Lord Felix – “I Don’t Like You” ft. James Guild & “Right Now” ft. Jerm Sherman

By: Seamus Fay

Brockton has been and continues to be one of the main hotbeds of upcoming talent in Massachusetts right now, and amidst the finest of the native artists is standout act Lord Felix. His eclectic style fights inner demons with a brutally honest pen and rebellious sound, doing so in such a way that there truly doesn’t exist a boring song in Felix’s catalog. The truth is, his music signifies incredibly special meaning and it’s only a matter of time until the world catches up. That said, the rising talent hits our pages today with two new songs: “I Don’t Like You” featuring James Guild and “Right Now” featuring Jerm Sherman.

At face value, these two new offerings best showcase the way that Lord Felix’s artistic and emotional growth go hand in hand with one another. He directs the energy of struggling toward the mic without losing any passion in translation, and the way that he balances anger with vulnerability is nothing short of artful. “I Don’t Like You” and “Right Now” may be completely opposite in terms of pace and mood, but packaging them together is an ingenious move by Felix as they perfectly show the duality of character that he embodies in a way. Whether it be external or internal pain, the Brockton native knows how to soundtrack both quite accurately, and for that, we need to be thankful. These songs can help people through some tough times.

Listen to the two latest from Lord Felix at the link below:

“I Don’t Like You” Produced by: Tedd Boyd
“Right Now” Produced by: Basekeli


Andy Poorhol – ‘Ummm, The Mixtape’

By: Seamus Fay

For those who have been close attention to Graduation Music throughout the past few weeks, you’ve probably stumbled upon the name Andy Poorhol before. The last time we covered this rising talent was with his song “Mud Munkei“, which acted as a quick taste of what was to come in his forthcoming project. That being said, today, the wait for new Andy Poorhol is over, as he hits our pages once again to unleash a brand new, 9-track mixtape, Ummm, The Mixtape including features from Stefan, Kam Carter, and Benjy Ali.

“Mud Munkei” first caught my ear due to the lyrical skill and sky-high potential that Poorhol’s personality seemed to hold on the mic, and thankfully so, the full mixtape follows these positive attributes up perfectly. Listeners are blessed with 9 different reasons why the 508 native is slated to do some special things in the future, as his energetic deliveries and brutally honest charisma are nothing short of infectious. Ummm, The Mixtape is also an incredibly easy and entertaining listen, partially thanks to stellar production credits from Jerm Sherman, Mission, Trevor Powers, Joostan, MRCLFLR, Kendowray, and Benjy Ali.

That being said, check out Ummm, The Mixtape in all of its passionate glory at the link below!

Saint Lyor – “Zombie!” [Prod. Jerm Sherman]

By: Seamus Fay

First, Brockton is a hotbed of budding talent and there’s no denying at this point. Second, Saint Lyor and Jerm Sherman together is a guaranteed banger whenever they join forces on a song. Both of these elements that help define Saint Lyor are on full display in his new single, “Zombie!”, and in every aspect of this track, it’s a release that you won’t want to miss out on. Saint Lyor knows his talent and he recognizes the excitement behind his career with “Zombie!” to act as confirmation.

As mentioned previously, this loose offering takes to production from Jerm Sherman, utilizing an atmospheric background as Lyor strikes right through its center with confident charisma. Hearing these two elements come together in such a contrasted light is certainly something special, and it only follows that Saint Lyor’s artistry is becoming increasingly polished with each successive release. Brockton’s stocks are rising, and so are his, at a rapid rate.

That being said, be sure to give “Zombie!” a listen at the link below:

Stefan. – “Missy” [Pord. Jerm Sherman & Harper Rush]

By: Seamus Fay

In 2017, Brockton’s own Stefan. (formerly Marvelous Stefan), showed us his versatile skills with standout singles and a hell of a project in Are You Happy?. We watched him develop as both an artist and as a person, and in the way that Stefan’s thoughtful artistry lends itself to genuine emotion and passionate tracks, he’s ready to watch the stocks rise in the near future. Closing his successful year and starting off 2018 with a bang, this young talent is back on our pages today to unveil his latest banger, “Missy”.

Featuring production from Jerm Sherman and Harper Rush, this song certainly does not follow the layout of your typical banger. Instead, it looks to highly entertaining and rapidly moving drums to create an energy-filled atmosphere for Stefan to absolutely kill it over, and that, he does. The beat on this one doesn’t make it easy to sync flows, yet the Brockton native does a fantastic job of matching his styles perfectly to the bouncing kicks and claps.

Overall, this is a dope single and although it may test out a more experimental style for Stefan, he definitely did it justice. The sky is the limit in 2018 for one of Brockton’s standout talents, so be sure to get hip now by clicking play on “Missy” below.