Surfliner – ‘KISKA LP’

By: Shamus Hill

Moving from a brighter, upbeat tone towards a more self-reflective direction is the Duxbury band, Surfliner, who grace the Graduation Music pages today with their debut project, KISKA LP. Making their presence known across the world through the release of their first three singles, Surfliner have found themselves at an extremely vital point within their musical careers. An artist’s debut project is one of their most important pieces of work, with it ultimately being what a lot of listeners will remember them by. With the ball in their court, Surfliner are prepared to prove that they have what it takes to bring their music to the next level.

“Foolish Heart” is the first song off of the LP, and it’s here that Surfliner gently ease into the sonic experience. It’s one of the many songs featured on this project that quite literally draws you in closer, similar to moving towards a fire when its freezing cold. As was the case with their first three singles, “Foolish Heart” is accompanied by exquisite instrumentation that allows for a plethora of emotion to be evoked.

As the LP continues further, listeners are met by even more harmonically-rich, well-rounded songs that are the direct result of lengthy periods of learning. A lot of amazing music comes as the direct result of life experience, and it’s overwhelmingly apparent that this was the case with Surfliner as they prepared their debut project.

From here, the LP continues down this reflective, yet smooth-sounding path, with each song engraining itself into the fabric of the listener’s mind. This project is very comparable to Jack Karowak’s Treehouse Audio, in a sense that the instrumentation is the pivotal point for the entirety of the project. With it being so robust, the vocal work is able to be received at an even higher caliber, ensuring that the meaning within this LP isn’t lost. My favorite attribute of KISKA LP is the fact that Surfliner is able to piece together a number of well put-together tracks that seamlessly build off of the last.

We’ve said it a countless amount of times, but the bar for Massachusetts artists has been continuously raised thus far in 2019. With bands like Surfliner only pushing this narrative further, artists across the state will be in need of some thorough development to make sure their name remains relevant as the year progresses. If you find yourself unfamiliar with Surfliner’s discography, get hip now before it’s too late.

Listen to Surfliner’s KISKA LP down below:



Surfliner – “Surfliner”

By: Shamus Hill 

It’s always a joy when new artists are featured on the Graduation Music site, which is exactly what is occurring today with the Duxbury-based band, Surfliner. This self-titled release is a song that “was made for listening to in the rain”, however, also captures the feels given off on a warm, bright day. “Surfliner” is not only beautifully written by Tyler Wyatt and Alex Gonzalez, but features the astounding instrumentation of guitar, bass, and drums at the hands of Tyler Wyatt. Sam Worley helps puts the cherry on top with his tranquil, yet uplifting vocals, making this track out to be one of the band’s most potent releases to date.

“Surfliner” largely deals with the group’s hectic state of being at this moment in time, and how life has been seemingly drawing them all over the place. As they continue to work towards the completion of their goals, the ease of things begins to move towards the horizon, and new challenges begin to move in their direction. While this may be viewed upon as tumultuous to many, Surfliner finds solace in what’s been on-going. They understand that they’re en route towards their destiny, and that with time, things will begin to fall into place. A beautiful composition that centers itself around meaning and hope, “Surfliner” is another fantastic release to come out of Massachusetts.

I was very grateful to come across Surfliner’s music, but at the same time was disappointed that I hadn’t listened to it at an earlier point in life. While only having a total of three songs currently available on Spotify/Bandcamp, Surfliner still possess a discography full of high-quality music that is worthy of your attention. These guys don’t leave any variable up to chance, and whole-heartedly deliver fans pieces of work that are both well-thought-out and carefully crafted. The feeling given off from their songs is nothing short of uplifting, something which I’m sure will continue to draw fans their way. If you find yourself in the Amherst-area on October 26th, Surfliner will be having a show at the Amherst VFW, so definitely show out if you’re messing with their sound.

Listen to Surfliner’s self-titled release below: