Mizzie CA$H – “D’usse Love” (Prod. JTK)

By: Shamus Hill

Gracing the Graduation Music site once again is Mizzie CA$H, who recently blessed listeners with his first release of the year. Getting into the mood for Valentine’s Day, Mizzie’s “D’usse Love” reveals a different side to the Boston rapper that fans hadn’t previously been exposed to.

This heartfelt release allows for Mizzie CA$H’s versatility to be brought to the forefront, alluding to how much developmental progress he’s been making overall as an artist. He’s spent the last few months prepping his debut project, Mizziechusetts, and if this release tells us anything, it’s that Mizzie is slated to have his most successful year yet.

Listen to “D’usse Love” below:


Mizzie Ca$h – “Ryder”

By: Seamus Fay

Wise beyond his years and packed to the brim with street-inspired gems, Mizzie Ca$h is one of Boston’s youngest stars in the making. Regardless of age, Mizzie is en route to surpass any and everyone else in his way, and his latest single, “Ryder” is proof. It’s one his finest lyrical displays that we’ve heard from the Boston native to date, and mixing a sharp pen with an even sharper mind for success, the glory of the hustler mentality is felt in full effect throughout the duration of this song. 

That said, it’s also worth mentioning the clash of Mizzie’s hardened charisma over the gentle placement of the vocal sample in the background. The instrumental is beautiful in sound, and when the rising talent starts speaking his piece on the street life over the soulful instrumentation, the gravity of his lyrics is only magnified. “Ryder” is a gem in every sense of the word, so be sure to get hip to Mizzie Ca$h and check it out at the link provided below!

Mizzie CA$H – “PSA Freestyle”

By: Seamus Fay

If you’ve been following Graduation Music for some time now, it goes without saying that you’re hip to one of the city’s youngest yet brightest stars, Mizzie CA$H. This buzzing name has been on fire over the past year or so with numerous standout releases, and by way of head-spinning flows and brutally honest lyricism, he has to be one of the realest artists out there right now. Today, Mizzie shows us why all signs are pointing to the top with a brand new release entitled “PSA Freestyle”.

And if we’re considering this one a PSA, then it should communicate to fans that Mizzie CA$H isn’t slowing down for anyone — and more than anything, he’s not rapping for fame, but he’s rapping out of truth. Mizzie’s rhymes are rapid-paced while his precision is unmatched, exhibiting a level of lyrical acrobatics that few rappers are truly capable of these days. The accompanying visuals perfectly fit the charismatic tone of the song, as scenes of Mizzie and his team grace the screen over a hard-nosed beat that’s sure to get stuck in your head all day long. “PSA Freestyle” is a declaration toward success for Mizzie CA$H, so show some love and check it out below!

Shot by R.E Films