Latrell James – “Tracphone”

By: Shamus Hill

Latrell James returns to the Graduation Music site today with his first release of 2019 — a self-produced offering titled “Tracphone”.

Showcasing his sonic development while at the same time intertwining meaningful content within his raps, “Tracphone” is a superb standout within Latrell’s lengthy discography. This release circulates around gentrification and the struggle between holding onto the past and moving confidently towards the future. Full of a poised energy that at times can be straight up hypnotic, “Tracphone” is certainly worthy of undivided attention.

Listen to “Tracphone” below:


Latrell James – “Today” [Prod. Tedd Boyd

By: Seamus Fay

Before we can jump into this article, we need to admit that Latrell James is the master of quality over quantity. It isn’t too often that we hear new music from the Boston native, but when we do, he makes sure that it counts. With this, the rising star is here to make his return to Graduation Music today, dropping off a brand new single entitled “Today” – just his second release of 2018 aside from the anthemic offering, “Okay“.

And just like I mentioned, Latrell makes this one count.

The production courtesy of Tedd Boyd makes for an energetic sound, reflective in its melodies and perfect for the thought-provoking lyricism delivered on the song. Listeners hear about how the best and worst parts of James’ life have influenced him, even touching on the messed up world that we live in and how all it takes to feel inspired is just one person that believes in you. In this way, “Today” covers a wide variety of topics while staying central to the motivation behind the Boston native’s career, and all in all, it’s yet another dope release to add to his catalog of outstanding music.

Listen to “Today” at the link below:

Latrell James – “Okay” [Prod. Billy Loman]

By: Seamus Fay

Since Graduation Music’s beginnings as a website, when I first jumped into the world of Massachusetts rap, Latrell James has always been a standout name to me. His confident stature within the scene comes with an abundant supply of both respect and wisdom, and with that, it only follows that he has remained one of the city’s most prominent and revered musicians while on a recent hiatus. Today, however, Latrell is ready to break the silence with a new single titled “Okay” that will surely remind us all of why we fell in love with his music in the first place.

Laying down the three ground rules that he follows right in the song’s opening lines, “Okay” immediately takes shape as a track of introspection for the Boston artist. He translates recent struggles into memorable lyricism, and by lacing this with compelling production from Billy Loman, you can’t help but resonate with Latrell in all of his trials and tribulations. This single is a well-executed return for an artist destined to take back over in 2018, so be sure to pay attention and watch out for new music from Latrell James hopefully soon.

Listen to “Okay” below:

James Guild – “Basic Cable”

By: Seamus Fay

Van Buren representatives James Guild and Lord Felix have repeatedly proven themselves to be two of the most polished and promising creatives in Brockton and beyond with thorough releases and well-executed creative visions. Today, keeping this turned going and marking the official start of PNHX season, James Guild is back on our pages to deliver “Basic Cable”, an audio and visual release directed by Lord Felix and produced by the legend himself, Latrell James.

Immediately marking itself with an “organized chaos” kind of approach to illustrate the way that Guild’s introspective all-telling lyricism compliments James’ enthusiastic production, this video finds itself exploring Guild’s house and the cluttered mess that seems to fuel the inner conflict in his mind. The rising talent’s unrivaled honesty and brutally truthful manner with himself makes for an entertaining listen that any listener can resonate with, all the while seeing a perfect duality between the cheerful beat and hidden demon found at the end of the journey.

This thorough release undoubtedly performs to the high threshold of quality that both Felix and Guild consistently set for themselves, and “Basic Cable” only reminds fans that James Guild is about to make some serious noise with his forthcoming debut PHNX. Additionally, with names like Latrell James to help out along the way, I’m confident in saying that Guild is destined for a bright future. Get hip to his infectious energy by clicking play below and be sure to keep an eye out for announcements on Guild’s debut project coming in 2018.