Coming to you live from San Juan, Puerto Rico, Shamus and Shlomo are back in action today with the second episode of GRADUATION MUSIC RADIO! Featuring talents from Boston and beyond, GRADUATION MUSIC RADIO sets out to shine a light on some of our area’s most talented individuals. Be on the lookout for a new episode every other Monday.

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VALLEY – “Atari” (Prod. Stoop Kid)

Che Ecru – “Likkle Ting”

A.Tibbz ft. Meghan Moore – “Special Treatment” (Prod. A.Tibbz)

YOUNGFACE X mikefellow – “wakeup” (Prod. J Nash)


Cappa – “Wedding Ring”

Connor Donovan – “Gas in the Ashtray” (Prod. Connis x Coffee Black)

soap.wav – “Relate” (Prod. Ricky Sour x Connis)

Rothstein – “Yamazaki” (Prod. Maka)

Maka – “Blanka” (Prod. Durkin) 

AK – “On The Other Side of Jackson” 

Superior – “Whiplash” (Prod. Nick E Beats)

Sir South ft. Big Leano – “Anyways” (Prod. Stoop Kid)

Stizzy LeftLane – “Sleep Walkin/Family Feud”

Gio Dee ft. Polo $ummers – “100K” (Prod. Snapz)

Don Zio P ft. Deja Vu – “Hallelujah”  

Bouve – “978” (Prod. IceStarr)

Gio $hyne – “Diamonds” (Prod. Christian Yoon)

Jack Karowak ft. Patrick Michel – “All My Life” (Prod. Taylor King) 

E$$ence x Linskey – “Different”

mikefellow – “LEAVES” (Prod. Dweeb)

Artem Bell – “Everyday” (Prod. NN481) 

David Lee – “STARS” (Prod. Danny Singh) 

L33oon – “Chrash Da Coupe” (Prod. JGBRM) 

Forest Watson – “G-Star” (Prod. CashMoneyAP x DJKronic) 


Graduation Music presents, GRADUATION MUSIC RADIO, a bi-weekly radio series which will showcase artists from Boston and Beyond. Hosted by Shamus Hill and Shlomo Bowe, the duo will both play and discuss some of our area’s most talented individuals. Be on the lookout every other Monday for new episodes of GRADUATION MUSIC RADIO.

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Maka – “Eugene”

Sloan Evans – “Up” (Prod. Mike Hector) 

Austin Fair – “New Persona” (Prod. Humbeats)

Gio Dee ft. Polo $ummers – “Ghost” (Prod. NGHTXNGHT)

Booty Bae – “Longway/Prove Yourself” (Prod. IceStarr & Bandit Luce)

Kleo – “Stunt More” 

Prince Smooth – “2 of Everything” 

Just Juice – “USED 2”

iLL Addicts – “Conclusions”

Chelley Marie – “Stuck On You”

Danniela – “Danni’s Plight”

Kelvyn Colt – “Bury Me Alive”

CJay – “Jazzy”

Melodownz ft. Bailey Wiley – “The Anthem (Intro)”

Chase Murphy – “I Know”

Caye – “Top Shelf”

Danny Diamonds – “Stuck”

MyCompiledThoughts ft. Vladimir Antoine – “Part Love” (Prod. MyCompiledThoughts)

ihatesunday – “don’t talk to me”

Pistola – “P.I.S.T.O.L.A.” (Prod. Stoop Kid)

PLAD FINE$$E – “France”  (Prod. LoloTheGod)

RAMS – “Brain Dead” (Prod. Maka)

Jack Karowak – “Form” (Prod. David Walker)

Garret Merk – “Bygones” (Prod. Mic Kellogg)

fourtyfor ft. Patrick Michel – “Southside Nights” 

16yrold ft. Yung Bans, D Savage, Tracy – “ifeelikeyoungscooter” 

ace. – “BIG FACT”

Swoosh – “Swoosh Me Up”