Righteous Justen – “Who Got Next?” [Official Music Video]

By: Shamus Hill

Making his debut onto the Graduation Music site today is Springfield native, Righteous Justen, who last month dropped off the official music video for his elegantly crafted single, “Who Got Next?”.

Featuring an exceptional freestyle to start things off, this nearly two minute long visual does not waste a second in terms of providing listeners with some captivating raps. Righteous Justen possesses this natural ability to flow with exceptional ease — and this is what “Who Got Next?” is essentially at its core. He’s fully equipped to go toe-to-toe with any rapper who dares to question his capabilities, and isn’t prepared to shy away from sharing his craft with the world. With the sheer amount of talent put on display through this release, I’m certain that Righteous Justen is only going to continue to turn some heads as 2020 marches forward.

Watch the official music video for “Who Got Next?” at the link below:


Austin Fair – “WALK” (Prod. Hetriks)

By: Shamus Hill 

Austin Fair is in full effect!! Dropping the first single since his acclaimed STARPOWER album release, this Hetriks-produced track is a banger that deserves your immediate attention.

For starters, the work ethic currently being displayed by Austin Fair and the rest of The HomeTeam is nothing less than admirable. Fresh off of a show in Amherst this past weekend, Austin just released “WALK” to remind everyone that he’s really in his bag right now. This man really said, “I do donuts in that hooptie, cuz I can’t afford the ghost”, as if he somehow telepathically knows my current vehicular situation.

On a more serious note though, “WALK” speaks to Austin’s current feelings about all of the work he’s been putting in, and how his dreams are beginning to manifest in front of him. He knows that the finish line is still on the horizon,  but the path towards that finish line is growing clearer and clearer with each move he makes. Aside from this, the beat provided by Hetriks really allows for Austin to bring all of these ideas together in a manner that ultimately results in a really well-executed song, so big props to the duo for playing to each others’ strengths here.

Show Austin Fair and Hetriks some love, and listen to “WALK” below.

Also, if you haven’t yet, click here to check out Austin Fair’s latest interview with The Museum TV to get to know the Chicopee artist some more!

Austin Fair – ‘High Demand’ EP [Premiere]

By: Shamus Hill

Austin Fair is without a doubt one of Graduation Music’s favorite artists making noise in Massachusetts right now. The Chicopee-native has been working his ass off throughout 2017 with the releases of his Everlasting album and Dead Roses mixtape, and has been growing increasingly popular across the state by way of his consistent output and relentless work ethic. Austin’s latest release, “LEBRON”, has received exceptional reception from fans both new and old, which in turn has shifted a lot of focus towards what his next move will be. And now, in a truly merry fashion, Austin Fair is here on our pages to gift the world with his highly-anticipated High Demand EP for Christmas.

With the majority of High Demand being produced by Humbeats, this project offers an array of sounds, all of which are more than deserving of being put into the rotation for the weeks to come. “Uh Huh” is the first track on the project, and off the rip, it sets the high-paced vibe off and lets listeners know right away that he isn’t playing with this project – Fair is ready to end 2017 with a bang. Much like “LEBRON”, this first cut slaps, and will definitely be one that the real Austin Fair fans will recognize as he has performed it at several shows in the past. With this, Austin stated that he “can finally give people the songs they’ve been rocking with at all the shows”, speaking to the unrivaled number of bangers he has had in the vault just waiting on their release. Those fortunate enough to have witnessed an Austin Fair performance know all-too-well about how rowdy they can get.

Following “Uh Huh” comes “Finesse” (ft. Suave), which will catch some of the newer Austin Fair fans off guard. Providing some feel-good vibes through the combination of Austin and Suave’s looming vocals, this track has quickly established itself as one of my favorite songs off of High Demand. Hands-down my favorite song off of the EP, however, was “New Persona”, which follows “Finesse” on the tracklist. Showcasing his experimental flow capabilities and the production talent of frequent collaborator Humbeats, the Jordan-Pippen duo were able to come up with a wonderful sounding track that is a lot more relaxed than some of the other music featured on the project.

Overall, I highly recommend listening to one of the most genuine, hardworking individuals out here who has been trying to make something happen in his home state. There aren’t many people exerting as much effort as this dude is, which has really paid off for Austin as he has slowly, but surely, built his fanbase from the ground up and will continue to do so in the new year.

Show Austin Fair some love on his latest release, High Demand EP, below:


Tai Chi – “Slow Ride”

By: Shamus Hill

Showcasing his strong vocal talent, Springfield native Tai Chi dropped his latest song “Slow Ride” earlier today. I’m a huge fan of his sound, and he does an exceptional job at blending his jazzy/soulful style with the soothing instrumental. I met Tai at this year’s Extravaganja in Northampton, MA, and after hearing him perform “Self Employed” live, I knew without question that he had something special. If you haven’t yet, I highly recommend paying a visit to his SoundCloud for some tracks to chill out to.

Listen to “Slow Ride” below: