Leo The Kind – “Pieces of a Puzzle” [Live Version]

By: Seamus Fay

I’ve heard the name Leo The Kind before, but not until now can I say that I truly understood the range of his talent that he possesses so effortlessly. Surrounded by a beautiful, mountainous atmosphere and nothing but the calmed sounds of his own music, Leo is here to show us all just how special of an artist he is with a live performance of his song “Pieces of a Puzzle”. And in all of its synth-led glory, this is certainly not something to sleep on.

Shot by Lord Felix, Shelby Smilezs, and Moses Besong, the environment in which the video is shot plays to its sound with perfect chemistry. “Pieces of a Puzzle” has a naturally infectious sound, capturing a similar feeling to that of the fresh air and naturally illustrative scenes that we see in this performance. From the visuals to the music itself, Leo The Kind crafted together an absolute masterpiece, and for that, he deserves nothing but praise. Boston has yet another source of bountiful talent, and he goes by the name Leo.

Watch “Pieces of a Puzzle” at the link below: