Genshin – “In Dust”

By: Seamus Fay

If you’ve been following Graduation Music for some time now, it goes without saying that you’re hip to CT native Genshin and his hypnotic catalog of sounds. If not, then today is your day, because he’s here to bless fans with a brand new single entitled “In Dust”. Although this song is the first new solo offering that we’ve heard from Genshin in over 2 months, I hold no hesitation in saying that he’s back and sharper than ever — and naturally so. He’s just the kind of artist that only gets better with time, and “In Dust” is perfect proof.

That being said, the reason that this track really struck my ear as something I needed to write about was mostly due to the mesmerizing sounds that it brings to the table. As always, Genshin is able to bring an other-worldly instrumental into our ears without any friction whatsoever, and for that, we need to be thankful. Furthermore, the way that he slowly yet surely jumps on the beat with his own lyrical showcase turns this song up a few notches and truly blesses us with another must-listen.

Check out “In Dust” at the link below:

Genshin – ‘Distant’ [EP]

By: Seamus Fay

In my eyes, the function of an EP is meant to be a compact collection of music that informs listeners as to what direction an artist is moving on. There’s a reason the lack of length works as it offers a simple snapshot of a given artist’s capabilities, but even so, when done right, this kind of project can truly stand out as more than just a brief snapshot. In the case of Genshin’s latest EP, Distant, the impact is felt most clearly in the introduction of such a curious, alluring sonic atmosphere.

Throughout a quick 3 songs, he transports listeners into an entirely different world of sound, all the while evoking strong, almost nostalgic bouts of emotion that are both compelling and comforting in their own respects. Each track pushes this idea one step further, and if there is any project to show you how much damage Genshin can do in such a short amount of time, it has to be Distant. Connecticut has something very special on its hands, with this EP acting as perfect proof.

Click play at the link below and show some love to this Graduation Music favorite!

Slim Guerilla – “Hall of Fame” [Prod. Genshin]

By: Seamus Fay

From the moment I first heard his production capabilities, I knew that Genshin is certainly no name to sleep on. His highly unique style sets him apart from the crowd with ease, and by unapologetically sticking to his sound with every new release, the young talent is quickly becoming a widely-respected producer by paving his own lane. Making his Graduation Music debut just a few weeks ago, Genshin is back on our pages today to unleash his latest production credit on Slim Guerilla’s new single, “Hall of Fame”.

This single latches onto the infectious, melodic style that the Connecticut producer seems to deliver so effortlessly, and once complimented by Slim Guerilla’s charismatic, clever wordplay, “Hall of Fame” truly takes form as a standout offering from both artists. It’s the marriage of two inimitable waves, conjoined in feeling as they weave through one another. That being said, Genshin and Guerilla both did their thing on this one, so be sure not sleep, as they’re both ready to take on a steady ascent towards the top as the year goes on.

Listen to “Hall of Fame” below:

Graduation Music Presents: ‘Recent Picks’ Playlist

By: Seamus Fay

As you may recall, we recently started a segment by the name of GRADUATION MUSIC RADIO, set to release a new episode every other Monday. This week, due to some technical difficulties, we are postponing the newest episode for a few days. To make up for it, we present to our readers a 15-track playlist of some of our favorite local songs at the moment!

Some tracks are older, some newer, but regardless, these are a few standout releases that you need to get hip to if you weren’t already. Check the playlist out below:

Genshin – “Late Nights/Demand Respect”

By: Seamus Fay

Here at Graduation Music, we definitely focus on the budding music scene forming in Massachusetts, but that’s not to say that some of our neighbors aren’t doing their thing, as well. For instance, the state of Connecticut is developing some promising young artists right now right in front of our eyes. One of these artists is Genshin, a producer and rapper with an inimitably hypnotic sound that you simply need to get hip to. Today, we introduce him to our pages with his video for “Late Nights/Demand Respect”.

On one hand, led by a southern-inspired style, rich with soul and smooth sounds, “Late Nights” finds Genshin dropping off clouded deliveries that fit seamlessly over the effortless sound of the production. With this, he provides listeners with a level of distant emotion, and in the way he rips out each flow, the rising talent is able to capitalize beautifully within the pockets of energy that the production provides. This very style is topped off with fitting visuals courtesy of Ike Bakah, playing on the hypnotic nature of neon lights to illustrate such a mysterious yet compelling sound.

The back end of this release, “Demand Respect”, surrounds Genshin with an ominous feeling, as he flawlessly moves through hazed production. Once matched with the chilling effects of dark blue imagery, this release is enhanced to the next level, and all in all, it works perfectly as the complement to “Late Nights”. If this doesn’t show you that Genshin is ready to help put CT on the map, then I don’t know what will. All I know is that there’s something special brewing in the Connecticut scene, and it’s up to us to pay attention and understand how dope this is.

Watch the visuals for “Late Nights/Demand Respect” below.