Kleo – “Stomp His Ass Out”

By: Shamus Hill

Stepping in with his first release of the year is Kleo, who unchains the official music video for his thunderous single, “Stomp His Ass Out”.

According to Kleo’s Artist Bio on Spotify, “his music provides a backdrop to an anime fight scene”, and that is probably the most effective way to characterize this track. “Stomp His Ass Out” was one of ten songs that were featured on the Roxbury native’s 2019 album, Battle Damaged, and had been a personal standout ever since my first listen through the project. Furnished with a ridiculously high-paced energy, “Stomp His Ass Out” will have you feeling like you can rip a mountain from the ground and toss it into the depths of space.

The iLL Addicts were tasked with shooting and editing this visual, and much like their own music videos, they successfully created something both unique and fitting. A song of this caliber is deserving of a powerful video, and that’s exactly what the iLL Addicts achieved here.

Watch the official music video for “Stomp His Ass Out” below:


iLL Addicts – “YSL” [Official Music Video]

By: Shamus Hill

The iLL Addicts have made a name for themselves through their boisterous energy, unparalleled chemistry, and undeniably fun music — with all of this being perfectly articulated in their brand new music video for “YSL”.

The single debuted towards the end of March this year, and since has been making rounds throughout the internet racking up nearly 100K plays up through this point in time. Each member of the group possesses a strikingly unique personality, however when combined together they unite to produce a force of positive energy that will legitimately put a smile on your face. If you’ve ever been blessed with the opportunity to see them perform live, you’ll know how accurate this statement truly is. Listening to each of their releases can be categorized as more of an experience than simply a listen, and it’s for this reason that I’m sure the iLL Addicts have a bright future ahead. With each passing year their talents have grown exponentially, so be sure to keep them on your radar as they aren’t showing any signs of slowing down their pace.

Watch the official music video for “YSL” below:


[PREMIERE] iLL Addicts – “Anthrax” (Prod. ProSwervez)

By: Shamus Hill

The iLL Addicts grace the Graduation Music site for the first time in 2019 with the premiere of the audio/visuals for “Anthrax”. Sitting atop some beastly ProSwervez production, each member of the iLL Addicts makes use of this song to give listeners some insight into their “careful” mindsets as they enter the new year.

This talented group from Boston had quite the 2018, releasing a long-list of potent tracks, while at the same time participating in performances up-and-down the east coast. There’s a strong element of fun and togetherness that can be felt through the iLL Addicts’ discography, and these elements are only amplified when the group drops a video or has a performance. The chemistry between everyone within iLL Addicts is nothing short of stellar, with each complimenting the next perfectly.

“Anthrax” is a shining example of the unity that’s prevalent within iLL Addicts, as the group gears up to have an even more successful year this year. Aware of the position they’re in and the tremendous amount of work that it took to arrive at this point, the iLL Addicts are not prepared to let anyone or anything deter that. Approaching the game as if they were opening a letter full of anthrax, the group are only making carefully selected moves towards their future.

Listen to iLL Addicts’ first release of the year down below:

ILL ADDICTS – “Coke” ft. Danalice [Prod. ProSwervez]

By: Seamus Fay

You can never really tell which sonic direction the ILL ADDICTS are going to take their new releases in, but one thing is always guaranteed: whatever they end up doing, it’s going to be energetic. And such is the case with the rising group’s newest offering: a pop-inspired, drug-induced single entitled “Coke”. This track isn’t what I might have expected from a group that tends to produce more rap-minded records, but quite frankly, I love what became of such a dope stylistic venture.

With this, “Coke” certainly speaks to the limitless versatility that the ILL ADDICTS have on hand. The song finds itself deep within a hypnotic, bright instrumental, and only adding fuel to the fire, a supply of gently-placed vocals seems to find its melodic core over the groove-filled backing. To top it all off, listeners are blessed with a stellar feature from Danalice, making this song a must-listen in every aspect. Be sure not to sleep on the ILL ADDICTS — listen to “Coke” at the link below:

Ill Addicts – [Say Cheese]

By: Seamus Fay

The Ill Addicts are certainly no strangers to our pages at this point, and deservedly so. Their infectious displays of group chemistry, lyrical prowess, and a certain undying charisma are nothing short of energetic, and with that, it only makes sense that this collective of highly-talented individuals are steadily growing in fame within Massachusetts rap right now. Today, the Addicts are back on Graduation Music to bless fans with a dope new single entitled “Say Cheese”.

Fueled by a slightly ominous, eccentric instrumental and gritty drum patterns courtesy of frequent collaborator ProSwervez, this song acts as a testament to the wave that the Ill Addicts bring to the table. Verse after verse, they never fail to exhibit the burgeoning force of their eclectic creative vision, and in doing so, listeners are never left without a highly entertaining final product to latch onto. “Say Cheese” is yet another heater for this all-star cast of characters to add to their catalog, so be sure not to sleep.

Listen to the newest from the Ill Addicts at the link below:

iLL Addicts – “Conclusions” [Music Video]

By: Seamus Fay

When it comes to energy, there’s no group doing it better than the iLL Addicts right now. Their eccentric personalities, matched with serious talent and a keen eye for creative vision, mesh together perfectly stride after stride, and all in all, this is one of the best groups coming out of the MA are right now, without a doubt. That being said, the Addicts are here to prove this prowess today with a brand new video for their melodic banger, “Conclusions”.

Just as the sound of the song indicates, the visuals for this one take to an energetic display of eccentric, crew-minded imagery to translate the audio onto the big screen. Especially these days, music videos don’t always work to their intended purpose of both illustrating and promoting music, but the iLL Addicts seem to have this covered with seamless chemistry, wonderfully shown in their latest prime example of “Conclusions”. That being said, as mentioned before, the creative vision is there, the skill is there, and the excitement around this crew of talents is destined to build at a rapid pace as 2018 goes on.

Don’t sleep on the iLL Addicts and watch “Conclusions” at the link below.

iLL Addicts – “Conclusions” [Prod. ProSwervez]

By: Seamus Fay

Here at Graduation Music, we always try to make sure our readers are hip to the latest talents coming out of Massachusetts. However, sometimes artists will fall through the cracks for us, and in pursuit of sealing up these cracks, we always try to go back and make sure that credit is being given where its due. Such is the case with Boston rap group, the iLL Addicts. Admittedly, we have slept on them in the past, but today, the Addicts make their Graduation Music debut with an incredible single titled “Conclusions”.

Produced by none other than local producer ProSwervez, this track establishes itself right away as a source of intoxicating personality and inimitable chemistry within the group. Each artist clearly understands where they contribute most effectively, and by utilizing confrontational deliveries and hard-hitting lyricism to showcase this, “Conclusions” reaches the emphatic energy of an absolute banger. Add these elements together, and the iLL Addicts exhibit their sky-high potential with a confident prowess, only backed up by an extensive catalog of great music that deserves all the recognition it’s receiving and more. Needless to say, this group of promising young talents is undoubtedly on the rise.

Listen to “Conclusions” at the link below and check out more music from the iLL Addicts on their SoundCloud!