Donald Grunge – “Tyler Jeans” [Prod. Elz]

By: Seamus Fay

Within the budding Massachusetts music scene right now, there really aren’t many artists doing it quite like Donald Grunge. Similarly, within the local fashion scene, there aren’t many artists doing it quite like Tyler Roberts of Tyler Jeans. Today, these two worlds collide on Grunge’s new single, “Tyler Jeans”. The drip is there, the sound is there, the style is there, and all in all, this might be one of the best offerings we have received from Grunge to date.

Produced by Elz. “Tyler Jeans” is an infectious, melodic look into the fashion-minded brain that this young musical talent seems to communicate so well. He translates the imagery of Tyler Jeans into a triumphant status symbol, and in a family affair of sorts, it’s a great thing to see two local talents conjoining separate waves in such a cohesive, supportive way. Just as he denotes it, Donald Grunge is not your average star and neither is Tyler, so don’t sleep on their hard work and get ready to watch the stocks for each of the two as 2018 continues on.

Listen to “Tyler Jeans” below and check out Tyler’s work here!