K$UBI KAYY – “Iron Giant” [Music Video]

By: Seamus Fay

Hailing from the talented state of Connecticut, K$UBI KAYY has become a frequent flyer of sorts here on Graduation Music, refining and polishing his craft one release after another as he rises to the top. Today, Kayy is here to keep this going and bless us with a new music video for “Iron Giant”, following up the soulful single, “I Want You” released just a few weeks back. And trust me — trying to craft visuals for a song as thunderous as “Iron Giant” is certainly no small task, but this rising talent truly does it justice and keeps the stocks on an insuppressible rise in his latest.

That said, the commanding force of deeply-cut bass kicks and ringing melodies are what best characterizes this song. Matching the same energy, the visuals for this one paint Kayy in a darkened light, hiding behind the mask of night as he drops off bar after bar of powerful lyricism. Even further, the strategic use of effects in this video make for a remarkably cohesive release both sonically and visually, and all in all, “Iron Giant” will undoubtedly keep K$UBI KAYY on his way to the top.

Show some love and click play on “Iron Giant” at the link below:

Shot + Edited by @IkeAbakah



K$ubi Kayy – “I Want You”

By: Seamus Fay

Ever since the first time I became familiar with K$ubi Kayy’s music, what has always caught my ear has been the conviction that you can hear so clearly in the rising talent’s voice. He exerts energy in the most passionate of ways, and by choosing just the right instrumentals to contain this looming presence on any track, Kayy has built up a hell of a rapport with his listeners as a consistent, highly-talented artist. You can always count on him to go hard, and today, he does just this with a new, self-produced single entitled “I Want You”.

Backed by an ongoing, beautifully-fit soul sample and starting off with a nod to the ever-important vine, “F*ck it up, Kenneth“, it goes without saying that this track hits the ground running from the very first second on. Kayy wastes no time in his introduction, and right off of the bat, listeners can hear the full scope of his lyrical capabilities to an emphatic extent. That said, “I Want You” is nearly four minutes of dense, memorable bars and vivid descriptions of both past hustles and future ambitions. It’s a gem of a release and a clear testament to the fact that K$ubi Kayy is about to be something big. So don’t sleep.

Click play on the newest from the CT native at the link below:

K$UBI KAYY – “Count It Up” [Prod. Drumz]

By: Seamus Fay

Sure, Graduation Music focuses on music from Massachusetts, but that’s not to say by any means that some of our neighboring states aren’t doing their thing, as well. One of these standout scenes in the New England area right now is Connecticut and the hotbed of newcomers that the state has blessed us with. Within its supply of promising young artists lies an absolute gem and one of my personal favorites out of CT currently – K$UBI KAYY. His creative vision lets the music speak for itself, and no better introduction will show this than his newest single, “Count It Up”.

Produced by Drumz, Kayy’s latest offering comes from a place of absolute dedication and ambition in both sounds and lyrics. Each line counts the wins that have already occurred while patiently plotting on the wins to come, and with a mesmerizing beat to set the background, we receive a very cohesive piece from the first second to the last. On top of all of this, “Count It Up” grants listeners the ability to buy into the vision and truly feel the glass ceiling of “blowing up” that K$UBI KAYY is knocking on right now. He’s on the verge of success, and personally, I can’t wait for this inevitable happening to come to fruition.

Stay locked in and listen to “Count It Up” at the link below:

Jonesy – ‘All Of This Is True’ [EP]

By: Seamus Fay

Arriving at our pages from New Haven, Connecticut, an artist by the name of Jonesy is here to let the world know who he is with his brand new, All Of This Is True EP. As the title suggests, every line holds the utmost honesty in Jonesy’s life, and in detailing the trials and tribulations that we see in our daily lives, he has successfully created a relatable piece for any listener to find addicting in its own sense. Connecticut is becoming a hotbed of talent and Jonesy is adding to the cast of rising stars, so be sure to pay attention as we delve further into this one below.

Featuring production credits from The Law, Soshu, Yondrik, K$ubi Kayy, and Papajxn, it’s the inspiring sound of this project, perhaps, that hits the second hardest behind the lyrics. Each instrumental captures such a vivid snapshot of the life of Jonesy, lending itself to the content of the verses while maintaining the overlying focus of the EP perfectly and showcasing the wide array of talent that this young artist holds. His tales of life, struggle, and ambition are aspects that we can all get behind, so don’t sleep on this one.

Listen to the All Of This Is True EP at the link below!