Stefan – “SAD2SEE” (Prod. Twayne The Kidd”

By: Shamus Hill

Brockton’s Stefan returns to the Graduation Music site today with a passionate single titled “SAD2SEE”.

This release is based around the sad reality that comes paired with the pursuit of a significant other that’s plagued with self-doubt and a lack of love. This sentiment ultimately shifts this individual’s mentality towards one that is full of solitude, which hurts Stefan tremendously. While his heart may be full of true intentions, it’s worthless when the recipient isn’t aware of how to accept these emotions.

While the lyrical content of “SAD2SEE” may not be of the most positive nature, the sonic structure provided by Stefan with the assistance of Connecticut’s Twayne The Kidd is one that’s undeniably addictive. This track rests as my favorite component of Stefan’s discography to date, so with that being said I’m thrilled to see what he’ll have coming next.

Listen to “SAD2SEE” below:



Stefan – “Ahead Of You” ft. Kam Carter & “I’m Fly”

By: Seamus Fay

Just in time to end off the week on a high note, Brockton native Stefan is here on Graduation Music today to show us the fruits of his labor in recent months, dropping off two brand new singles entitled “Ahead Of You” and “I’m Fly”. As always seems to be the case, this rising talent shows great improvement with his two newest offerings, shedding a notable light on the way that he has honed in on his skills in order to find a signature sound. The sonic direction that we hear on these two singles seems to be the precursor to an incredibly bright future, and I hold no hesitation in saying that Stefan is something truly special.

With this, it’s also important to note the versatility shown between the two unique works. “Ahead Of You” finds its strength by way of a hypnotic world of airy, bubbling melodies, topped off with a perfectly-placed feature from Kam Carter. On the other side of things, taking to a groove-filled sound, “I’m Fly” seems to thrive when reinforced by the unforgettable baseline and Stefan’s undeniably alluring vocal talents. Both songs are produced by none other than Unicorn Waves, and all things considered, they provide ample reason as to why we need to watch out for Stefan in the future.

The Brockton native shows great promise with his “Ahead Of You” and “I’m Fly”, so click play at the link below and get hip!

Andy Poorhol – ‘Ummm, The Mixtape’

By: Seamus Fay

For those who have been close attention to Graduation Music throughout the past few weeks, you’ve probably stumbled upon the name Andy Poorhol before. The last time we covered this rising talent was with his song “Mud Munkei“, which acted as a quick taste of what was to come in his forthcoming project. That being said, today, the wait for new Andy Poorhol is over, as he hits our pages once again to unleash a brand new, 9-track mixtape, Ummm, The Mixtape including features from Stefan, Kam Carter, and Benjy Ali.

“Mud Munkei” first caught my ear due to the lyrical skill and sky-high potential that Poorhol’s personality seemed to hold on the mic, and thankfully so, the full mixtape follows these positive attributes up perfectly. Listeners are blessed with 9 different reasons why the 508 native is slated to do some special things in the future, as his energetic deliveries and brutally honest charisma are nothing short of infectious. Ummm, The Mixtape is also an incredibly easy and entertaining listen, partially thanks to stellar production credits from Jerm Sherman, Mission, Trevor Powers, Joostan, MRCLFLR, Kendowray, and Benjy Ali.

That being said, check out Ummm, The Mixtape in all of its passionate glory at the link below!

Lord Felix – “Messy Wrists” ft. Stefan [Prod. PSOUL]

By: Seamus Fay

Brockton artists Lord Felix and Stefan are marked most notably by their unparalleled skills in evoking raw emotion through music. It seems as if every beat, every flow, every lyric, and every cadence is hand-selected in order to make the themes of a given song come across in the most impactful way possible, and quite honestly, this is achieved with pretty much every new song. Today, we see this talent come to fruition on the emotional single, “Messy Wrists”.

Produced by PSOUL, this track explores the depth of emotion that one might feel at a low point in life. The imagery of messy wrists haunts the listener in a way that highlights the internal struggle behind such feelings, and Felix and Stefan detail their demons with skillful lyricism and captivating vocal posture. That being said, I don’t know many other artists in Massachusetts creating such genuine manifestos of emotion as these two Brockton natives are right now. Their collective prowess is certainly nothing to look right over, so be sure to pay attention to “Messy Wrists” in all of its brutally honest glory.

Click play at the link below:

Stefan – “Got What U Need” [Prod. Derrick Pannther]

By: Seamus Fay

Being a frequent flyer here at Graduation Music, Stefan is an artist that I have seemingly watched grow right in front of my eyes. His artistry has come to be increasingly refined and improved, and with his newest single, “Got What U Need”, the Brockton talent takes yet another step toward final form. The way he depicts emotion, passion, and the human responses to both is second to none, doing so in a way that not only attracts listeners, but provides a level of relatability in describing such universal feelings.

Although I seem to emphasize the lyrical capabilities and songwriting skill that this young artist holds, it’s equally as important to mention two other major factors that have led to his successes as an artist: executing creative vision without compromising anything, and pure vocal talent. Both of these characteristics come through in “Got What U Need” wonderfully, and topped off by production from Derrick Pannther, Stefan’s vocals are taken to the top as he clearly communicates the point that the song sets out to describe.

This is yet another impressive offering from Stefan, so be sure to show some love and click play on “Got What U Need” at the link below: