Dale Thompson – “Paradise”

By: Seamus Fay

Brockton native Dale Thompson has stayed quiet for some time now, awaiting the right moment to return to the spotlight with his best work yet. Today, we have finally reached that time. The rising artist is here with a new single titled “Paradise” produced by Humbeats, and I can confidently say that Thompson takes full advantage of the spotlight with a song of such high quality and infectious energy.

“Paradise” is slow-moving, hypnotic in its looming vocals and ominous in its echoing personality, ultimately making for an incredibly dope return to the light. Complementing the production from Humbeats with pinpoint accuracy, the single also features personal lyricism and an ample supply of fitting flows to match the drug-dealing chronicles. It’s a well-packaged release, and one that will surely have the world talking about Dale Thompson in no time at all. Trust me when I say you shouldn’t sleep on this one. Brockton might just have its next star. Listen to “Paradise” below.