Lord Felix – “I Don’t Like You” ft. James Guild & “Right Now” ft. Jerm Sherman

By: Seamus Fay

Brockton has been and continues to be one of the main hotbeds of upcoming talent in Massachusetts right now, and amidst the finest of the native artists is standout act Lord Felix. His eclectic style fights inner demons with a brutally honest pen and rebellious sound, doing so in such a way that there truly doesn’t exist a boring song in Felix’s catalog. The truth is, his music signifies incredibly special meaning and it’s only a matter of time until the world catches up. That said, the rising talent hits our pages today with two new songs: “I Don’t Like You” featuring James Guild and “Right Now” featuring Jerm Sherman.

At face value, these two new offerings best showcase the way that Lord Felix’s artistic and emotional growth go hand in hand with one another. He directs the energy of struggling toward the mic without losing any passion in translation, and the way that he balances anger with vulnerability is nothing short of artful. “I Don’t Like You” and “Right Now” may be completely opposite in terms of pace and mood, but packaging them together is an ingenious move by Felix as they perfectly show the duality of character that he embodies in a way. Whether it be external or internal pain, the Brockton native knows how to soundtrack both quite accurately, and for that, we need to be thankful. These songs can help people through some tough times.

Listen to the two latest from Lord Felix at the link below:

“I Don’t Like You” Produced by: Tedd Boyd
“Right Now” Produced by: Basekeli


James Guild – “I Don’t Like You” ft. Michael Christmas

By: Seamus Fay

If you have been following Graduation Music for some time now, it goes without saying that you know about Brockton’s own, James Guild. Marked by his eclectic style of brutal honesty and passionate instrumentation, this rising talent always seems to supply the energy by saying what he wants, when he wants, and in this way, he has become one of Massachusett’s most promising acts to keep an eye on for the future. Today, Guild hits our pages yet again, this time unleashing a new single titled “I Don’t Like You” featuring none other than Michael Christmas.

Produced by Tedd Boyd, the guitar-led instrumental seems to set the tone right off the bat, giving the song a rebellious tint and unforgiving mood that ignites and fuels the fire from the first second to the last (hence, the artwork). Aside from this, it’s also important to mention the way that Guild and Christmas fit seamlessly on the song alongside one another. Each artist is known for their honest proclamations of life and personality, so it only follows that this authenticity creates a unique chemistry that you can’t really find anywhere else. That being said, I could go on about this one all day but I’ll leave it up to the readers to listen to and enjoy in all of its energetic glory.

Check out “I Don’t Like You” at the link below:

Graduation Music Presents: ‘Recent Picks’ Playlist

By: Seamus Fay

As you may recall, we recently started a segment by the name of GRADUATION MUSIC RADIO, set to release a new episode every other Monday. This week, due to some technical difficulties, we are postponing the newest episode for a few days. To make up for it, we present to our readers a 15-track playlist of some of our favorite local songs at the moment!

Some tracks are older, some newer, but regardless, these are a few standout releases that you need to get hip to if you weren’t already. Check the playlist out below:

Saint Lyor – “Scales” ft. James Guild, Luke Bars, & Lord Felix

By: Seamus Fay

Ever since we began covering Saint Lyor’s music some months ago, we have seen him grow into an absolute force to be reckoned with, not only within the context of the Brockton music scene, but the Massachusetts scene as a whole. Today, this growth in artistry is taken one step further with the release of yet another standout single from the rising talent titled “Scales” – and it just may be his finest release yet.

This one, acting as a family affair of sorts, joins forces between Lyor and a few more of Brockton’s finest talents to offer in James Guild, Luke Bars, and Lord Felix. Once set to the tune of stellar production from Leo The Kind, this track seems to take a life of its own The enigmatic sound cuts deep within passionate cadences and honest verses from each artist featured on the track, tracing their steps as they trade verses one after another. As a fan of Brockton’s budding scene, “Scales” is a spectacular sight to see. The talent is clearly there, and singles like these prove that very fact with a clear emphasis.

Overall, from the first second to the last, this single channels the very energy that makes each of these artists so special in the first place. Saint Lyor set up the alley-oop perfectly, and I must say, the guests he brought with him all came through with the complementary dunks. Having said that, be sure to listen to the latest from the Brockton dream team at the link below. You won’t want to sleep on this one.

Lord Felix – “Ramble” ft. James Guild [Prod. Baihaqy]

By:: Seamus Fay

As we first saw in their standout collaboration, “Heart In Hand”, James Guild and Lord Felix are two artists who complement one another with unrivaled chemistry. Something about Felix’s brutally honest, aggressive flows along with Guild’s up-close-and-personal cadences clash with each other and form an inimitable bond, helping to mark each of the two as some of Brockton’s top artists right now. Today, fans get to see this incredible pairing once again with an energetic offering titled “Ramble”.

Produced by Baihaqy, this single’s raw, vibrant sound delivers a rambunctious single overall, as the two Van Buren members take the aggression of the beat and mold it into an ambitious anthem. Additionally, considering the way that Felix and Guild are able to exhibit their signature styles with such unapologetic precision, “Ramble” is a personal favorite track for me from either artist. These are two names that you simply need to be hip to in 2018, so be sure to show some love by listening to “Ramble” below.

James Guild – “Basic Cable”

By: Seamus Fay

Van Buren representatives James Guild and Lord Felix have repeatedly proven themselves to be two of the most polished and promising creatives in Brockton and beyond with thorough releases and well-executed creative visions. Today, keeping this turned going and marking the official start of PNHX season, James Guild is back on our pages to deliver “Basic Cable”, an audio and visual release directed by Lord Felix and produced by the legend himself, Latrell James.

Immediately marking itself with an “organized chaos” kind of approach to illustrate the way that Guild’s introspective all-telling lyricism compliments James’ enthusiastic production, this video finds itself exploring Guild’s house and the cluttered mess that seems to fuel the inner conflict in his mind. The rising talent’s unrivaled honesty and brutally truthful manner with himself makes for an entertaining listen that any listener can resonate with, all the while seeing a perfect duality between the cheerful beat and hidden demon found at the end of the journey.

This thorough release undoubtedly performs to the high threshold of quality that both Felix and Guild consistently set for themselves, and “Basic Cable” only reminds fans that James Guild is about to make some serious noise with his forthcoming debut PHNX. Additionally, with names like Latrell James to help out along the way, I’m confident in saying that Guild is destined for a bright future. Get hip to his infectious energy by clicking play below and be sure to keep an eye out for announcements on Guild’s debut project coming in 2018.

James Guild – “Heart In Hand” ft. Lord Felix [Prod. Haasan Barclay]

By: Seamus Fay

James Guild, Haasan Barclay, and Lord Felix working together is a dream team. In their latest collaboration, “Heart In Hand”, Guild and Felix deliver emotion-packed, introspective verses about the current state of life, each with a sharp pen and perfectly-fitting delivery to match Barclay’s beautifully crafted production. The vulnerable, almost angsty guitar sets the stage with a clear atmosphere of raw emotion and explicitly-stated lines of anger, love, and more, coming together to form a powerhouse of a single that deserves the utmost attention.

With James Guild’s forthcoming project PHNX due for release on November 28th, his current streak of singles has been nothing less than wildly impressive. I constantly find myself shocked at the fact this is the start of the Brockton artist’s career, and if this is the quality that we’re about to hear on his new project, James Guild is about to be one of the most promising names in MA. I could keep going on, but just click play below and enjoy “Heart In Hand”. We weren’t ready for this one.

James Guilds – PHNX Trailer

By: Seamus Fay

Brockton native James Guild first blessed our pages a few weeks back with his latest offering “Lava”, an introspective release featuring brutal honesty that quickly marked Guild as a name to keep an eye on.

With his forthcoming project PHNX on the way, the rising talent just recently dropped a visual trailer for the project. The video, directed by Van Buren teammate Lord Felix, features the rising talent in a red pool of dazed confusion, soundtracked by an incredible snippet of a song filled with emotion and descriptive lyricism. I’ve heard quite a few rumors that PHNX is about to make waves, and with snippets this dope, I’m definitely on board with it. Get ready for the project coming November 7th by watching the trailer below.