Jack Karowak – “Quicksand” [Official Music Video]

By: Shamus Hill

Jack Karowak’s Treehouse Audio proved to be one of the most illustrious projects to come out of Massachusetts in 2018. Today — he returns to the Graduation Music site with the Xandros-directed visual for his reflective track “Quicksand”.

The pair combined their skillsets for the release of the official music video for “Medicine” earlier this year, and much like that drop, Xandros successfully injects additional layers of lovability into the already stunning song. This video is one of our favorites to come out this year, so be sure to give it your full attention.

Watch the official music video for “Quicksand” below:

FAbzabove – “Henny Sippa” ft. Donald Grunge & Splash Got’Em [Music Video]

By: Seamus Fay

If you’re looking for some energy to get you through the week, look no further than FAbzabove’s “Henny Sippa”. Anthemic in its nature and addictive in its excitable presence, this song is making waves all throughout Boston right now, and in order to complement this success, FAbz is here to drop off the accompanying visuals via ELEVATOR. Alongside Donald Grunge and Splash Got’Em, this track is proven to have shut down venues (the video has proof), and the music video is ready to spread this hype from Boston to the rest of the world. 

With this, thanks to direction and videography from the all-star himself, Xandros, “Henny Sippa” perfectly captures the ways in which this release has continuously made waves throughout its city of origin. Each of the three artists on the song are known in Boston for their talents, and the firepower that arises from a collaboration between the trio is simply indescribable — just listen to the verses for proof. I could talk about this song and music video all day long, but the point is, “Henny Sippa” is a rallying point for Boston, so let’s treat it as such.

Check out the ELEVATOR-premiered visuals below!

Produced by Maka

Recorded and Mixed by Triple Beam Brad

Jack Karowak – “Traveler”

By: Seamus Fay

Looking at the vast number of rising artists in Massachusetts right now, it’s fairly easier to fall between the cracks and lose that “x-factor” that you need to stand out from your peers. However, one artist that has always made sure to stand out by any means possible is Jack Karowak. Whether it be by spending countless hours in the studio, taking a chance creatively, or pushing to get his music in all the right avenues, this budding star always makes sure to work on himself and more importantly, to develop that aforementioned “x-factor”. Today, he shows this off with a wonderful new offering entitled “Traveler”.

Premiered by ELEVATOR, the playfully infectious nature of this one is what best acts as a testament to Karowak’s artistry. He exhibits an ample amount of soul through the sun-soaked guitar riffs and addictive drums, allowing for the illustrious cadences to find their full potential, one word at a time. “Traveler” is relaxed yet energetic, and by showing this through the easy-going visuals, Karowak is sure to make for a cohesive release that is bound to do some serious numbers. Less than 24 hours into its premiere, the positive comments and views are already adding up, and we couldn’t be prouder to see it. Jack Karowak is something special.

Watch the video for “Traveler” at the link below and be sure to stream it on SoundCloud here!

Directed by Xandros
Prod: @proddavidwalker
Mix/Master: @bradfeeney-prod
Guitar: Austin Brown
Bass: Pat Fey