YOUNGFACE is no stranger to our pages here at Graduation Music, and one release after another, he has built quite the rapport in Massachusetts as an incredibly promising young talent to keep an eye on. Today, we watch this advanced artistry come to fruition with the highly-anticipated accompanying visuals for “Wakeup” alongside Mike Fellow (shot and edited by J Nash). This track has been on heavy rotation since it first released a few weeks back, and deservedly so, the visuals follow this up with an emphatic display of cohesiveness and chemistry.

Also produced by the man behind this video, J Nash, the very nature of “Wakeup” is discovered within it’s ambitious, hustler-minded attitude, held in the spotlight by both YOUNGFACE and Mike Fellow’s respective verses. This mindset is brought to the forefront yet again with the scenery of the music video, watching as the two rising talents show their passion and dance to the song over money-minded lyricism that we can all relate to in some sense. That being said, “Wakeup” was an anthem before it’s visual companion, and now, it takes the status as one of the finest full releases to come out of MA this year, in my humble opinion – excelling both audibly and visually.

Watch the latest from YOUNGFACE at the link below:


By: Seamus Fay

If you have been following Graduation Music throughout the past few months, it goes without saying that you are familiar with the name YOUNGFACE. We have given this burgeoning talent a number of sparkling reviews on our site, and with the tremendous supply of potential that follows behind his name, this praise arrives deservedly so. Today, YOUNGFACE blesses our pages yet again with an incredible new song entitled “dfwmc”. And let me just say, if you didn’t believe in this young talent at first, his latest track will have you switching sides very, very quickly.

Led by entrancing flows and braggadocious lyricism to match, “dfwmc” is a testament to the loyalty and determination that falls far beneath the surface for YOUNGFACE. He understands and accepts his current position with music, yet he has the heart to take on much more and the hunger to reach for the top. These themes are reflected beautifully in both the sound and style of the track, as the rising talent reminds of that you can’t mess with his crew on their journey to the top. The stocks are rising, the ambition is growing, and the music is following up with a magic touch to lead the way.

I could go on about this one all day, but I’ll let you check it out at the link below: