Mike Fellow – “Outside” + “No Gold Demo”

By: Shamus Hill

Over the course of the last month, Mike Fellow has made two additions to his discography that truly display his formidability as an artist.

Both “Outside” and “No Gold Demo” make use of some seemingly effortless bars that emit from the Newton native with a natural grace. Rather than overthinking the content prevalent within his bars, Mike Fellow’s catalog of music is continuously derived from the current state of mind that he possesses when recording. Whether the subject matter circulates around his everlasting desire to adapt, his tunnel vision towards success, or the complexities of life — Mike Fellow has a powerful ability to articulate thoughts full of depth in a polished, hypnotic fashion. He’s spent the vast majority of 2019 strengthening his arsenal of music, so be on the lookout for what this young artist has to come next.

Listen to “Outside” (Prod. Murky) and “No Gold Demo” below:


Mike Fellow – “+ song” (Prod. Trey Graves)

By: Shamus Hill

Mike Fellow’s latest release, “+song”, is a personal offering that paints listeners a crisp vision of the Newton-artist’s mindset as he enters 2019. Dropped after a state of stagnancy, Fellow wants fans to know that he won’t be going anywhere, anytime soon.

Upon first listen, I was instantly blown away by the production capabilities that Trey Graves has in his possession. One of Mike Fellow’s positive attributes has always been beat selection, with “+song” aligning perfectly with the remainder of his discography.

As the track progresses, Fellow takes plenty of time to assert the fact that he understands how much work lies ahead of him. He’s tired of people continuously reminding him of this too. He’s worked tirelessly in order to achieve everything that he has thus far in life, but also understands the fact that he needs to unwind in order to be mentally prepared for what’s ahead. With the new year just beginning, it’s becoming apparent that Mike Fellow has the remedy to see even more success in 2019.

In his second verse, Mike Fellow references a period in his life during the past year where he endured an extremely dark state:

"last year this time
i was in a bedroom with closed blinds
white walls
no designs
sittin on my ass until dinner time n sayin im fine
but now im on my bullshit so dont talk about decline"

This portion of the track is extremely important to listen to, especially if you’re someone who’s found themselves enduring similar circumstances. Mike Fellow is living proof that you’re never alone, and that there’s always going to be a light at the end of the tunnel. As long as we possess the strength to persevere, there’s no amount of evil in this world that we can’t overcome. Mike Fellow displays the power behind his raps once again, so be sure to give this release a listen so you can experience said power for yourself .

Listen to “+song” below:

Artist: Mike Fellow

Production: Trey Graves

Mike Fellow – “SOUNDWAVES | UNTITLED” [Music Video]

By: Shamus Hill 

Putting an exclamation point on his HOT WINGS EP is Newton’s Mike Fellow following the release of his “SOUNDWAVES | UNTITED” visuals. This video encompasses two of the tracks that were featured on HOT WINGS, “SOUNDWAVELIVEFOREVER” and “UNTITLED”, and does a phenomenal job at portraying the feelings derived from each. 

Will Haworth (@sherylcrowbar) was charged with the task of both directing and editing this video, and it’s safe to say that he was the perfect individual for the job. The introduction of the video features “SOUNDWAVELIVEFOREVER”, which was the first song off of Mike Fellow’s project. The visuals perfectly align alongside the gritty, yet poised attitudes displayed by Fellow throughout the song, as scenery includes the rising talent performing at his EP release party as well as him and his tight-knit group of friends roaming the streets of Boston. While the overall feeling of the track lies somewhere around ambiance and the state of being mellow, the lyrics speak to an entirely different truth. Fellow is more than aware of what he’s had to overcome to reach the point he’s at, and with this knowledge, he’s prepared to take that leap to successfully follow the path that lays in front of him. 

“UNTITLED” is the second track that is featured in this video, and it’s here where Mike Fellow is shown grubbing on some wings and working on music in a friend’s basement. This portion of the video does a great job at displaying the nonchalant/unbothered attitudes that are exhibited by Mike Fellow throughout both his Hot Wings EP and the remainder of his discography. Fellow has the innate ability to concrete flows that keep listeners coming back for more, and he doesn’t cast a shadow of doubt over anything that he does. It’s this persistent, formidable attitude that will assist him in seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. 

That said, the “SOUNDWAVES | UNTITLED” visuals are here to bring an entirely new sign of life to the Hot Wings EP. This project is one of my personal favorites to come out of the state of Massachusetts this year, so definitely be sure to set some time aside in order to give it a listen. 


Shot by: Will Haworth

Music by: Mike Fellow

Mike Fellow – ‘Hot Wings’ [EP]

By: Seamus Fay

Here at Graduation Music, we’ve been covering new music from an artist by the name of YOUNGFACE for quite some time now. Throughout all of these posts and a few killer guest spots, I was then put onto an artist called Mike Fellow — an act who, since I first heard him alongside YOUNGFACE, has turned into an intriguing young talent and someone who is definitely in the position to do some big things in the near future. That said, today, Fellow branches outside of the guest verses and comes through with his own entree: an incredible, 6-track tape entitled Hot Wings produced by Sean Waters and Max Baer.

Quite frankly, I knew that Mike Fellow was developing a wonderfully consistent sound, but I had no idea that we ready to make something as impressive as this project. Each song is both crisp and confident, and considering the way that it flows together as such a full, cohesive idea of a tape is noteworthy in and of itself. That said, Fellow finds himself exploring candid emotion and refreshing ambition with this tape, making sure to leave his own charismatic mark on the music as it arrives.

All I can say is don’t sleep, because Hot Wings shows that he’s ready and gunning for the top. Click play at the link below:

Mike Fellow – “En Route” ft. YOUNGFACE [Prod. Sean Waters]

By: Seamus Fay

It’s a known fact by now that Mike Fellow and YOUNGFACE can do some serious damage whenever they join forces. The last time we heard them alongside one another was with the stellar track, “Wakeup”, and without any debate, I think we can all agree that there was some serious potential shown in this unforgettable past release. However, bringing in the new and showing us how far they’ve come, the two rising talents are back on our pages today to deliver a flex-worthy new offering entitled “En Route”.

Produced by Sean Waters, this song shows us why Fellow and YOUNGFACE are on their way towards some serious in music. The songwriting is on point, the sound is addictive, and there doesn’t exist a boring point in the song in which they let up the full-court pressure. Rather, we hear one of the finest displays of their conjoined arsenals of talent to date, allowing for a dope song that marks yet another milestone on the never-ending journey of these two must-listen artists.

Check out “En Route” in all of its luxurious glory at the link below:

YOUNGFACE – “Wakeup” ft. Mike Fellow [Music Video]

By: Seamus Fay

At this point, YOUNGFACE is no stranger to our pages here at Graduation Music, and one release after another, he has built quite the rapport in Massachusetts as an incredibly promising young talent to keep an eye on. Today, we watch this advanced artistry come to fruition with the highly-anticipated accompanying visuals for “Wakeup” alongside Mike Fellow (shot and edited by J Nash). This track has been on heavy rotation since it first released a few weeks back, and deservedly so, the visuals follow this up with an emphatic display of cohesiveness and chemistry.

Also produced by the man behind this video, J Nash, the very nature of “Wakeup” is discovered within it’s ambitious, hustler-minded attitude, held in the spotlight by both YOUNGFACE and Mike Fellow’s respective verses. This mindset is brought to the forefront yet again with the scenery of the music video, watching as the two rising talents show their passion and dance to the song over money-minded lyricism that we can all relate to in some sense. That being said, “Wakeup” was an anthem before it’s visual companion, and now, it takes the status as one of the finest full releases to come out of MA this year, in my humble opinion – excelling both audibly and visually.

Watch the latest from YOUNGFACE at the link below: