[PREMIERE] Rhodymajor x Rockie Fresh – “Midnight”

By: Shamus Hill

Boston’s Rhodymajor graces the Graduation Music site for the first time today with the release of “Midnight” — the first single off of the producer’s upcoming debut album which is set to drop this year. Hoping to gain some more notoriety surrounding his production capabilities, Rhodymajor’s album is set to feature the talents of Michael Christmas, Ebhoni, Sir Michael Rocks, and many more. The combination of this star-studded line-up and Rhodymajor’s grand level of talent helps to make this project one of the more anticipated ones to come out of Massachusetts in 2019.

The former MMG-affiliated rapper, Rockie Fresh, recently inked a deal with Rostrum Records, and is looking to make this year an impactful one with respect to his music. “Midnight” serves as evidence that he’s moving in the correct direction, making use of Rhodymajor’s transcendent production to formulate a self-reflective release that is full of depth.

Listen to “Midnight” below:


Heath240 – “That’s True”

By: Shamus Hill

Making his debut onto the Graduation Music site today is Boston’s Heath240, who recently gifted listeners with his first release of 2019 –“That’s True”.

Heath240’s most recent track prior to this was “MUDD” featuring Michael Christmas, and it was here that his individualistic style really began to take its form. He’s been working relentlessly towards the development of his artistry, and despite the fact that he’s still in the process of progressing towards his goals — he’s not allowing this facet of life to define his perception of self. This is something that he touches upon in “That’s True”, with the song ultimately being the most prominent release within his catalog of music.

Making use of raspy, yet harmonically-rich vocals that make way for refined flows throughout, this track is a tell-tale sign that Heath240 is heading in the right direction in 2019. Yet another example of just how musically talented the city of Boston is — be sure to keep Heath240 on your radar.

Listen to “That’s True” below:

Heath240 – “That’s True” (Soundcloud)

Michael Christmas – “Say Cheese” & “Sideways”

By: Seamus Fay

For fans of Boston’s budding music scene, I think I speak for us all when I say that new music from Michael Christmas was certainly on our wish lists this year. After all, Role Model was Christmas’ most refined work to date, and with the up-trend of things, it only made sense that he would cap off a prosperous year with a generous gift(s) to all of his supporters. That said, today, Michael Christmas is back on our pages to drop off two brand new presents: “Say Cheese” featuring Elevator Jay and “Sideways”.

Announced just a few days back in the form of a festive infomercial, these singles each give us a taste of the work that Christmas has been putting in since Role Model. His sound and deliveries are only getting sharper, and taking into consideration the contrasting stylistic directions of “Say Cheese” and “Sideways”, it can also be said that Christmas is proving to be versatile as ever. Needless to say, these two songs act as the perfect transitions out of 2018 and into a clear-minded 2019, so be sure not to sleep.

Show some love to Michael Christmas by unwrapping his latest gifts under the tree at the links below!

Michael Christmas Releases New “Ball” Merch

By: Seamus Fay

Finishing up the national Role Model tour later today with a show in Miami, Michael Christmas is capping off a prosperous past few months with a new merch piece today: a t-shirt designed after the Jordan-inspired cover art for “Ball“. This shirt is available for $34 here and acts as a perfect complement to the character of such an unlikely yet charismatic hero, so don’t sleep. Show some love to Boston’s own and support his brand new merch in all of its true-to-self glory.

Peep the t-shirt design below and if you haven’t already, make sure you stream Role Model here!


Michael Christmas – “Ball” [Music Video]

By: Seamus Fay

As it stands, even with the abundance of headline-grabbing rap albums released this year, I can confidently say that Michael Christmas’ Role Model remains in my top 5 projects of 2018. It’s a remarkably true-to-self record, and by watching the Boston representative transition into his newfound role in life, it genuinely feels as though fans are being taken along for the ride toward success for Christmas. That said, amidst the very beginning stages of his tour, this soon-to-be star is back on Graduation Music today with a new music video for the Role Model standout, “Ball”.

Produced by Thelonious Martin and Aniko Thomas, this soulful record has always been one of my favorites on the album due to its infectious dedication toward making it as an artist. Christmas puts his all into the anthemic offering, and matching this intensity appears a championship basketball game in the new visuals. Names including Millyz, Muyi Fre$co, Jefe Replay, Haasan Barclay, and Coach OG Swaggerdick grace the screen as they hold numerous different roles involved with the game, but not until Christmas comes in for a late substitution is the full glory of the song felt. He attempts a game-winning shot with the entire crowd booing the decision to bring him in the game, and as for the result, you’ll just have to watch and see.

Click play on the Shadow Lion production at the link below:

Michael Christmas ‘Role Model’ Listening Party [Video Recap]

By: Seamus Fay

As some of you may remember, on the night that Michael Christmas’ latest album, Role Model, was released, the Boston representative decided to throw a listening party in celebration of his hard work. Now a few months removed from this incredible event, we receive a video recap courtesy of Alan Duda!

Just a few minutes long, this collection of clips sheds a perfect light on the positive energy in the air as well as the shared excitement for Role Model that seemingly lit up the room. That said, I’ll let the video speak for itself. Click play below and if you haven’t already, check out the interviews we conducted with Christmas, Meltycanon, Dom Leafy, and more about the album here!

Michael Christmas Announces ‘Role Model’ National Tour

By: Seamus Fay

Since the long-awaited release of Michael Christmas’ third album, Role Model, fans have been flocking towards the Boston native, praising him for the honesty and quality of his latest full-length effort. All of this success arrives deservedly so for Christmas, and in order to celebrate, he’s taking this stellar album on the road with a national tour.

Beginning September 5th in Columbia, Missouri and lasting all the way until November 2nd in Miami, Florida, this tour also features fellow Boston native Vintage Lee as well as the supporting act Matt & Kim. Select dates will include appearances from Sylvan LaCue and none other than the legend himself, OG Swaggerdick.

That being said, cop tickets here and if you haven’t already, listen to Role Model here!


Michael Christmas Is The Unlikely Role Model We All Needed: A Series Of Interviews

By: Seamus Fay

In today’s rapidly-moving, ever-changing world of music, the art of the full-length project is often left in the dust. Instead, taking precedence over albums, we see artists turn to the value of constant output, manifested through the lens of singles as they pile on top of one another until something sticks. Whether you’re a fan of this format or not, it’s refreshing to hear an artist that prefers to express their progression through long-form projects, and such is the case with Boston’s own, Michael Christmas, and his current discography of 3 stellar albums – or better yet, 3 intertwined instances of where change in life warrants a change in mindset and a declaration of self.

Beginning in the identity-searching days of his full-length debut, Is This Art?, the journey we’ve seen Christmas undergo throughout the past few years has been nothing short of inspirational. His status as the hilarious, everyday man that we can all resonate with has made for an abundance of timeless music in the past, and whether he’s finding his place in the world or recognizing the fame that he has garnered along the way (as seen in What A Weird Day), there’s no denying that this homegrown talent is a lovable character.

He’s the same, regular kid from Roxbury that we’ve grown to know and love along the way, and no matter where music takes him, Michael Christmas will always unapologetically be, Michael Christmas.

And thankfully so.

Upon the recent release of his latest LP, Role Model, listeners get the chance to see Michael Christmas in his most developed form to date. He has graduated into an artist that fans truly look up to, and trying to assume this role as an example for the rest of us brings forth a whirlwind of emotions, thoughts, and hilarious anecdotes, all of which are expressed on this album. It’s a family affair in every sense of the phrase, blessing us all with a relentlessly personal album that will go down in my book as one of the best projects of 2018, without a debate.

In celebration of the release of such a highly-anticipated project, we here at Graduation Music decided to ask a few of the main minds behind Role Model a little bit about what role they played in the project and what it means to them. With that being said, I introduce a series of interviews with Michael Christmas himself, Meltycanon, Muyi Fresco, Dom Leafy, Teddy Roxpin, and Thelonious Martin.

Read our brief interviews with each of these unique characters below.

Michael Christmas

How did the concept of Role Model dawn upon you? Was there a specific instance in which you had an aha! moment, or did the idea slowly come to fruition simply by working on new music?

It slowly came to me but it was more my analysis of the world and its changes. I realized I’d been rapping now for like 3-4 years and the whole world has changed like 2 times since I started. I remember talking to my sisters and my little cousins and getting their take on the world today and thinking damn shits so different from when I was that age. And I came to the conclusion that the world is an awful place right now, every day we learn that some of our heroes are actually pieces of shit. So it all kinda rounded out to me being this recluse awkward superhero that could guide the kids thru this shitty place and on a bigger scale, maybe in the real world, I could bring back a feeling we’ve needed for a while. Like we all just need to CHILL.

What was the most meaningful song to record on the album and why?

I think it’s “Growing Up”. I remember being really excited to rap on that beat, it gave me a nostalgic and safe feeling immediately. I couldn’t wait to talk about my dad and mention my cousin (Jermaine) I just kept thinking of how that song would make them feel. It’s a quick little record but it’s some of my favorite raps on there.

What is your definition of the term “role model”? What makes someone a role model?

For me, a role model is someone you can look at and emulate. See them do some shit and just know that’s what you supposed to do. Someone who teaches you how to carry yourself. I think I always obsess with the idea of a “positive role model” and how I can be one while still saying so much wild shit, being a dropout and shit like that. Kind of just feeling like you don’t have to be perfect to be a positive influence on someone.

Who are a few of the role models in your life and why?

Vegeta cuz he’s a good dad, good husband and a badass – not like Goku deadbeat ass.

You noted that the purpose of Role Model is to basically “teach the kids how I maneuver through the craziness we see every day”. Was there an album that you heard growing up that had a similar effect on you?

Earl’s first tape, Danny Brown – XXX and Dom Kennedy – From the Westside with Love II all made me a different person when I first heard them. Dom’s shit made me want to be so cool, made me want those vibes every day. To be on some smooth, cookout, family and friends only shit. Earl made me feel less weird for having so much angst about everything around me, he made it so instead of feeling ashamed of being weird, I used it to rebel. And Danny Brown made me want to be the best rapper out and made me realize I don’t care how long it takes. He was 30 when he did XXX.

When all is said and done, what do you want your legacy to be as a “role model” both artistically and as an individual?

I hope to be looked at as an uncle to the world. The way people look back at Bernie Mac or Cedric the Entertainer. Even like a Robert Deniro. I want to have done and said so much cool shit in my life and with my homies, that people that never met me are just CERTAIN we’d be friends lol. I come from a little place called Roxbury and I come from a crazy family. I want to spread that influence all over the world. Be something to look up to if you come from here too.

– – – – – –

Thelonious Martin

What part of the process of making this album were you involved in?

My role on the album is a producer. Christmas and I started working together around when “Michael Cera” came out. I heard it and immediately wanted to work with him!

In your eyes, what is the essence of this album and what does it mean to you?

I think it’s truly a coming of age tale. Michael is growing as an artist and with this project, I feel like he’s going to break peoples’ perception of him. It isn’t just about him being a funny rapper — Christmas is a really dope artist, flat out, and I think this will show everyone.

– – – – – –

Dom Leafy

What part of the process of making this album were you involved in?

Just making sure he was comfortable and had genuine vibes while in da studio. I got da skit at da end of “Honey Berry” and I’m in a short film for da album.

In your eyes, what is the essence of this album and what does it mean to you?

This is a Hometown record — you can play this album on Blue Hill or MLK Blvd and feel like Christmas is right there spitting 2 you.

– – – – – –


What part of the process of making this album were you involved in?

We had been following each other for a minute and he was wanting some tracks, but he didn’t really want to put things out unless he knew they sounded good. So, I slid him MP3s of tracks I had sitting around that he liked & from there it just went up, basically.

In your eyes, what is the essence of this album and what does it mean to you?

It’s almost a 90s-like innocence when you listen to some of the tracks. They are straightforward but still very catchy, in my opinion. I like the simple nature of it because my music isn’t all that complex either. It meshes together extremely well, I feel.

– – – – – –

Muyi Fre$co

What part of the process of making this album were you involved in and how did you and Christmas start working together?

I was an executive producer for the album and I’m also Christmas’ DJ, so I usually serve as one of the first ears that hears most of his stuff. As for meeting one another, Boston’s creative scene is pretty small so we have always kind of known each other, but we weren’t tight. Around 2 and a half years ago, things for my brother and I were starting to take shape and Christmas needed a new DJ at the same time. We had done a random event together years back before either of us were as good as we are now, so the dots connected way later on. It was a timing thing – as we started making waves, he needed a new DJ and reached out. Natural progression.

In your eyes, what is the essence of this album and what does it mean to you?

The album is pretty much just Christmas unapologetically being himself and showing everyone that he’s a normal guy, too. With this album, he’s coming to terms with the role he not only has to play for his fans, but also for his friends and his younger sisters.. He’s figuring out whether he’s a good role model or a piece of shit, and by the end of the album, he leaves it up to the listener to be the final judge.

The album is important to me, personally, because I’ve seen him go through his entire progression. Additionally, he hasn’t dropped a project in more than 2 years – that seems even longer nowadays, as this year it seems like every other day a new project drops. Even with a dedicated fan base, going 2 years without a project is forever. His time is overdue, and Role Model is going to help shine a light on what Christmas and the city of Boston have going on.

– – – – – –

Teddy Roxpin

What part of the process of making this album were you involved in and how did you and Christmas start working together?

I’m a producer on the album. I linked with Christmas through the homie Tim Larew. We were all coming up in the Boston hip-hop scene at the same time. We’ve been working together since “Is This Art?” when we did “Broke & Young”. He came through my Allston apartment and we cooked that one up together. Goodwin was there too. We worked like that a few times in person, but the majority of the joints we’ve done have been sending stuff back and forth through email.

And that’s the same with Role Model for us, all email. He would reach out every so often to me and some other producers for beats in a group text, and I would try to send some over every time. We have like a dozen unreleased joints together, and they’re all dope. His work ethic is crazy. I can’t even tell you how many joints this dude has recorded since his last album. Now he’s narrowed it down to the best 15. I’m excited.

What was your favorite part about working on the album?

Probably my favorite part about working on any Christmas project is that it’s just fun. He’s such a talented dude with so much personality and humor in his music. There are a lot of rappers I’ve worked with that don’t have fun with it. Christmas makes this shit fun. He puts so much life into his music.

Christmas In June: A Graduation Music Feature

Story + Photos by Malakhai Pearson
Edited by Etenish Abebe

It’s the Thursday evening before the release of Michael Christmas’s third album, Role Model. In celebration of the completion of his newest project, Christmas hosted a listening session at a recording studio in Cambridge, MA for his friends and family.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

When I pulled up, Christmas was outside the venue with a cup in his hand. Next to him was his father. Christmas introduced me to his dad and pointed at him, explicitly instructing me to take as many pictures of him as possible. And I did.

Inside the venue, there were bottles of bubbly on ice and a few familiar faces from Boston’s up and coming music scene. Mostly, though, it was a family function.

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Christmas got on the soundstage and told us he wasn’t going to perform any of his new songs that evening. He brought us together because wanted us to listen to the album hours ahead of the project’s official release at midnight.

On the project, he sounds comfortable, most likely because the album includes guest spots from his actual family members. Notably, the intro features a recording between Christmas and his younger sisters, where he shares brotherly advice:

“And if a boy tries to bother you, what are you supposed to do?!”

“Headlock like Stizz”


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

That being said, the album is tight. Although it was released during a month where so much music has come out, Christmas’ project stands out because he’s just being himself. Some standouts on the album are tracks like the opener “These Days”, “Girlfriend”, “Upset”, “Ball” & “Not the Only One” (ft. Tobi Lou), but really, the album is solid from top to bottom. Take a listen for yourself if you haven’t already at the link below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

By the end of the first run-through of the album, we had popped most of the bottles. To end the night Christmas gave speech accompanied by his Father, thanking his fans and everyone who came out that night. Following up, the MC’s pop assured the audience that if we were ever in the hood, he would hold us down, providing a fitting end to a family affair in which all were welcomed and all were family…

Thank you to Michael Christmas, his father, and everyone else involved for an incredible night.

Michael Christmas – ‘Role Model’ [Album]

Resting right alongside days such as the Boston Tea Party, when the Celtics won the ’08 finals, and when Paul Revere embarked on his midnight ride, June 22nd will go down in Boston history as the day that Michael Christmas finally released his long-awaited third album, Role Model. And quite frankly, it might just take precedence over the other three days I mentioned. Regardless, today is an important day, and for anyone that heard the magic of Christmas’ past 3 singles, “Ball”, “Girlfriend”, and “Not The Only One”, the full scope of anticipation for this album can truly be realized.

In just 15 songs, we hear the musical manifestation of unwavering authenticity and exuberant charisma, complete with the technical skill that makes Michael Christmas an unforgettable artist. His personality shines through each track all the way from the bubbling energy of “These Days” to the potent loyalty of “Everybody Eats”, and in such a way, every song represents an important moment in the Roxbury-bred star’s life. From the hilarious, soul-searching sentiment of Is This Art? all the way up until today, Michael Christmas has never lost track of who he is at heart.

With this, topping Role Model off with the sonic direction to make it such a magnificent offering, the production on this one rings forth as some of the most memorable that I’ve heard from any other release this year. Credits from names such as Teddy Roxpin, Meltycanon, and Thelonious Martin, among others, radiate immense positivity through sound and style, only to be graced with Christmas’ homegrown charm, sparkling character, and effortless flows along the way. The additional feature verses include fellow Boston act Cousin Stizz, Tobi Lou, G Perico, and Domo Genesis, all of which show out in their respective roles and make this album the official soundtrack of the summer.

There’s so much more to be said about the magic of Role Model, but in truth, the music speaks for itself, in this case. That being said, stream the latest LP from Michael Christmas at the link below and stay tuned for a follow-up article/interview on the importance of the project coming soon!

Michael Christmas – “Ball” [Prod. Thelonious Martin & Aniko Thomas]

By: Seamus Fay

Just a few weeks removed from the release of his warm-weathered anthem “Girlfriend” (which remains in heavy rotation on my personal playlist), Michael Christmas is back yet again on our pages with a brand new single, “Ball”, from his forthcoming LP, Role Model due for release June 22nd via Fool’s Gold. It’s the soundtrack to any glo-up, it’s an anthemic offering for everyone out there putting in work this summer, and above all, it’s a toast to the success that Christmas has seen as well as the success that he will see in the near future. As seen on the cover, this Boston native isn’t playing any games – he’s bringing the Jordan mentality to music, and by the sounds of the past few singles, it’s playing out wonderfully.

That being said, with production from Thelonious Martin and Aniko Thomas, this soulful take on success hits home for any listener out there with a dream. The melodies intertwine to present a hearty helping of authenticity and passion, only to be topped off with a jab at the Lakers (aside from a few select talents) whilst we continue to watch the Celtics roll through the playoffs. The weather is getting warmer, all is right in the world of Michael Christmas, and if I had to guess, this album will undoubtedly be his most accomplished work to date. Boston has a hell of a role model in our hands, so listen up, get inspired by his teachings, and most importantly, prepare yourself for a new project June 22nd.

Click play on “Ball” at the link below:

James Guild – “I Don’t Like You” ft. Michael Christmas

By: Seamus Fay

If you have been following Graduation Music for some time now, it goes without saying that you know about Brockton’s own, James Guild. Marked by his eclectic style of brutal honesty and passionate instrumentation, this rising talent always seems to supply the energy by saying what he wants, when he wants, and in this way, he has become one of Massachusett’s most promising acts to keep an eye on for the future. Today, Guild hits our pages yet again, this time unleashing a new single titled “I Don’t Like You” featuring none other than Michael Christmas.

Produced by Tedd Boyd, the guitar-led instrumental seems to set the tone right off the bat, giving the song a rebellious tint and unforgiving mood that ignites and fuels the fire from the first second to the last (hence, the artwork). Aside from this, it’s also important to mention the way that Guild and Christmas fit seamlessly on the song alongside one another. Each artist is known for their honest proclamations of life and personality, so it only follows that this authenticity creates a unique chemistry that you can’t really find anywhere else. That being said, I could go on about this one all day but I’ll leave it up to the readers to listen to and enjoy in all of its energetic glory.

Check out “I Don’t Like You” at the link below: