Lord Felix – “Hold It Down” [Prod. Yellow Synth]

By: Seamus Fay

In the early beginnings of Graduation Music, I can vividly remember hearing “Weight Off” and immediately thinking that Lord Felix was a star. Well, about a year removed from that track, I must say that I still feel the same way, as Felix has grown into a polished artist and a leader within Brockton’s scene, proving that there truly is an immense amount of talent and creativity behind the excitement surrounding his name. Today, proving this prowess with quite possibly my favorite offering of his as of yet, the Van Buren representative is here to bless us with a tremendous new single titled “Hold It Down” produced by Yellow Synth.

In essence, this track is, in every way, an illustrative display of the intersection in which lyricism and emotion collaborate seamlessly, attacking this specific point with a unique artistry that I almost can’t bring to words. As he always seems to do so well, “Hold It Down” reminds us of Felix’s unrivaled ability to describe life in its highs and lows using compelling wordplay and a certain “author’s voice” that represents his charisma and character with an unfiltered charm.

It’s alluring in every sense lyrically, but once matched with Yellow Synth’s dreamy production and raw, plucked melodies, this track is quite simply taken to the next level. To top it all off, Felix and Leo The Kind turn this energy into fuel, delivering a high-noted, beautifully-executed hook that I haven’t been able to get out of my head since the first listen. I could seriously go on about this song all day, but all in all, “Hold It Down” is proof that Lord Felix is deserving of all of the buzz his music receives, and that’s that.

Listen to the latest from the Brockton native below: