Jack Karowak Reflects on His Recent Album – ‘The Myth of The Mechanical Universe’

By: Shamus Hill

Wherever you find yourself in this current moment — close your eyes and take some deep breaths. Think about the moments in your life that have brought you tremendous amounts of joy and tranquility. Search for that peace that lies within you. Can you feel it yet? That overwhelming sensation of joy that seemingly seizes control of whatever negative emotion that surrounds you? It’s beautiful isn’t it? Let all of your problems and worries melt away. Even if you only close your eyes for five seconds, you’ll notice a tremendous amount of change in how you’re feeling.

This change in thought is what drives Plymouth’s Jack Karowak to make music. No matter who you are, or what you’re going through — we all need a break from the daily challenges that we endure throughout the course of our lives. The Myth of the Mechanical Universe serves as a sonic embodiment of this. Sitting at 9 songs and approximately 27 minutes in length, Jack Karowak’s latest release seeks to provide the listener with the motivation to be in full-control of their lives, and subsequently their destiny. Though this is only the second body of work to be released by Jack up through this point in time, it packs the depth of someone who’s had an incredibly long tenure in music.

I took some time to speak with the Plymouth native about what motivated The Myth of the Mechanical Universe, how Ricky Felix and Brad Feeney played a role in the project’s inception, and his path towards showcasing a free-range of emotion in his discography.

When starting your journey towards the creation of ‘The Myth of the Mechanical Universe’, what were some of your early goals with respect to how you envisioned this album?

Jack: Sonically, I wanted it to embody all the elements of music that I love the most. I wanted it to sound refreshing to the listener and provide an experience you wouldn’t really find on any other album. Another goal of mine was to show a side of me that wasn’t fully expressed in my first project. I wanted this one to really show the range in my music

What were some of your sources of inspiration when making this project?

Jack: I was listening to a lot of philosophical/spiritual lectures from Alan Watts, Ram Dass, Terrence McKenna, and Hunter Thompson. Musically, I was inspired by people like Lauryn Hill, Earl, John Mayer, and a lot of old blues and soul music. I also drew a lot of inspiration from horror movies, specifically A24.

There’s a long list of names attached with the creation of this album, however both Ricky Felix and Brad Feeney were staples throughout the entire project’s tracklist. How did they assist you in molding the sonic structure of ‘The Myth of the Mechanical Universe’?

Jack: This project wouldn’t exist without Ricky and Brad. I linked up with Ricky for the first time about a year ago, and right when he started playing me shit I knew our sounds would mix perfectly. Ricky is a great producer because he started off the session by asking questions, trying to get a clear picture of the idea in my head. He wanted to help me make my project, not *just* a project. Brad has been the homie, and my engineer, for about 4 years now. I recorded the both of my projects with him, slowly but surely finding my sound and figuring out how to execute ideas in the studio. I got nothing but love for that man, he’s been putting up with me calling his phone, waking him up for 9AM sessions every other day for the past 2.5 years hahaha

What’s music-making process typically like? Do you prefer any specific settings when writing?

Jack: Yeah I definitely like to be alone when I’m writing, I feel like the more people there are, the further my attention gets spread and pulled around. When I’m alone I can really settle into an idea and move freely inside that train of thought.

If you had to single out one song from this album as being your favorite, or the one that you want fans to listen to the most, which would you pick?

Jack: I’d have to say Playing in traffic. That song felt like it made itself. Writing it was very therapeutic and I had never articulated my feelings in lyrics so easily. It almost felt like I was singing along to it as I was writing it. Not to mention pfey laid down an incredible bass line on that track 

Has it always been easy for you to pour your real life emotions and experiences into your music? 

Jack: I think so because emotion has always been the thing that drew me to music. Regaurdless of the story I always looked for and admired authenticity in artists. Emotion is the thing that connects the artist and the listener and if your trying to cover up certain regions of your emotion then you cheat everyone involved 

How would you say being from Plymouth, and Massachusetts in general, has effected you as a person, and subsequently the music you create? 

Jack: I think it’s inspired me to just create the shit I’m into. Growing up in MA there wasn’t a huge music scene to look up to, so I pulled my inspirations from all over the place, their only consistency being that they resonated with me. Now the city is starting to get a little bigger on the map and it’s beautiful. There’s a big collaborative mentality, and one person’s success is celebrated by all. I think the main effect it had on me was teaching me to trust my ear.

What do you want your listeners to get from your musical catalog? What message do you want to relay on ‘The Myth of the Mechanical Universe’? 

Jack: I hope the listeners get whatever they need, whether it’s just a three minute escape from their own head, or they end up walking away with new ideas about life. Listening to Ram Dass, I noticed that another person introducing new ways of thought provides you with the freedom to identify with it, and see yourself from a whole new perspective. The message behind TMOTMU, to put it simply, is don’t be Mechanical. Mechanical means you ain’t thinking about what your doing, you’re just bouncing around imaginary social structures and reacting to life as opposed to responding to it. You ain’t in the moment and using your full awareness. The Myth is that nature is the same way but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

What’s next for you?

Videos and merch otw ✌🏽

Listen to The Myth of The Mechanical Universe below:


Jack Karowak – “Quicksand” [Official Music Video]

By: Shamus Hill

Jack Karowak’s Treehouse Audio proved to be one of the most illustrious projects to come out of Massachusetts in 2018. Today — he returns to the Graduation Music site with the Xandros-directed visual for his reflective track “Quicksand”.

The pair combined their skillsets for the release of the official music video for “Medicine” earlier this year, and much like that drop, Xandros successfully injects additional layers of lovability into the already stunning song. This video is one of our favorites to come out this year, so be sure to give it your full attention.

Watch the official music video for “Quicksand” below:

Surfliner – ‘KISKA LP’

By: Shamus Hill

Moving from a brighter, upbeat tone towards a more self-reflective direction is the Duxbury band, Surfliner, who grace the Graduation Music pages today with their debut project, KISKA LP. Making their presence known across the world through the release of their first three singles, Surfliner have found themselves at an extremely vital point within their musical careers. An artist’s debut project is one of their most important pieces of work, with it ultimately being what a lot of listeners will remember them by. With the ball in their court, Surfliner are prepared to prove that they have what it takes to bring their music to the next level.

“Foolish Heart” is the first song off of the LP, and it’s here that Surfliner gently ease into the sonic experience. It’s one of the many songs featured on this project that quite literally draws you in closer, similar to moving towards a fire when its freezing cold. As was the case with their first three singles, “Foolish Heart” is accompanied by exquisite instrumentation that allows for a plethora of emotion to be evoked.

As the LP continues further, listeners are met by even more harmonically-rich, well-rounded songs that are the direct result of lengthy periods of learning. A lot of amazing music comes as the direct result of life experience, and it’s overwhelmingly apparent that this was the case with Surfliner as they prepared their debut project.

From here, the LP continues down this reflective, yet smooth-sounding path, with each song engraining itself into the fabric of the listener’s mind. This project is very comparable to Jack Karowak’s Treehouse Audio, in a sense that the instrumentation is the pivotal point for the entirety of the project. With it being so robust, the vocal work is able to be received at an even higher caliber, ensuring that the meaning within this LP isn’t lost. My favorite attribute of KISKA LP is the fact that Surfliner is able to piece together a number of well put-together tracks that seamlessly build off of the last.

We’ve said it a countless amount of times, but the bar for Massachusetts artists has been continuously raised thus far in 2019. With bands like Surfliner only pushing this narrative further, artists across the state will be in need of some thorough development to make sure their name remains relevant as the year progresses. If you find yourself unfamiliar with Surfliner’s discography, get hip now before it’s too late.

Listen to Surfliner’s KISKA LP down below:



Jack Karowak – “Medicine” [Music Video]

By: Shamus Hill

Treehouse Audio was one of the most potent releases to come out of Massachusetts in several years, with Jack Karowak and company working tirelessly in order to push out the well-hammered album. “Medicine” ended up being one of the first tracks off of the project to really resonate with me, so I was thrilled to find out that it was next in-line for a visual treatment. Recruiting Xandros to help bring his vision to life, the pair hit it out-of-the-park with this one.

The meaning of “Medicine” lies within the realization that we all need to settle down a bit in order to set our minds straight. Jack paints scenes of rushing towards our goals to the point where we lose sight of what we’ve been working towards to begin with. Once we sit-back and take a moment to maintain our perception of things, we can then move correctly. A beautiful song that’s accompanied by an equally beautiful video, “Medicine” is certainly a highlight within Jack Karowak’s discography.

Watch the official video for “Medicine” below:

Artist: Jack Karowak

Production: David Walker & Triple Beam Brad

Director: Xandros

Jack Karowak – ‘Treehouse Audio’ [Mixtape]

By: Seamus Fay

The release of an artist’s debut project is generally a defining moment in their career. It’s a culmination of potential, past experience, a chase for the top, true-to-self personality, and every other element that makes up one’s individuality, but more than anything, it’s a moment to exhibit what has come from restless hard work and the discovery of one’s artistic identity. Here to provide one of the best debuts out of MA that we’ve heard in a long time is Graduation Music favorite, Jack Karowak, with Treehouse Audio.

If there’s anyone that embodies the concepts of growth and development as an artist, then it has to be this talent right here. There was a time when I knew of Karowak’s music but never heard that one song that really hooked me in. Needless to say, Karowak never stopped working, and as a result, he’s now making the best music of his career, working toward his own expectations rather than anyone else’s.

This is Jack Karowak’s moment to show the world who he is, and by the sounds of it, he doesn’t waste a second trying to be anything he’s not.

With this, when listening to Treehouse Audio, you can tell that it’s the kind of project that came directly from the MA representative’s heart. It’s 100% what he wanted to make, and with this level of authenticity at the forefront of the release, it marks a refreshing experience for the listener to hear such liveliness in Karowak’s lyrics, vocals, instrumentals, etc.

I could go on about this project all day long, but in all honesty, the music speaks for itself, in this case. Just know that Jack Karowak is a name you’re going to be seeing all over the place quite soon, so get hip early and stream his debut project, Treehouse Audio, at the link below. This is an important moment not only for Karowak, but for the entire MA music community.

Production via David Walker, Triple Beam Brad
Features from Thalles Nunes, Notebook P

Jack Karowak – “Traveler”

By: Seamus Fay

Looking at the vast number of rising artists in Massachusetts right now, it’s fairly easier to fall between the cracks and lose that “x-factor” that you need to stand out from your peers. However, one artist that has always made sure to stand out by any means possible is Jack Karowak. Whether it be by spending countless hours in the studio, taking a chance creatively, or pushing to get his music in all the right avenues, this budding star always makes sure to work on himself and more importantly, to develop that aforementioned “x-factor”. Today, he shows this off with a wonderful new offering entitled “Traveler”.

Premiered by ELEVATOR, the playfully infectious nature of this one is what best acts as a testament to Karowak’s artistry. He exhibits an ample amount of soul through the sun-soaked guitar riffs and addictive drums, allowing for the illustrious cadences to find their full potential, one word at a time. “Traveler” is relaxed yet energetic, and by showing this through the easy-going visuals, Karowak is sure to make for a cohesive release that is bound to do some serious numbers. Less than 24 hours into its premiere, the positive comments and views are already adding up, and we couldn’t be prouder to see it. Jack Karowak is something special.

Watch the video for “Traveler” at the link below and be sure to stream it on SoundCloud here!

Directed by Xandros
Prod: @proddavidwalker
Mix/Master: @bradfeeney-prod
Guitar: Austin Brown
Bass: Pat Fey

Daily Discovery: Jack Karowak

By: Jake O’Brien

We can effectively say at Graduation Music that during our time exploring the vast universe of music which Soundcloud has become, we have discovered an immensely talented artist in Massachusetts native Jack Karowak. Rooted in the South Shore, Karowak has the overall potential to bend the music industry to his will; and turn his name into one that is echoed in households across the country. In regard to artistic capabilities, each track released by the South Shore musician comes with unrivaled rhythmic execution, a subtle vocal rasp, and a unique articulative presentation. Karowak’s distinct lyrical flow leaves his audience ultimately captivated, eagerly awaiting what the next line has to offer. Jack Karowak has impressed us in a way where we as listeners can only sit back and applaud his extremely high-level of songwriting.

As of today, the only music made public by Karowak are nine singles all located on Soundcloud. Recently, however, there have been many rumors referring to the possibility of a structured project or an album becoming available in the months to come. Without having the privilege of reviewing a larger body of work, our focus is on one of Jack’s most successful tracks titled “Home”. Not only is this the very first track posted to his Soundcloud profile, but “Home” also boasts the highest number of plays out of every song released by Karowak.

The Taylor King produced single is an emotionally unwound track, made purely for the purpose of relaxation. The opening lines of “Home” are essentially a confession of what it takes to be an aspiring musician in the world today, Karowak explains that “I been working, I ain’t making money / I got this passion they can’t take it from me.” With each spoken lyric coming like a wave washing over, Jack describes various life experiences as the hook approaches. “Home” did not attain a large amount of success by chance, as it is an impressively well put together track which is a must listen for anyone and everyone who enjoys new music.

Check back with us tomorrow for another artist we think you’d love, and in the meantime, be sure to listen to Jack Karowak on his Soundcloud account provided below.

Jack Karowak – “Form” [Prod. David Walker]

By: Seamus Fay

In my time covering Massachusetts’ budding music scene, I have stumbled across the name Jack Karowak a few times, but admittedly, I never really took the time to go through everything he has put out as of yet. However, with the release of his latest single, “Form”, I truly recognize what I was sleeping on. Not only is this young artist an absolute force vocally, but his stellar choice of production complements his natural talent wonderfully, subsequently making for some standout singles that I am just now getting hip to.

Produced by none other than David Walker, Karowak’s latest takes fans deep into his world with an introspective instrumental and reflective verses, offering his ambitions and his life with a genuine touch of personality. Acting as the cherry on top, the guitar and bass, courtesy of Brad Feeney and Pat Fey (respectively), bring this one to the next level, molding everything together and meshing with Karowak’s vocals seamlessly. Having said that, don’t make the mistake that I made – check out “Form” below and get hip to Jack Karowak as soon as possible – he’s onto something special.