Code Green – “With Ease” ft. Lily Rayne

By: Seamus Fay

Every once in a while, during the daily scroll through my SoundCloud feed, I stumble upon a song that I end up listening to for the entire day, disregarding everything else I might have heard that morning. This is exactly what happened when I clicked play on “With Ease” by Code Green. Featuring fellow Rhode Island act, Lily Rayne, this song is a hit in every sense of the word, and by bringing forth an electrifying supply of energy, I hold the utmost confidence in saying that all of our readers can get down with this one.

Produced by Overdos, something about the melodic cadences in this one clashes against the atmospheric, other-worldly instrumental, and the result is a song of infectious, joyful glory. Lily Rayne absolutely destroys her guest spot while maintaining the same level of energy that Code Green sets the bar at, but the full power of this song is not felt until the chorus hits. It’s luxurious, it’s fun, it’s entertaining, and most of all, it’s insanely catchy.

That being said, check out the music video for this soon-to-be hit at the link provided below:

Directed by Ronald Jusayan

Lily Rayne – “I Might” [Prod. Moflo Music]

By: Seamus Fay

If you’ve been following Graduation Music for some time now, you have definitely stumbled upon the name Lily Rayne at least once or twice in your reading. We have covered this Providence standout a few times in the past, and today, she’s here to add to list with a brand new single entitled “I Might” that you simply can’t miss, whether you’re a fan of Rayne or not. This track comes as her first offering in over half a year, and if anything, it only reminds us that Lily Rayne is better than ever – increasingly polished, increasingly ambitious, and determined to take over with solid music to back it up.

Produced by none other than Moflo Music, “I Might” hits right in this young artist’s sonic sweet spot, providing the perfect landing spot for her style as she hits the ground running from the first second to the last. The melodic deliveries slide over the beat’s infectious rhythms wonderfully, crafting an anthemic offering that undoubtedly deserves a spot in everyone’s summer playlist, and in this light, the braggadocious lyricism only adds to the recipe to create an absolute hit. Lily Rayne is one of Providence’s most talented acts, so watch and learn as she ascends to the top this year.

Listen to “I Might” at the link below!


By: Seamus Fay

After receiving widespread praise for the intoxicating energy displayed on “XURWIFI (Remix)”, Boston’s own WHYTRI had further solidified his role as one of the city’s most promising young talents – a natural entertainer that simply knows how to bring a wave with him on each and every release. Today, Tri is back on Graduation Music with a visual companion for the track alongside Rhode Island’s Lily Rayne that only enhances this song’s uncontainable replay value.

Shot by DBELIJAH, the video finds each of the two artists exploring their personalities in a well-illustrated manner. Tri rides around the city halfway out of the car as he screams lyrics while Rayne sits alongside her friends, drowning in red lighting that emphasizes her charismatic presence on the track and overall infectious delivery. It works perfectly as the visual counterpart to this banger of a release, and considering the fact this is the way that these two artists are starting off their 2018, I can only imagine what else they have in store. Keep “XURWIFI (Remix)” on repeat and peep the music video below.

The Top 50 New England Songs of 2017

By: Seamus Fay

Looking back, 2017 was a year of immense growth for New England and specifically Massachusetts’ budding music scene. We were fortunate enough to see the rise of many new talents as well as watch some of the more established artists prosper in their own ways, and frankly, it was inspiring to us to see the work that the artists, the producers, the photographers, the graphic designers, the mixers, the managers, etc. have been putting in. Without all of these people playing their respective roles, our scene wouldn’t be where it is today.

Having said that, we here at Graduation Music collaborated with Fresh Out The Mint to compile a list of the “Top 50 New England Songs of 2017” (in our humble opinion). Below is the playlist of all the tracks – enjoy!

Thank you sincerely to everyone for supporting us throughout 2017 and making our first full year as a blog a successful one. We greatly appreciate all the love and can’t wait to show you what we have in store for 2018.  

  • Young Seuss – “123”
  • Big Leano – “Broke” [Prod. Tee-WaTT]
  • Vintage Lee – “Bless You” [Prod. Jew Paidro]
  • Millyz – “Lessons” [Prod. Achillies]
  • VALLEY – “Atari” [Prod. Stoop Kid]
  • Caliph & Jefe Replay – “The Mood” [Prod. Obeatz]
  • MyCompiledThoughts – “Romeo and Juliet”
  • Cousin Stizz – “Lambo”
  • DJ Lucas – “Doubt”
  • Lonny X – “Believe It” [Prod. Gravez]
  • Juxi – “Leave Me Alone” [Prod. Banbwoi]
  • Jiggz – “Excuses” [Prod. digitLIX]
  • KREW$ – “Dog Days” [Prod. DMND]
  • RAMS – “Disease!” [Prod. Maka]
  • Rothstein – “Jaded” ft. Supa Bwe [Prod. Shepard]
  • Patrick Michel – “Perfect” [Prod. GrandCruu]
  • Alejandro Blanco – “Give It To Her” [Prod. TFresh & SSB]
  • Jefe Replay – “Stay Ugly” [Prod. Humbeats]
  • Mizzie Cash – “Maneuvering” [Prod. Rob $urreal]
  • Lord Felix – “Power” ft. Marvelous Stefan [Prod. LoLoTheGod]
  • Plad Fine$$e – “Cheese” [Prod. 4oTo Roles]
  • Maye Star – “Adjacent” ft. CH!LD [Prod. Sevnth]
  • WHYTRI – “XURWIFI (Remix) ft. Lily Rayne [Prod. Cecil]
  • Stripes iii – “Henny Down” [Prod. K.C.B.]
  • Khary – “1-800-IDGAF” [Prod. Cloud Atrium]
  • SuperSmashBroz – “Replay Interlude” ft. Jefe Replay [Prod. LDG]
  • Michael Christmas – “Not The Only One” ft. Tobi Lou [Prod. Durkin]
  • $ean Wire – “Moonlight” [Prod. Tropicana Bwoy]
  • Pistola – “Jokes On You” [Prod. Stoop Kid]
  • CAVE – “Who’s Next” [Prod. Maka]
  • Maka & Durkin – “Waterworld”
  • Gio Dee – “Buzz Lightyear” [Prod. MLVN]
  • Humbeats – “Monday” ft. Austin Fair & TeaMarrr
  • StupidGenius – “Palm Trees” ft. Capito [Prod. Lil Rich & Gruca]
  • Garrett Merk – “Simple” [Prod. Frace]
  • Danny Diamonds – “Can’t Talk”
  • Gogo – “Cocaina”
  • Polo $ummers – “$ad Boi” [Prod. WaVe GoD]
  • SuperSmashBroz – “Still” ft. Big Leano & Vintage Lee [Prod. Tee-WaTT]
  • Haasan Barclay – “Live For You”
  • CHE – “Thii”
  • Avenue – “Ain’t Shit Funny” (Remix) ft. Prano, Millyz, Le$, Al-Doe & Chase N Cashe
  • Donald Grunge – “Shade” [Prod. Maka]
  • Boogie Da God – “Get Well Soon” ft. Jefe Replay
  • Marvelous Stefan – “Double Tap!” ft. Saint Lyor [Prod. Trevor Powers]
  • Black EL – “Another Dose” [Prod. Durkin]
  • $wooli – “Rainy Days” ft. Rachel Aiello
  • Rosewood Bape – “Miss Me” [Prod. Kin Rich]
  • TeaMarrr – “The One” [Prod. Ky Thompson & Keith Bell]
  • Michael Christmas – “Top Turnbuckle” ft. OG Swaggerdick

Lily Rayne – “Way I’m Livin” [Music Video]

By: Seamus Fay

Providence artist Lily Rayne has been on our radar for a while now, and with a consistent supply of high-quality audio and visual releases along with an undeniable energy, the rising talent’s spot on Graduation Music is far past due. Today, she is here to bless us with new visuals for the melodic single “Way I’m Livin” off of her latest EP, Rhode Girl.

Directed by CBNOne films, these visuals find Rayne in a forest of green, expressing her authentic energy and ultimately creating an incredible atmosphere for the hard-hitting track to ring throughout. The stocks have already been rising steadily for Lily Rayne, and music videos of such tailored effect definitely won’t slow anything down. I’m excited to watch one of Rhode Island’s standout acts continue to grow and prosper, and you should be, too. Click play on “Way I’m Livin” below.