Soap.wav – “This Side” ft. Connis (Prod. Ricky Sour)

By: Shamus Hill 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the music coming out of Cambridge, MA right now is nothing short of stellar. This statement rings true again with soap.wav’s latest release of “This Side” featuring Connis. Ricky Sour came through with a dreamy production job, which assists soap.wav in achieving yet another melodic hit along the way.

I was first exposed to soap.wav and Ricky Sour through their track “Relate”, which, similar to “This Side”, quickly became a record that I had in constant rotation. Soap.wav’s ability to achieve sonic heights, while at the same time remaining lyrically sound, is something that has really attracted me to his discography. He continues this effort on “This Side”, making an extremely catchy song with descriptive lyrics that hip you to what his team is all about.

Soap.wav takes some time to show love towards those in his life who haven’t switched-up on him despite all that he’s endured. He’s aware of his potential and what his future holds, however, he doesn’t forget who was always there for him. Acting as an ode to what we all strive for in life with respect to those who have always held us down, Soap.wav really delivered with this one.

Featured on “This Side” is Cambridge-native Connis (Connor Donovan), who happens to be another one of my favorite rising artists from the Boston area. He’s an extremely talented rapper who incorporates both fun and realism into his lyrics, coming through to help reinforce the fact that both soap.wav and himself are loyal to their side. Props to soap.wav, Ricky Sour, and Connis for coming together once again to produce an amazing output.

Stream “This Side” below: