Garrett Merk – “72” (Prod. Frace)

By: Shamus Hill

Massachusetts-native Garrett Merk recently dropped his first single of 2019 — a reflective, energetic offering titled “72”. Serving as the second part of his previous release, “19”, this track is rich with replay value and exposes listeners to a more vulnerable side of the South Shore artist.

For the last few years, Garrett’s released a variety of tracks that emanate a glimmering, joyous feel, however this isn’t the case with this song. Feeling overshadowed by the future he once laid out for himself, Garrett’s found a way to channel the pain he’s endured into the fuel for success. He repeats “Needed that shit that ignited my flame”, several times over the course of the song — shining a light onto how he’s been able to transform negativity into positivity through hard-work and determination. “72” is a real sign of maturity within his musical portfolio, so we’re excited to hear how he continues to develop.

Listen to Garrett Merk’s latest release, “72”, below:



soap.wav – “Top Down” [Video]

By: Shamus Hill

Gracing the Graduation Music site again today is soap.wav, this time with both the audio and visuals for a brand-new release titled “Top Down”. Tapping in BT Livin to help bring his vision to life, soap.wav wants listeners to understand that he’s coming with a furious energy in 2019. Perhaps his most potent track to date, “Top Down” helps add an additional layer atop soap.wav’s artistry.

Chris Tophr is the man responsible for the production on “Top Down”, giving this track a really hypnotic, yet buoyant sound that soap.wav floats over. Possessing a long-list of songs that achieve a variety of heights, “Top Down” unleashes an entirely new layer of soap.wav that his listeners haven’t been exposed to before. The Cambridge-native is yet another example of just how talented the city is, and is looking to build upon his strengths even more as the year continues.

Watch the video for “Top Down” below:

Garrett Merk – “GTR” [Music Video]

By: Seamus Fay

It seems as though every new week I find a new artist from the Massachusetts area that I end up loving. Naturally, with so much music going in and out of my headphones, I don’t end up revisiting every single one, but one act that has always stuck with me is Garrett Merk. For Merk, longevity comes naturally. His music effortlessly communicates universal themes in ways that are equally as infectious as they are understandable, not to mention the fact that he holds an unreal amount of talent and sky-high potential. Today, we see these aspects of his artistry in the context of a brand new release, “GTR”.

Led by one of the most illustrative instrumentals that I’ve ever heard Merk take on, “GTR” is the kind of song that you can listen to throughout an entire range of emotions. It’s easy to find comfort in the addictive sound, and with a video that perfectly represents the rising talent’s energetic presence whenever he steps near a mic, this feels like a remarkably true-to-self release. Garrett Merk is the kind of artist that’s going to be around for quite a while, and he’s only just getting started. That said, this wonderfully cinematic set of visuals will surely impress anyone that they come across, so be sure not to sleep.

Click play on “GTR” at the link provided below!

Produced by Frace
Shot/Edited by Frace Media
Mixed and Mastered by Spare Monkey Studios