Caliph – “Green Faces”

By: Shamus Hill

Following what has been more than a year long hiatus with respect to releasing new music, New Bedford’s Caliph makes his return as he recruits Obeatz to unleash his new single “Green Faces”.

While many listeners may initially be drawn towards the sound of his music alone, it’s what Caliph speaks on, and stands for, that has helped him amass a deep-rooted following. “Green Faces” circulates around the struggles of striving towards one’s goals while being an immigrant in the United States. This theme has been prevalent within a large portion of Caliph’s discography, and for rightful reasons, as the African-born artist has been a defying the odds for his entire life. No matter the set of circumstances, Caliph has persisted through the shadows and come out an extremely formidable human being. This was perfectly represented in 2018 when he won a Grammy for his role in American Dreamers: Voices of Hope, Music of Freedom, which was composed entirely of artists that were DACA recipients. When listening to Caliph’s music, that what you hear — the voice of hope. He’s continually been outspoken against social issues, and has made it a personal mission of his to become a voice for the disenfranchised.

Possessing a lengthy resume that’s full of some truly staggering accomplishments, there’s no better example of perseverance than Caliph, especially on his latest single “Green Faces”.

Listen to “Green Faces” below:




Chez x Greedy P x Xagi Yung – “Recipe” [Prod. Rellwthewavecap x .vdot]

By: Shamus Hill 

Making their debut onto the Graduation Music site today are GMD Sounds-affiliates, Chez, Greedy P, and Xagi Yung, with the release of their latest video, “Recipe”. New Bedford is quickly becoming one of the Bay State’s hottest pockets for music, with “Recipe” being yet another high-caliber release to come from the area in recent memory.

I was hip to Greedy P’s name from back when he featured on Caliph’s “Right Now” earlier this year, but “Recipe” was actually my first time hearing from Chez and Xagi Yung. Both offered exceptional verses on this track, with Chez utilizing a variety of meticulous cadences, and Xagi Yung making his presence known with addictive melodies. Greedy P stood strong on “Recipe” as well, making sure to take some time to come correct with concrete bars. 

Major props to Bridgez (@bridgez15) who, once again, did a wondrous job on these visuals. If you haven’t before, feel free to glance over some of his past releases as he’s made sure to work with some of the elite artists that New Bedford has to offer. If there’s one thing to put on your New Year’s resolution list for 2019, it’s to keep the city of New Bedford on your radar. With artists such as Chez, Greedy P, Xagi Yung, Caliph, Dave Wayne, and many more pushing out high-quality music, only bright things are to come in the future. 

Watch the video for “Recipe” down below 

Shot by: @bridgez15 

Music by: Chez, Greedy P & Xagi Yung 

Production by: Rellwthewavecap & .vdot

[PREMIERE] Caliph – “Right Now” ft. Greedy P

By: Shamus Hill

Graduation Music is thrilled to present to you today Caliph’s latest offering, “Right Now” featuring Greedy P – the first single off of his forthcoming EP, Szn: The Saffron Edition, due out for release on April 24th. But before we can get into it, it’s only right that we warn you: this song will not only be stuck in your head for the rest of the day, but it will also be in HEAVY rotation for the weeks to come, so proceed with caution and get ready to be singing Caliph lyrics all day long.

At its core, “Right Now” is a standout performance from every name involved. For starters, Roca Beats comes through with ethereal yet heavy production, elegantly executed and wonderfully blended into the vocal deliveries. Amidst all of this, Caliph channels a similar energy to that of a few of his previous singles such as “Tropical Spalding” and “How Do You Know“, creating another brilliant record to add to the list and maintaining a high level of artistry within his respective parts. Just when you think the song can’t elevate any further, however, Greedy P comes through with the cherry on top and gives us quite the memorable guest spot, blessing “Right Now” with a final, emphatic touch.

After listening, you truly understand that New Bedford is making some big moves, and it goes without saying that the stocks are rising for every artist involved this year. That being said, Caliph stands at the forefront of all this with his aforementioned EP, Szn: The Saffron Edition, on the way, so we wanted to help relay the message and gives fans an idea as to what this EP will include.

In addition to Greedy P, the project is also set to feature the works of Jon Gin and RELLTHEWAVECAP. Described by Caliph, it works to tie two of main passions in life together:

“The concept of the tape was inspired by my love for making music and cooking. I’ve always said I would be a chef if I wasn’t an artist. The process of making a song and cooking are the same to me. The beat is your base, for example, your rice and peas or arroz con habichuela; the hook is your favorite side dish like some platanos; the verses are your proteins; and each word, flow, and melody is a spice… and the way we individually choose our spices creates a sauce… We all grew up with that Sazon in almost every meal we ate and it’s Spring season aka Liph season, so yeah…. I’m giving niggas sauce… #SZN!”

And “Right Now” is a perfect taste of the sauce that Caliph’s speaking of.

The New Bedford native has always done an exceptional job at being a voice for the often, overlooked population of Massachusetts, and that trend continues here. Taking a look at the Sazon-inspired cover art for Szn: The Saffron Edition, my inner-Puerto Rican shot through the roof. Caliph said it himself, he’s coming with the sauce this Spring, so get prepared and be ready for a standout project to kick things off on a high note for this rising star.

Listen to “Right Now” below: