Quinn – “Avowal”

By: Shamus Hill 

It’s always a dope feeling when a new artist makes his way onto the Graduation Music pages. Today, hailing from Quincy, an act by the name of Quinn steps up to the plate with some compelling bars that demand your attention. Following a nearly two-year-long hiatus from releasing music, “Avowal” serves as Quinn’s moment to prove that he’s spent a great deal of time reflecting on what’s truly important in his life.

The second single off of his upcoming project Nueva Vida, “Avowal” is a promising sign of new life in Quinn’s discography. Primarily circulating around dissatisfaction with life, the birth of his son, and the burning desire to reach the point of glory, this record offers a sampler as to what’s been going through Quinn’s head as of late. He doesn’t shy away from putting the truth into his raps, which makes the name of the song so perfect. In the biography of the track, it also includes the definition of the word “avowal”, which states:

Avowal: an affirmation of the truth of what you believe. It’s an honest admission. An avowal is a way of owning up to or declaring something. To avow is to acknowledge or claim something.

Quinn isn’t afraid of who he is, and truthfully, doesn’t care about what anyone else thinks of him. His mentality is based around his family, friends, and passion for music. With that in mind, he’s assured that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Saying I’m excited for Nueva Vida after this release would be a severe understatement.

Listen to “Avowal” down below: