MyCompiledThoughts – “Fallen Angel”

By: Seamus Fay

Just last week, we here at Graduation Music shined our spotlight on MyCompiledThoughts and his deeply genuine new series of music, the “thought bubble” series. Meant to communicate Thoughts’ deepest emotions and bring something new to the table with each successive entry, this series has proven to make for some of the finest moments of the rising artist’s career to date, and today, this is kept going with the latest “thought bubble” entry: “Fallen Angel”, or Thought Bubble 003.

As described by the man of the hour, himself, the meaning of “Fallen Angel” revolves around the following:

An artist is a messenger and so are angels. You’ve fallen from Heaven to Earth sent here to save as many people as you can. Just like Superman.

Falling in line with this description, the song uses an ethereal, floating instrumental to match up with Thoughts’ energetic vocals. It’s upbeat and downright beautiful, allowing fans a look deep into the heart of such a passionate rising talent. “Fallen Angel” is a fantastic addition to the “thought bubble” series, and it certainly has me excited for what we’ll be receiving next. Be sure to show some love and stream the song on SoundCloud below!


MyCompiledThoughts – “Mesmerized”

By: Seamus Fay

Throughout recent weeks, Massachusetts-based artist MyCompiledThoughts has been posting new music as part of an ongoing series which he calls “thought bubbles”. Each release presents a new range of emotion in both sound and lyricism, and considering the diversity that we’ve seen from Thoughts in just 3 entries of the series so far, it goes without saying that this is a fantastic way for him to show off his talents. Emotion is the fuel for his music, so why not direct this energy into a cohesive, continuous series that fans can latch onto, week after week?

Today, we receive the latest from the “thought bubble” series — a single called “Mesmerized”. Supported by a bed of lush instrumentation, this track stares into the soul of Thoughts’ lover, offering insight into the depth of the connection that he feels in the illustrated moment. It’s remarkably vivid, and considering the way that the vocals seemingly glide over the instrumental, Thoughts appears to be a dreamer in a world of his own.

“Mesmerized” is a fantastic addition to a well-executed series so far, so check it out below and be on the lookout for more “thought bubbles” coming soon!

MyCompiledThoughts – Thought Bubble 1: “Exhausted”

By: Seamus Fay

Trying to sum up MyCompiledThoughts’ style in one statement is a daunting task, but if I really had to try to condense such an expansive palette of artistry, I’d say that Thoughts’ music revolves around translating his exact, undiluted thoughts and emotions directly into music. This is brought to the light with his latest release: the start of a series of “thought bubbles”, which aims to show us exactly the pattern of transformation that he has gone through as an individual and as an artist. Marking the first drop of the series, the MA talent is here with a new single entitled “Exhausted”.

As described by Thoughts in the description of the track on SoundCloud, he states:

We start our journey lost and exhausted trapped in a state of pure disillusion. You’re a broken artist who used to drowning in his own filth. Crying out to be saved. Enjoy.

This acts as a commanding thesis of “Exhausted” and just how true-to-self it really is. The hypnotic background instrumentation mixes with electrifying vocals, and the pop-induced tint of sound on this one makes for an incredibly entertaining listen from the very first second to the last.

MyCompiledThoughts’ is expanding his catalog with even more great music, so check out his latest at the link provided below!

MyCompiledThoughts – “U Me N Sorrow” ft. Luke Bars [Prod. L’indécis]

By: Seamus Fay

Okay, admittedly, we’re a few weeks late on this one, but that doesn’t mean that the newest from MyCompiledThoughts and Luke Bars isn’t something incredibly special. Titled “U Me N Sorrow”, this is not only one of Thoughts’ most emotional offerings to date, but the ever-so-smooth guitar riffs courtesy of L’indécis additionally top things off to make for an absolutely gorgeous listening experience. To keep it brief, we here at Graduation Music have been watching both MCT and Bars for a minute now, and to see their collective artistry reach these levels is nothing short of impressive. If there’s a direct path towards notoriety, they’re certainly on it.

That said, the aforementioned production on this one is what controls all of its silky glory. The vocals slide right along such an easily listenable sonic atmosphere, which only brings further attention to the talents of each of the two renowned lyricists. Breaking this one down even further, the description for the song on SoundCloud states that it is “a reflective song about love from the perspective of U, Me, n Sorrow”. This clear presence of emotion is what drives the authenticity and conviction in both Thoughts’ and Bars’ voices, so it only follows that “U Me N Sorrow” comes together as one of Massachusett’s finest offerings of the year so far in my opinion.

But don’t only trust my ear, listen at the link below and hear it for yourself:

MyCompiledThoughts – “Before” [Dir. @23×978]

By: Seamus Fay

MyCompiledThoughts — an artist of deep artistic vision, unwavering emotion, and most of all, an arsenal of talents that allows him to create some of the best art in MA right now. Today, Thoughts is making his way back to Graduation Music with a brand new video for none other than “Before”, a single from about 7 months back that remains one of my favorite offerings from Thoughts to date. Utilizing an incredibly catchy sample from Mac Demarco, this song will have you click replay again and again, so it only follows that it receives a well-deserved visual companion.

As described by MyCompiledThoughts himself, “Before” is “a staple into the feeling of nostalgia we’ve been experiencing“. The lyrics follow this up with reminiscent flashes back into the younger days of our lives, as the young artist lets out a magnificent bout of emotion when describing the things that formed his identity at such a young age. Visually, we see this through the lens of a miniDV camcorder that emphasizes the nostalgic feeling at hand. The song is brought to an entirely new level with short clips of the sights and surrounding that MyCompiledThoughts exists around, and all things considered, director  absolutely snapped with this one.

Check out “Before” at the link below!

MyCompiledThoughts – “Watching”

By: Seamus Fay

Since the beginnings of Graduation Music, MyCompiledThoughts has always stood out as one of the most impressive artists in Boston, mostly due to the way that he depicts such accurate, painfully honest moments of emotion, good or bad. This trait has made cause for a comprehensive catalog of authenticity and unwavering passion, and today, Thoughts is back on Grad Music to maintain this streak with a new single, “Watching”.

Stepping further into this one, I want to draw attention towards two main aspects of the music. The first, Thoughts has found his sweet spot, sonically, and “Watching” is, in every way, a manifestation of this nearly perfected atmosphere of sound. The complementary tones of voice show us his level of comfortability, and as a fan, this is an incredible sight to see in regards to the progression of Thoughts as an artist.

The second trait worth paying attention to is the inspiration behind the emotion of this track, which takes precedence over any explanation that my words could offer. Via Twitter, Thoughts noted the following:

These last few weeks have been a trying period in my life. Today I’m dropping a track about watching all the beautiful pain and misery we go through in this journey called life. “Nothings ever promised tomorrow or today”.


Cover Art Meaning: “Inspiration” Recently I’ve been feeling death. As time goes by death creeps closer to us all. I feel like were all responding with various emotions ranging from. Sadness to Madness and all we can do is watch as it all goes by.

And there you have it. “Watching” comes from a genuine place of artful emotion, and MyCompiledThoughts proves his unbelievable skills in being able to communicate this emotion to listeners.

Click play at the link provided below!

Kayce – “Sleep” ft. MyCompiledThoughts

By: Seamus Fay

Here to make her Graduation Music debut via West Roxbury, an artist by the name of Kayce just delivered an incredible new single entitled “Sleep” featuring none other than MyCompiledThoughts. In essence, this track is a reflection on the trials and tribulations of a past relationship, but with the ample emotion that these two local talents contribute, it becomes more a vivid image than anything. And trust me, this is a must-listen offering for any fans out there.

Ridden throughout this single is a smooth R&B sound, lending itself to the inimitable skills that both Kayce and Thoughts hold. They complement one another’s style with a seamless chemistry, and by translating such vivid feeling into this single, fans get to see these skills on full display. Each of the two know how to bless the mic with vocals straight from the heart, with “Sleep” as direct proof.

That being said, listen to the latest from Kayce and MyCompiledThoughts at the link below:

The Top 50 New England Songs of 2017

By: Seamus Fay

Looking back, 2017 was a year of immense growth for New England and specifically Massachusetts’ budding music scene. We were fortunate enough to see the rise of many new talents as well as watch some of the more established artists prosper in their own ways, and frankly, it was inspiring to us to see the work that the artists, the producers, the photographers, the graphic designers, the mixers, the managers, etc. have been putting in. Without all of these people playing their respective roles, our scene wouldn’t be where it is today.

Having said that, we here at Graduation Music collaborated with Fresh Out The Mint to compile a list of the “Top 50 New England Songs of 2017” (in our humble opinion). Below is the playlist of all the tracks – enjoy!

Thank you sincerely to everyone for supporting us throughout 2017 and making our first full year as a blog a successful one. We greatly appreciate all the love and can’t wait to show you what we have in store for 2018.  

  • Young Seuss – “123”
  • Big Leano – “Broke” [Prod. Tee-WaTT]
  • Vintage Lee – “Bless You” [Prod. Jew Paidro]
  • Millyz – “Lessons” [Prod. Achillies]
  • VALLEY – “Atari” [Prod. Stoop Kid]
  • Caliph & Jefe Replay – “The Mood” [Prod. Obeatz]
  • MyCompiledThoughts – “Romeo and Juliet”
  • Cousin Stizz – “Lambo”
  • DJ Lucas – “Doubt”
  • Lonny X – “Believe It” [Prod. Gravez]
  • Juxi – “Leave Me Alone” [Prod. Banbwoi]
  • Jiggz – “Excuses” [Prod. digitLIX]
  • KREW$ – “Dog Days” [Prod. DMND]
  • RAMS – “Disease!” [Prod. Maka]
  • Rothstein – “Jaded” ft. Supa Bwe [Prod. Shepard]
  • Patrick Michel – “Perfect” [Prod. GrandCruu]
  • Alejandro Blanco – “Give It To Her” [Prod. TFresh & SSB]
  • Jefe Replay – “Stay Ugly” [Prod. Humbeats]
  • Mizzie Cash – “Maneuvering” [Prod. Rob $urreal]
  • Lord Felix – “Power” ft. Marvelous Stefan [Prod. LoLoTheGod]
  • Plad Fine$$e – “Cheese” [Prod. 4oTo Roles]
  • Maye Star – “Adjacent” ft. CH!LD [Prod. Sevnth]
  • WHYTRI – “XURWIFI (Remix) ft. Lily Rayne [Prod. Cecil]
  • Stripes iii – “Henny Down” [Prod. K.C.B.]
  • Khary – “1-800-IDGAF” [Prod. Cloud Atrium]
  • SuperSmashBroz – “Replay Interlude” ft. Jefe Replay [Prod. LDG]
  • Michael Christmas – “Not The Only One” ft. Tobi Lou [Prod. Durkin]
  • $ean Wire – “Moonlight” [Prod. Tropicana Bwoy]
  • Pistola – “Jokes On You” [Prod. Stoop Kid]
  • CAVE – “Who’s Next” [Prod. Maka]
  • Maka & Durkin – “Waterworld”
  • Gio Dee – “Buzz Lightyear” [Prod. MLVN]
  • Humbeats – “Monday” ft. Austin Fair & TeaMarrr
  • StupidGenius – “Palm Trees” ft. Capito [Prod. Lil Rich & Gruca]
  • Garrett Merk – “Simple” [Prod. Frace]
  • Danny Diamonds – “Can’t Talk”
  • Gogo – “Cocaina”
  • Polo $ummers – “$ad Boi” [Prod. WaVe GoD]
  • SuperSmashBroz – “Still” ft. Big Leano & Vintage Lee [Prod. Tee-WaTT]
  • Haasan Barclay – “Live For You”
  • CHE – “Thii”
  • Avenue – “Ain’t Shit Funny” (Remix) ft. Prano, Millyz, Le$, Al-Doe & Chase N Cashe
  • Donald Grunge – “Shade” [Prod. Maka]
  • Boogie Da God – “Get Well Soon” ft. Jefe Replay
  • Marvelous Stefan – “Double Tap!” ft. Saint Lyor [Prod. Trevor Powers]
  • Black EL – “Another Dose” [Prod. Durkin]
  • $wooli – “Rainy Days” ft. Rachel Aiello
  • Rosewood Bape – “Miss Me” [Prod. Kin Rich]
  • TeaMarrr – “The One” [Prod. Ky Thompson & Keith Bell]
  • Michael Christmas – “Top Turnbuckle” ft. OG Swaggerdick

MyCompiledThoughts Talks ‘WonderLust’, Creative Process, & More

By: Seamus Fay

Yesterday marked quite a special day in Boston. MyCompiledThoughts – a face of endless positivity and energy within the local scene that you can’t miss – finally blessed us with his new project, WonderLust. I’ve known about MCT for just about a year now, and in that short time, the growth and maturity that he has exhibited both musically and personally has been nothing short of an inspiration. But that’s a story for another time, now back to the tape.

9 tracks long, WonderLust takes a deep dive into the inner emotions and struggles of the promising young talent with a certain vulnerability that comes across as unapologetically authentic and organic in every way. Each song creates an atmosphere of colorful sounds and abundant emotion, and to watch and hear the creative vision of MCT seam together into one project makes for an incredibly thoughtful listen.

After my first few runs through the project, I’ve become intrigued with the way each song is placed so perfectly to represent a period or mindstate of Thoughts’, and from there, it only made sense that I had to interview him.

With that being said, learn more about the project by reading our conversation below and be sure to click play at the bottom of this article to support WonderLust.

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 7.46.02 AM

To start things off, explain the title of the album. How does it fit the sentiment of the music and how does it describe your emotional state?

WonderLust: it basically means a desire to be in a constant state of wonder. It’s also the stage in a relationship where you don’t know if it’s lust or love, and it’s also relatively based off of “Wanderlust” which is a strong desire for, or impulse, to wander or travel and explore the world.

I made this project as a way for me to escape from the world and from my loneliness. In simple terms, this project is literally my way of expressing how it feels to be burnt by your twin flame. It’s supposed to be an emotional journey from start to finish – starting with “WonderLust” and getting lost in the lust for love and wonder, and ending where we find me in a “SpaceShip” making and appreciating the magic that is lust.

How would you explain your style to someone that hasn’t heard your music?

My style for someone that hasn’t heard my music before is something I want to call “ShoeGaze RnB”. What that means is my music is supposed to be somewhat of a unilateral piece. My vocals are heavily blended into the beat with reverb to help carry the sense of ambiance, and I find that when people attempt to box in my sound or project the way they think the music should be, they automatically complain about my music not being proper.

At the end of the day, with how am I as an artist, I stand behind my work. My music is a reflection of my feelings and my personality from the word usage to the fact that I am behind the beat. I take all feedback as a way to help me grow as a person and artist.

How do you define a “good song”? With this, how did you decide which songs would make this project?

I calculate the strength of a song by how many times I can listen to it. Each of the songs on the project I’ve probably listened to more than 200 times each. If I can get through a song I make without complaining about it, then I know for a fact it’s good enough for at least one person to enjoy.

I didn’t really decide how each song would make the project. Honestly, everything came together as one piece really naturally. At the time, my only intention was to make it out alive from my depression.

Where did you turn to for inspiration in the creation of this project?

Like I touched on my last answer, the thing that inspired this project was getting my heart broken. I fell into a beautiful depression earlier this year and this project gave me the strength to dig deeper and actually face my demons head-on instead of veiling myself with a smile. For example, on “Yours Pt.1,” it features a skit from my grandma crying. She’s mourning the loss of my uncle who was shot in the chest getting robbed in Belize. Basically, this whole project is supposed to be my life. It’s my escape.

What is one story from the creation of WonderLust that you would like to share with our readers?

A great story would be how I came up with the title. Driving back home from Nino’s listening party, me and WHYTRI were talking. I don’t remember what he said, but the vision of WonderLust overcame my brain. Shortly after that, we almost got into an accident with a deer. That moment literally put this whole project on a pedestal for me. [Tri] ended up doing the craziest 360 spin in the middle of the highway and after my 2-minute panic attack, we made it home safely.

Thank you to MyCompiledThoughts for the interview. This one meant a lot to me, and to hear the story behind music of such gravity truly enhances the listening experience in every aspect. Listen to WonderLust below and be sure to pay attention to MCT heading forward. His artistry has made for some truly incredible material as of yet, and at this point, the sky is the limit for the promising young talent.

MyCompiledThoughts – “Better Off Alone”

By: Seamus Fay

On the verge of releasing his latest project, WonderLust, Boston artist and well-documented Graduation Music-favorite, MyCompiledThoughts, is here today to unveil a single from his latest effort titled “Better Off Alone”. Following the deeply-rooted emotional atmosphere that the rising talent has been known to bring out in his music with a unique touch, this track is undoubtedly one of Thoughts’ finest releases in its guitar-ridden glory.

Featuring MelanieFaye, “Better Off Alone” works in a wondrous manner, forming itself around a deep exploration of the feelings brought about after a breakup or in times of perfect isolation. Thoughts is only getting better both lyrically and sonically, and with a single like this to fuel the anticipation for WonderLust coming on December 4th, I can’t stress enough the amount of promise that the young artist holds. I’ve watched him grow significantly since I first heard his name, and to see Thoughts truly putting out better and better, more authentic work with every release is an inspiration, to say the least. Listen to “Better off Alone” and be on the lookout for a MyCompiledThoughts x Graduation Music interview coming soon.

[PREMIERE] Gengis Don – “Keep It Grimy” ft. YoungCTheGreat & MyCompiledThoughts

By: Seamus Fay

Gengis Don, YoungCTheGreat, and MyCompiledThoughts: three artists poised with incredible songwriting skills and intoxicating styles that have blessed our pages time and time again. Each of the three artists is creating a wave of their own right now, and frankly, I believe that they are some of the finest upcoming artists to keep an eye on at the moment. Through passionate releases, polished artistry, and inimitable styles, I’m excited to watch the stocks rise for Don, YoungC, and MCT as time goes on. Today, we’re proud to premiere their latest collaboration titled “Keep It Grimy”, a fitting track for this Halloween season that will have your head nodding within seconds.

“Keep It Grimy” is, well, incredibly grimy. Alongside ominous production from Don himself, YoungC and MCT are given a gritty platform to shine in their respective roles with charismatic deliveries and hard-hitting lyricism. Beyond that, the chemistry between each artist is nearly unmatched in the way that they weave in and out of each other’s work with immense accuracy and grace. They’re a dream team in their own respect and “Keep It Grimy” is a testament to the unique ear that Don has for finding the perfect talent to bless his unique production.

This release will act as the final single from Gengis Don and YoungCTheGreat’s forthcoming collaboration EP, and if “Keep It Grimy” is any indication of the heat they have in store, then I can’t wait for the project to drop. Considering the other singles that the two rising talents have given us, it seems like versatility and diversity will be some of the dominating aspects of the EP that will attract listeners and prove the artistry at hand. Click play below on “Keep It Grimy” and get hip to one of the best recent releases out of Boston.