Reem Skully – ‘#SKULLYSEASON’

By: Seamus Fay

It should come as no surprise to our readers that Boston is an undeniable hotbed for budding stars right now. The level of talent in the city shows immense potential for future growth, and amidst the most promising of all these artists is an act going by the name Reem Skully. Taking a look back at each successive release that Skully has graced our pages with, this rising artist always seems to be honing in on his craft and getting better and better. Today, he shows us that he’s not playing around, marking some serious improvement with 4 new offerings properly labeled #SKULLYSEASON.

At their core, the reason these songs work so well together is due to the way in which they’re delivered. Skully’s cadences are playful at times while dead serious at others, and by mixing the two extremes together in such a unique way, he proceeds to craft anthem after anthem, effortless as can be. The latest from Boston’s own shows an unrivaled level of determination toward future successes, and personally, I can’t wait to see the stocks continue to rise in the near future for Reem Skully. #SKULLYSEASON is just proof that he’s about to do big things.

Listen to each of the 4 new songs at the link provided below:

“Respect 1st” & “Panway” Produced By Humbeats
“No Dates” Produced By Lee-Boy
“Mindstate” Produced By IVN


SuperSmashBroz – “Max Out” ft. Caliph, Reem Skully, & Austin Fair

By: Seamus Fay

Aside from being BMA-nominated best DJs in the state, the SuperSmashBroz are also Boston’s finest facilitators. Look at their summer 2017 project, Family Cookout, for example, in which they connected over 30 Massachusetts-based artists to promote the local music scene and bring to fruition various highly-anticipated collaborations. More recently, take a look at their last project – Code Name: Girls Next Door – in which they saw the talents in Gin Mason and CHI and decided to bring them together for an EP. As you can see, the SmashBroz are constantly connecting the dots, and today, they do so yet again with a new single entitled “Max Out”.

Joining together Caliph, Reem Skully, and Austin Fair all over a backbone of SuperSmashBroz and Humbeats production, this song is yet another example of why the brotherly DJ duo is so important for Massachusetts. In getting these 3 incredible rappers together, they bless us with a mesmerizing display of lyrical prowess and addictive rhythms. Each of these artists, one after another, establish a solid degree of chemistry with the others while also showcasing their own individual talents, and all in all, “Max Out” is just the right song to keep all of our vibes right as the summer winds down to its end.

In the words of the SmashBroz, this is “just a lil somethin’ to get your vibes right“, so make sure you give it a listen at the link provided below:

Reem Skully – “Respect 1st” [Music Video]

By: Seamus Fay

Reem Skully has been on Graduation Music’s radar for a minute now, and by way of thoughtful, quality releases, he’s quickly making a name for himself as one of the most impressive rising acts in the city. The last time he made his way to our pages, fans were blessed with the infamous “Airplane Mode” freestyle. Today, maintaining this prowess, Skully drops off his newest song, “Respect 1st”, and it may just be his finest effort to date.

As the title denotes, this release is entirely focused around the venerable stature of an artist like Reem Skully. He’s been doing his thing for quite some time now, and in pursuit of the bag, he holds no hesitation in hustling to get to the destination. This ambitious, hard-working mind does Skully well, as the lyricism on this one is truly second to none when it comes to money-minded anthems.

Topping this off perfectly is sparkling production courtesy of Humbeats, who, like always, is sure to cater perfectly to the artist’s strengths when crafting together an instrumental. The infectious sound of “Respect 1st” is placed alongside motivated scenery in the music video, and overall, this is a perfect release to act as the lead single off of the forthcoming project, SKULLYBABY. That being said, Reem Skully is about to make some serious noise in Boston and beyond, so don’t sleep.

Get ready for the Mattapan native’s full-length effort and in the meantime, keep “Respect 1st” on repeat at the link below!

Reem Skully – “Airplane Mode”

By: Seamus Fay

If you’ve been following Graduation Music for some time now, you’ve probably heard the name Reem Skully at some point or another. If you haven’t? Well, you’re in for a treat, as this Mattapan native joins our pages today to unleash a lyrically dense new freestyle, “Airplane Mode”. But before we get into this one, I must tell you – this is the first solo offering from Skully in a minute, and if I had to sum up the prowess shown in his return to the spotlight, I’d make sure it’s known that this promising is back, better than ever. So don’t sleep.

At its core, “Airplane Mode” is a direct manifestation of Skully’s mindset at the moment, letting the world know that he’s done playing games, he’s driven as ever, and he’s not in his bag, he’s “in [his] briefcase“. The hypnotic production directly shows this attitude, as simplistic, to-the-point cadences float over the soulful instrumental, providing a relentlessly ambitious energy all along the way. This takes us back to the title of the track, “Airplane Mode”. Reem Skully refuses to be bothered, ridding his life of all of the distractions and getting straight to the point. And quite honestly, it seems to be working, as this freestyle is my personal favorite offering of his to date.

But don’t just take my word for it, listen below and keep an eye on Skully moving forward if you weren’t already!