WE6STER – “No Introduction” ft. A-Vert [Prod. NinetyEight]

By: Seamus Fay

It should come as no surprise by now to hear that Boston is full of undiscovered gems. At the very core of Graduation Music lies music discovery, and today, we have an incredible new find from the area in the form of WE6STER and his song “No Introduction” alongside A-Vert. And yes, this is one of those undiscovered gems. Produced by NinetyEight, the slow-burning track immediately grabbed my attention with the appeal of a Southern twang and a knocking beat, and ever since, I haven’t been able to keep it off of repeat.

That said, the instrumental on this one rides slowly but surely, allowing just enough space for WE6STER and A-Vert to let out some truly charismatic verses, one after another. The two lyricists jam pack each line full of vivid description, and amidst a strong backing bassline and hypnotic sound, there doesn’t exist a boring point in the nearly 2-minute duration of “No Introduction”. The fact of the matter is that with music like this to lead the way, fans don’t need any introduction to these two budding artists. They’re about to be something special.

Get hip to WE6STER and A-Vert and listen to “No Introduction” at the link below: