Seuss – “Big Dope” (Prod. Jonnydoobs)

By: Shamus Hill

Utilizing some transcendent production at the hands of Jonny Doobs, “Big Dope” is one of Seuss’ most well-tooled releases to date.

Seuss and Jonny Doobs are two names that Graduation Music readers will easily recognize, as they’ve graced our pages a countless amount of times over the course of the last few years. Both individuals have been working diligently towards building up their musical resumes, so it was only fitting that they finally linked up to work on a track.

While this release may be the first collaboration between the two, it doesn’t appear as if it’s going to be the last — as the synchronization between the both of them appears very solid. Seuss cuts into this beat with true precision, ultimately making this song a standout within his deep discography.

Massachusetts is on a mission in 2019, and people like Seuss and Jonny Doobs are going to help us get to our end goal.

Listen to “Big Dope” below:


Seuss – ‘Yung Bradlee’

By: Seamus Fay

When the name Seuss is mentioned, a few words come to mind: energetic, promising, talented, and most of all, authentic. He is unapologetically himself in every sense of the phrase, and for that, it comes as no surprise that Seuss has grown into an unbelievably talented artist seemingly right before our eyes. One single after another, it has been both an honor and a privilege to write about the rising talent’s music, and today, he brings these proud moments full circle with a spirited debut project, Yung Bradlee.

Described as a “fractal perspective on reality manifested by Young Seuss“, this 5-track offering takes us through a deep exploration of the mind behind so many wonderful moments and songs. Suess, despite his young age, has already established a reputation as a Boston legend in many ways, and he makes sure to bring this, as well as his animated personality, to fruition throughout each song featured on the tape. With only one production credit from Twayne The Kidd and the rest self-produced, all 5 cuts at hand are bangers in their own regards, so much so to the point where Seuss’ undiluted honesty clashes against the hard-nosed production in ways that spark the creation of numerous potential hits.

The momentum is clearly moving in favor of Boston’s own, so be sure to show some love and check out Yung Bradlee at the link provided below:

Seuss – “Mosh Snippet”

By: Seamus Fay

One of many qualities that sets Seuss aside from his peers is the clear hunger for improvement and work ethic that he possesses. Every new release features an advanced artistry from his previous offering, and this couldn’t be shown better than in the rising talent’s new “Mosh Snippet”. We’ll keep this one brief because it’s just a 45-second clip of what’s to come, but based on what is heard in such a short time, Seuss has been in the studio nonstop. His music is only getting better, and with a wave of support in his hometown already flocking toward his music, this Boston native is in for a bright future.

Listen to what’s up next by clicking play on the hard-hitting new snippet below:

Seuss – “Water Is Forever” [Prod. Maka]

By: Seamus Fay

Anyone paying attention to Boston rap right now has most likely heard or seen the name “Seuss” one place or another, but if you haven’t heard of him, just know that Seuss is one of the most promising young acts that the city has right now. His seemingly endless bursts of energy have translated seamlessly into some standout singles in the past, and today the Boston native is here to keep the streak going with a new track titled “Water Is Forever”. And trust me, you don’t want to sleep on this one.

Produced by none other than Maka, “Water Is Forever” is a highly-anticipated collaboration on the surface level. Both Seuss and Maka have always been known as two names to watch out for in the city, so hearing them side by side is a treat in and of itself. Aside from this, however, fans are blessed with Seuss’ “hydrated” lyricism bar after bar in this track, kicking things off on a high note with the ever-important line, “I pledge allegiance to the mothef**kin bag“. Overall, “Water Is Forever” is a dope release from start to finish, and if there was still any question as to whether or not Seuss and Maka are two of Boston’s most exciting artists, this track should settle it.

Listen to “Water Is Forever” at the link below:

ChefBoyz – “Issues” ft. Gio Dee, Polo $ummers, Buddy L.U.V. & Seuss

By: Seamus Fay

Gio Dee, Polo $ummers, Buddy L.U.V., and Seuss – all names that are making waves here in Boston as some of the most promising young talents in the city. Each artist has their own wave, but when they all join forces and put together the dream team, the energy they share turns into quite the force to be reckoned with. Here enters the latest offering from this group of hitmakers titled “Issues”.

Acting as a posse cut of sorts, this track watches each artist trading verses with one another as it sheds light on the individual talents of everyone while still functioning quite well as a collective. The hard-hitting production courtesy of Niaggi is a cherry on top, and it truly seems like every aspect of this single meshes into a well-crafted piece that I’ll certainly have on repeat for the weeks to come.

Be sure not to sleep on this special joining of forces by clicking play on “Issues” below.